Are We Still A Nation?


Are We Still A Nation?

(Something To Think About)

Can we still call the United States a Nation? A Nation has a population of citizens, who live within clear-cut geographical borders, with a common culture, language and beliefs, and a government that represents that population. But we no longer have a government that represents its people; in fact, we no longer have a clearly defined people, or even an intact geographical boundary! Our people don�t even have a clear idea of what the word Democracy means, or how it should be defined. We trust no one; and rightly so; how can trust exist when our only value is the Almighty Dollar, and how many of them you own?

Wars fought to protect us from enemies � even while we allow complete strangers to cross our borders, unobserved and unnoticed by anyone � THIS has become our National Security! And now, these nobodies from nowhere, who broke our laws, are to become new citizens to vote in our elections, and choose who is to lead us into even more wars to protect us from enemies who are more friendly to us than these very same new citizens?

A Nation means unity, but all we have is division! We cannot even understand each other anymore, since we now have new potential citizens who even refuse to speak our language, and form whole communities that are separated from the rest of our country! Yet these same people might one day help choose who will make our laws, and plan our futures for us?

Government of, by and for our people � which people � we cannot even say who our people are any more? A Nation of groups, at odds with each other, because of politics, beliefs, religions and even language; is that what the United States has become?

Who is the enemy, and who is the citizen? There is no clear-cut answer to even this simple question! We give passports to our citizens; and then frisk them, and search their luggage before they board a plane; is this how we treat our citizens? We spy on our citizens� phone conversations, their Internet usage, and even do drone surveillance of them; our stores and highways are full of cameras recording our every move; is that how a country treats its citizens? We have a government, supposedly, of the people, by the people and for the people, yet it does not tell that people what it is doing, and instead consults Corporations and Unions, instead of that people, on what the laws that affect them will be! And now it wants to bring millions of law breakers into this country to decide who will make the future laws of that country � can we even call that a government? What is it protecting? Who is it serving?

So are we still a Nation? Do we even have freedom, the hallmark of a true Democracy? There seems to be too much freedom for a few, and too little for most � is that the new ALL that our Democracy was created to foster and support?

It seems that Democracy is now an undefined term, or, maybe a term to be defined however you decide to define it � as long as the definition benefits you � that is how we now also define Nation!

So are we still a Nation? Beliefs create a Nation, but our beliefs are no longer our beliefs, they belong to religions, not to us, because religions have now become governments, governments that rule, but do not serve; in fact, they are not even beliefs as such, but a set of rules that creates sides, more sides to divide one citizen from another. God unites, yet somehow divides � is that possible � or, maybe only yet another miracle to bedazzle us with His workings that work in mysterious ways, His wonders, that we never see, to be someday performed!

So are we still a Nation? Perhaps, the word Bullshit best describes that Nation we can�t yet define, a Nation OF, BY and FOR the BULLSHIT the FEW dictate to the MANY; the new ALL that defines a Nation whose only National character, even definition, is BULLSHIT!

So is America nothing but BULLSHIT! It is, if we continue to allow what we true Americans truly value to be trampled by parties and groups that make it that way. We can change things, but it means finally DOING SOMETHING, and making the Bullshitters realize we are serious!

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Originally Published:

June 20, 2013


December 16, 2017