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Have We Outgrown �The Presidency�?

[We are a country supposedly, of, by and for the people; so how does that fit in, with the concept of a �leader�, a President, who makes decisions and decrees that are not even brought before the people, before they are enacted? That is what we will examine below... ]

Should a Democratic Republic even have a �leader�; what we term a President?

The election of Mr. Trump has brought to the fore, many problems that are hidden in the words Democracy and the FREE in �free� enterprise � that economy made to support this kind of Republic. As I have mentioned before1, our freedom is a bought freedom, with the overtones of an elite, created by it, and controlling it. �Money� now seems to be the real power behind the freedom in this �Democracy!� How can we really be free, if this is the case?

Also, as this week has shown, with the banning of immigrants from certain countries, through a Presidential Order, is America now a place where dictatorial power has overwhelmed that �of, by and for the people� this country touts so loudly? Has the �leader� now become the power in America; even pretending to legislate freedom through a dictatorial tyranny, of sorts?

Even further, the office of President is itself an office, where a person of education, taste, discretion and leadership experience is needed; provisioned by, at least, a law degree, or experience in the law, or even military experience, which would even seem to need a certain minimum requirement of accomplishment in all these areas � yet, as it now stands, a street vagrant could be elected President, without any prerequisite requirements, whatsoever! Is this �wisdom�, or total stupidity showing itself, in the pursuit of �so-called� freedom!

When anyone applies for a job, we all know how that person must meet, at least, the minimum requirements, needed for that job � yet what are these, for the office of President? Nothing, except acceptance by a minimal number of adherents; and winning an election; not even through majority rule any more, but through the Electoral College machinations of the political parties and their donors!2 Again, the freedom of money in action, in a land, where only, money rules!

So, we come to the conundrum: do we really need a President of the United States?

As my novel on Caesar showed, tyranny can quickly engulf a State, when a leader begins to think himself above the law � not to mention, his thinking himself, above the people themselves, as an elitist! This is exactly, what the freedom of Capitalism is doing to today's world! The international elite that thinks themselves above even citizenship and country allegiance, has created this class of MASTERS, today, that now, with the election of President Trump, have created the perfect environment for a tyranny of the rich. But do we need one person rule � in a country, of, by and for its own people? Should we not have rule, by a panel, of properly qualified administrators, frequently changed through elections, where favoritism, money and crony chicanery can be eliminated?

Even more importantly, think what has happened to our freedom, which was suppose to characterize this Republic; a freedom, where no one was better or more favored than anyone else, and ALL could believe, whatever they chose to believe, barring prejudice and discrimination toward others. But, this is beginning to falter more and more, as bought party politics, religious prejudice and the economy is setting every citizen against every other citizen! Democracy's principals have come to mean hatred and discrimination against minorities; the very thing Democracy was created to defeat � all, because money has now even bought a new meaning for freedom!

So, with the election of a monied elitist government, has a pending tyranny now strangled Democracy into a compromise; a compromise which has polluted the very values this country was created to never change � equality; camaraderie and, most of all, unity?

When I was young, nuclear deterrence was a prime excuse for the office of President. But, instead, we are seeing today, this very thing as a prime reason against any �leader� whatsoever! Of, by and for the people, means, the people rule � yet, do the people really rule today? The recent ban on, even, legal immigrants shows the beginnings of the curtailment of this very thing! The Nation, now, is constantly wondering what comes next � is this government of, by and for the people � or, a government that has lost all affiliation with that people; a government of, by, and for the economy; a government of the favored FEW?

But, further, a government, �bought� by its people, is even more disconcerting, since deficits and taxes are now curtailing that government from even doing the things government must do. Yet, people are afraid to see this for what it really is, because they think that there is no other way of doing things3 � and, the minuscule hope of �making it big�, blinds them to the deception that keeps them from fixing these problems, once and for all time!

So, as I have said before, it is not for me to tell you what to do; but it is my hope to raise the very questions that need to be raised that may finally make you wise enough to see that there is always a solution present for the problems, we have made for ourselves. Government, Religion and the Economy are all, our creations � as such, we can fix them, through proper thought, and being aware that problems do exist! So, I hope this will get you thinking, and widen your viewpoint; for that is my sole intent, in presenting these essays!4


1 See the essays: '�Dollar Bill� The Culprit, Who Killed DEMOCRACY!'.

2 See the essays: How The �Gimmick� Destroyed America! and "The 2016 Presidential Election: The Billionaires Pick Two Candidates And We Pick One Of Them!"

3 See the essay: "The Final Solution"

4 See the essay: "Your Interpretation Is Everything!"

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Originally Published:

February 1, 2017


December 16, 2017