Paying For What You Do For Yourself?


Well, if you're retired, like me, you just got notice of that COLA (cost of living adjustment), which amounted to 2%, this year, for our Social Security, monthly income... yet, guess what � our income stayed the same; or, maybe, even decreased! �Surprise, surprise, surprise...!� the cost for that wonderful benefit, that we have to pay for... MEDICARE... went up; and ate up the COLA! This is the freedom that Democracy gave us � paying for what we do for ourselves � paying for our own work, that we do, for ourselves! Government is �of, by and for the people�; so it is us, working for ourselvesyet we have to pay for it!

We work all our lives, putting a little away each paycheck to get back money, when we retire � in other words, stop working, because we are too old, or infirm � but, we even have to pay for Medical care, after we retire, which ends up putting us back in the poor house! That is freedom in America today, THE FREEDOM TO END UP IMPOVERISHED!

But of course, that is not the freedom for the 1%, who we support! They keep getting richer and richer... on our backs... even now, getting tax cuts, to increase their millions (oh, ... today, its billions... or trillions)! That is freedom � the �freedom� to rob the 99% through what, they call �freedom�! Of course, our freedom is the freedom to pay... and pay... and pay... � ad infinitum!

But, even as this fiasco continues, that �Street Of Dreams�, Wall Street, has come out with even a new way to print all the money, they want, selling little bits of nothing called �stocks�! The newest one doesn't even have any physical existence, just an electronic one: Bitcoin! Yes, now they are getting even richer, buying and selling true bits of nothing, electronic nothings! Yet the poor working stiffs, like you and me, have to work all our lives, and then pay our government for what it does for us, even if government is us, working for ourselves! Talk about tyranny � was there ever a greater one that needs to be OVERTHROWN!

How did it get that way? Wasn't Democracy suppose to be different? Why do we still have to pay, for what we do for ourselves, like the poor people of the Monarchies and Tyrannies did? If I clean my house, myself, do I charge myself for that?



Well, we had a Democracy, once... maybe... although the recent election, where party flunkies picked a President, who lost the popular vote, from two �designated� candidates, picked by the corporatist monopolists (or, maybe even foreign (Russian) interests???), really resembles Monarchist or Fascist rule of this, supposedly, free, country! Is that Democracy?

George Washington warned us of just this subterfuge, by the parties!

But, even worse, what has this economy become � a new kind of slavery, where the 1% go on printing and printing, more and more money, for themselves, in those stock markets that buy and sell �thin air�, in phantasms, called �stocks�; while governments must tax their peoples to death, taking money from their hard earned pay, while the �thieves� just print their money in the stock markets � in turn, becoming richer than even countries are!

So... shall we �... eat cake�, as Marie Antoinette, said of the poor, who supported her? Or, shall we throw the corporatists to the guillotines, chopping off their guilded theivery, and make them work for a living, as everyone else does; and show the world that FASCISM shall not dictate a bought FREEDOM, IN AMERICA?

It is time to THINK, in America! To do away with taxes, government debt and stock markets... and create CAPITALISM into a way to sustain society, NOT just the corporatist bosses, on the backs of everyone else! Freedom has become something BOUGHT... that is NOT what Democracy was suppose to be! That is the characteristic of Monarchy... Dictatorship... anything, but �of, by and for the people�! Let's change the way, all governments function, by ending rule by the moneyed few...


�DUCE!... DUCE!... DUCE!�1


1 The call of the Italian Fascists, to their leader, Mussolini! In English: �Leader!... Leader!... Leader!� A Democracy has no LEADERthe people rule!

After Note:

Is this essay, a call to revolution? YES, a call to proclaim the true nature of the economy: the support of society, not the creation of a class of rulers, which a crooked, bunch of gluttons have made it; something, which benefits only them!

But, �Revolution� is a scary word; it brings up images of the past revolutions, where thousands died, and the very same tyrants were re-installed, as a result of all that gratuitous slaughter. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Revolution can be an awakening � where people see the mistakes of the past, and, finally, make up their minds to fix them! That is what I mean here.

Today, many of the ALL, this country was founded to protect, have fallen by the waste side. Poverty and disparity have brought about divisions, and hatreds. The rich don't want their power threatened; and the middle class are afraid, they will lose that edge, they are hanging on to � so they fear the talk of Revolution, lest it destroy, what they have worked for, all their lives. The result is a timorous standstill!

But the disparity grows, as the rich become ever richer, while the poor see more and more added to their ranks. As prices of everything get further and further out of reach; as people turn, more and more, against each other, seeing all others as competitors and enemies; as the young see only the despair of never owning what, they dreamed of, all their lives; as the dream of ownership of houses and cars becomes ever more futile � suddenly �Revolution� becomes more meaningful, but in a way that will only lead right back to the same old thing!

No, that is not the revolution I mean. My "Revolution" is a worldwide effort, to bring back meaning and relevance to all lives. It means crossing country boundaries with others, to make life better for everyone on this planet, by all working with all, to make humanity, the humane word, it should be! The rich must see that what they are furthering, is their own demise, through continuing with their endless gluttony. It, also, means that government must once again find solutions for ALL, not just a favored FEW, through the chicanery of parties and political contrivances!

Also, Religions must begin to view ALL, instead of only the limited groups, they have formed, using the deceit and the hypocrisy of "Gods" that favor only a single group, yet have made ALL! Love cannot be twisted into hate, to favor only, your own beliefs � that is not what love means. The term �God� is the very meaning of ALL; not just a favored FEW! Love can never bring about division, but, only, unity!

So, do not be afraid of that word REVOLUTION; it is the harbinger of everything, we, all need: the solution of all the problems, we have continued to ignore; and the final furtherance of a single human race, determined to fix its problems, before those problems destroy it.

It is also the affirmation that humanity can fix any problem it comes up against; because humanity has actually caused that problem. Humanity has caused poverty; so it can fix it! The lies, of government taxes and debt, are exactly that: lies, to further only those that benefit from them, while all else suffer from them. We have to use Revolution to finally emphasize the facts that all the countries of the world suffer from the same problems; and, knowing this, we can finally correct them, by working together, instead of at odds with each other! Revolution will mean a meeting of the minds to benefit every human being on this earth; not just the people of a single country.

So read this essay again, and make it sink in... that, finally, there must be a "Revolution", where ALL benefit ALL!

Power to the PEOPLE, ALL OF THEM!

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Originally Published:

December 16, 2017


December 16, 2017