Is Freedom A Double Edged Sword?

�... Money, money, money
Must be funny,
In a rich man's world...

... Ahha... ahhhha...
All the things, I could do,
If I had a little money,
It's a rich man's world!�

From the song: �Money, Money, Money� by ABBA

[One of this country's main attributes is FREEDOM! But we have to be careful about this, supposedly, great attribute of a Democratic society. Why? That is what this essay is all about... ]

I was born in Philadelphia, the birthplace of this country, and the place, where the sacred �Liberty Bell� is housed. The Bell that heralded the birth of a country of, by and for its people � ALL of them! To top it off, my family name had an ancient coat of arms, emblazoned with the word �Libert�� � the Italian word for Liberty! So, the idea of freedom is an integral part of me, in many ways. But today, freedom is being used in ways, the above ideas of freedom were never meant to mean � deception; cheating; defamation; slander; bigotry; extortion; even slavery; all the very things that American freedom was meant to destroy, not encourage!

As I have mentioned, many times on this web site, freedom is something, which must always come with the word �responsibility� attached. Otherwise, it becomes a method of hurt and chaos; not the method, a true Democracy would sanction! The main way, in which our freedom is losing its meaning is, because we have a free economy, which has become too free; and, as a result, has instead lost its freedom, instead of retaining it.

Wealth is now �freedom� � the more, you are worth; or the more, you own, the greater, your freedom! That is not what Democratic freedom was suppose to mean!

Today's headlines, like: false news stories; social media rumoring and gossiping; defamation and slander; price gouging; overpriced necessities, like houses, cars, rents, education and medicine; loss of respect for the laws and those enforcing the laws; none of this is the freedom, a Democratic society was suppose to herald to its people! Instead, we are entering a time steeped in division; discord; and even a feeling of complete anarchy! Why? Because a �price� on everything, even our morals and religious beliefs1, has made us a judgmental society; with everyone judging and blaming everyone else, for what they do or believe � is that what the freedom of Democracy was suppose to mean? No!

What has set us against each other is the economy; and the idea that �wealth� somehow makes one person better than another! All the political correctness of this society has come down to one thing � if you're rich, you are above everyone else; no matter what race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preferences you hold; being different, doesn't matter, for the rich � and, wealth is the real freedom of Democracy!

That is a sorry commentary on a people, who supposedly overthrew all ideas of elitism and disrespect for fellow citizens. Being citizens of this republic, we were all equal; and respectful of everyone else. Real freedom meant, everyone could believe whatever, they wanted to believe, because everyone was equal. And, most importantly, belief never hurt other citizens! Believe, what you will, as long as that belief does not deprive another of his freedom! That is what makes real freedom, a "responsible freedom", that does not condemn or judge others; a freedom between equals, whether you are rich or poor, because ALL have that same amount of freedom!

But, then there was free enterprise! And, the freedom of Democracy became a myth, ravaged by the idea of the elitism, wealth conferred!

Disparity buried freedom; and all the virtues of Democracy were buried in the �virtues� that wealth conferred! Thus the Liberty Bell became truly �cracked�; and a government of, by and for the wealthy FEW, became our reality, with a billionaire President, to boot!

A government solving the problems that an out of control and unreliable economy created, became an impossibility for a people that had to pay for the very same work, they did for themselves, through the �benefit� of taxation! Thus poverty and charities became �inevitabilities� instead of an �extortion�, the people perpetrated on themselves, all in the name of FREEDOM!

The solution is to solve our problems, by making government separate from the economy; and make it, the true back up for an unreliable economy, it was suppose to be!

Problems, we create for ourselves, we can always fix; despite a history of failure, we have perpetrated, in the beliefs of power and greed � and the superiority that wealth confers! WE THE PEOPLE can fix any problem, because, it is WE, OURSELVES that have created that problem! That is, and should always be, the virtue and responsibility of Democratic government, to the ALL, Democracy is!

The beliefs of Parties and Politics and an unreliable economy touting a vicious disreputable freedom, has stymied us in finding answers to our problems � because of debts and budgets that should never have even been a part of government! Government has no size � it is always as big, or small, as it needs to be, to ensure the welfare of that ALL, it is!


With a single stabilized monetary value (a single money), throughout the world, every government can perform the services needed for ALL of its peoples. And, every society can be backed up by a mechanism, called government, that is the back up for the unreliability that the freedom, in free enterprise, creates! Thus, jobs will stay bound to their society, since the cost of labor will be the same everywhere; and wars, migrations and immigrants will become a rarity, instead of a burden to society.

True freedom is not the double edged sword that greed and elitism has made of it; but the responsibility that the human race creates for itself to see that every human being can have enough to �pursue his or her own life, liberty and happiness�, and ensure the life, liberty and happiness of ALL, in his or her society.

Democracy is ALL, not just the FEW, who have taken control of it today! WE THE PEOPLE can find the answers that will make liberty once again ring for ALL, through giving freedom the responsibility, it needs to again benefit ALL!


1 Religious and secular charities have become big businesses today, because of widespread poverty. It's funny that Christian religions, heralding the preachings of the Christ, are today, among the most judgmental of any beliefs, in a deity. They seem to deride and condemn anyone, who does not believe, what they believe! Yet, was it not the Christ, Himself, who, at the time, speaking of an outcast of society, said to His disciples: �Judge not, lest ye be judged!�

And, was it not the Christ, who vehemently condemned His own Jewish religion, for condemning and chastising their own people! And, in His famous saying to His condemners, �Render to Caesar the things, which are Caesar's, and to God, those, which are God's�, was He not condemning the governmental (judgmental) religious structure of Judaism itself?

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Originally Published:

November 27, 2016


December 16, 2017