Beyond Phone Snooping...



Secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court� 1

in AMERICA, (the land of the free and open)

is now spying on us!

Beyond Phone Snooping... 2

[Yes, today, (June 6, 2013), the foreign press has made it known that a secret US government court has allowed our phones to be tapped. But, as usual, the privately owned press monopoly has made this only a question of privacy 3 , which is really of only minor importance in this case. The real issue lies in the word secret. This word secret pertains to the fact that government is carrying on activities, which pertain to the rights and liberties of its citizens, without their knowledge. Thus, this is not only a privacy issue, but a severance of government from the very same people it is supposed to represent. Thus the American government is no longer a government OF, BY and FOR it�s people, but a government of a bunch of rulers, who would dictate our rights and liberties to us, instead of asking us for our guidance, as our charter document The Declaration Of Independence mandates.]

Yes, a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people has a secret court! Have stealth, deceit and �the police state� become the new attributes of the government of the so-called land of the free and open? Are our new enemies no longer outside our borders, but now, our very own citizens � in fact, our very government? Those same citizens charged by our charter document, the Declaration Of Independence, with the preservation of our �unalienable rights� by any means, even outright rebellion, against a government that would dare take those very same rights away from us 4 (as the above report shows has now been done.)

Has the word WE THE PEOPLE become WE THE SLAVES in the United States of America? Has our judicial system now become the same as the judicial system of a totalitarian country of MASTERS, who would see our freedoms ground out under their boot heels?

Or� have we, at last, seen the real true form, that that phony capitalism (that monopoly controlled capitalism, that should never have existed) has finally taken within this once free republic? A form of tyranny and corruption so deeply imbedded in this country, and so thoroughly covered up by politics and false party ideologies that we have not seen its ugly vicious face before? A face of tyrannical rule by force and underhanded maneuvering, driven by the hierarchy that money and power has created by an economy that is the contradiction to everything our Constitution and Bill of Rights stand for? Is this the economy of a free state; an economy, which has set up a hierarchy based on money, that gives special privileges and freedoms to those with enough money to buy them; which has bought and sold that same freedom that belongs to everyone of us, yet is seen only manifested by a rich minority of special citizens and outright criminals; is this the new thing we now call freedom?

Having now gone through two administrations 5 , of two different parties; parties that supposedly avow contradictory political ideologies, yet show no differences whatsoever, except that they would stop everyone of us from having that very same freedom that our soldiers are supposedly bringing to other countries through force of arms; are we now suppose to believe that these two administrations were different? The answer lies in the who they benefited; who became richer, and who became poorer during these two different administrations? The answer: the same people, during both administrations; the poor, ever poorer, in both wealth and rights, and the rich, ever richer, in both wealth and rights!

What is even more ironical, is that the supposed �party of change�, that liberal administration that promised more liberty, not less, unlike its conservative opposite, is the administration under which this secret court would happen. So what is the conclusion we reach: THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! There is no difference, because there are no political ideologies; there are no political ideologies in a democracy, because true freedom makes all of us dependent on all of us; in fact, that is what a true responsible freedom, a true democratic freedom is: the absence of all ideology whatsoever, except the ideology of unity through diversity; a unity that respects all ideologies yet favors none; a people committed to freedom through the responsibility they feel to each other, and the loyalty and trust they hold through this union.

A secret court in America; of, by and for what; certainly not ALL � only the FEW � is that what America has now become? �Too many secrets� has, and continues to reverberate in a country that was born to have no secrets at all; especially the secrets between its people and its government � OF, BY and FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, MUST ONCE AGAIN BECOME THE DEFINITION OF OUR GOVERNMENT; AND THE DEFINITION OF THE ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WITH THE NAME: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Americans, all of you, (liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, Tea Partier or March on Wall Streeter) unite to get rid of all secrecy and division in a country where everyone was guaranteed the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness � REMEMBER, we all have only one name � AMERICAN! MAKE IT ONCE MORE MEAN WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO MEAN FOR ALL OF US!


1 This phrase was used in a headline broadcasted on the CBS News web site on June 6, 2013; reported by Britain's Guardian newspaper. What is even more ludicrous, is this �secret court� was made known by the British Press (so much for the National Security it�s supposed to protect!)

2 This essay shows the widening gap between our government and its people, as I outlined in my Open Letter to our Leaders

3 Yes, privacy means secrecy, in a sense. But the secrecy to preserve our privacy is also one of our dearest freedoms; in contrast, the keeping of secrets by our government from the very people it represents is a travesty of everything our freedom stands for, and a betrayal of the people by the very government they created to have no secrets from them.

4 This is mandated by the following phrases in the Declaration Of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government ... as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

5 What is even more hypocritical and absurd is the fact that during both these two different administrations (both Bush's and Obama's), by two supposedly, diametrically opposed parties, even during wars fought to preserve America�s security, America�s southern borders were so porous that MILLIONS of illegal immigrants crossed into America, without anyone�s knowledge at all! Yet both these government administrations would guard America�s security and freedoms with a secret police (now called homeland security, which frisk and harass American travelers everyday), and by keeping secret courts to spy on Americans (One of these administrations even trying to pawn off drone strikes on Americans in America)!

Now, to make the words National Security an even more ludicrous enigma, our government is proposing an amnesty bill to give these �unknown entities� a path to citizenship! Yet, with all of this outright total disregard of National Security, our very own citizens are persecuted with secret police actions to spy on them, again, for the purpose of National Security!

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Originally Published:

June 6, 2013


December 16, 2017