Where are WE THE PEOPLE?


An Open Letter To Our Leaders *

Long ago, the greatest Republic in history, before our own, The Roman Republic, instituted checks and balances for their Democracy, that ensured that their leaders complied with the overall wishes of their people. They created the office of Tribune of the Plebs, and the Popular Assembly, to make sure that new legislation could meet the requirements a free Republic needed to keep it free. But in their day, the corruption of a combined hereditary aristocracy and a wealthy merchant class saw that even these stringent safeguards of democratic freedom were overruled, and the new definition of leadership became doing what the people did not need, but only what the leaders thought necessary. Eventually the leaders thought that the Republic itself was not needed, and even did away with it; thus transforming the SPQR ** of the Roman Republic into the absolute tyranny of the Roman Empire.

More and more, Americans are experiencing this same disconnect between themselves and their elected representatives; more and more, the American people are being left out of their own governmental decision making processes in a Democracy where they were guaranteed the right and duty to assume those processes themselves, through majority rule. Instead their elected officials (you, Mr. Public Servant) are making decisions without their knowledge, on things like budget proposals, Medicare and Social Security entitlement cuts, illegal immigration (guest worker rules) and wars, which intimately affect every strata of the American people; yet, they (again, you, Mr. Public Servant) are only consulting Big Business and Unions, groups that represent only a special minority of Americans. Why is this happening?

As we are now entering the same troubled waters as that ancient Republic once faced, but even without those extra safeguards they established, we are again bringing forth the same definition of leadership: doing what the people do not need, and only what the leaders think right.

But must we once again make that same mistake? Should we allow our elected leaders to shrug off the responsibility to the People of our Republic, as they have been so blatantly doing in recent days, by passing legislation that not only favors them and their lobbyist cronies, but, is even harmful to the majority of our people? Why is this happening? Why do our elected officials let this happen, especially at a time when electronic technology would make a plebiscite vote *** possible to determine immediately what the majority of the people do want!

The American people have lost respect for their government for this very reason; especially, after two Administrations **** , of two different parties, have dragged us into interminable wars, without even asking our permission, that actually accomplished nothing; except bankrupt our Nation, and especially the lower and middle class taxpayers, and the elderly, who paid for all of this with low interest rates for their savings; the very same people who keep assuming the bill for the recession that Big Business and the Unions have caused! Yet our government does not consult WE THE PEOPLE, but them, on the very matters that affect these very same taxpayers!

Meanwhile, our elected officials, unable to agree on budgets and vital issues on immigration and medical care and entitlements for citizens, are able to agree on the very things causing all the problems: like wars, enlarging the military industrial complex at the Nation�s expense, and allowing incarcerated criminals to have better living accommodations and medical care then many of our poorer citizens have. Again, Mr. Public Servant, WHY?

WHY, are public servants not asking us, their masters, what we want? Is it because you are no longer public servants, but feel yourselves, our MASTERS? Has the word LEADER deluded you into thinking that that is what you are? Perhaps, hobnobbing with the rich and famous has caused you to forget that every American is the same, and none LEADS! If so, let me remind you Mr. Public Servant, a Democracy has no leader � WE THE PEOPLE LEAD!

Yes, Mr. Public Servant, we are fed up with hearing about the differences between parties that really are the same; Yes, we are sick of being left out of the very business that we must pay for, so a class of rich Businessmen who make our decisions for us, through you, can cause us to keep paying for the very same bills, they have generated! Yes, we are sick of hearing that AUSTERITY is the answer to all our problems, when that AUSTERITY singles out only us, and NOT YOU, OR YOUR MONOPOLIST FRIENDS! Yes, we are sick of saving corrupt Oil-rich Monarchies and tyrannies, with the lives of our soldiers, and our taxpayer�s dollars, so these same people can later price gouge us at the gas pump they now own because of us! Yes, we are sick of hearing excuses, when you decide what we want, without ever even asking us what we want! Yes, we want the simple answer to the question WHY! Why are you not serving the very people, who you swore to serve?


* Some time ago I posted an open letter to our government, at the end of my I Accuse! series of essays. But since that time, our government has only further withdrawn itself from the wishes of the people at large, and further catered to the demands of parties, and the economic forces that now openly rule over a once free people. Sadly today, American Democracy no longer represents the wishes of the people, but only the wishes of the Masters that buy candidates into office. This abandonment of WE THE PEOPLE is the topic of this new letter.

** The abbreviation, SPQR, for the Latin �Senatus Populusque Romanus�, �the Senate and the Roman People�, was similar to the phrase made famous in President Lincoln�s Gettysburg Address: �government of the people, by the people and for the people�; both phrases representing what a democratic nation is. The Romans placed the abbreviation under the famous �Aquila�, or eagle standard with which their legions marched into battle, so no one could forget that the legions were the army of the Republic, the symbolic representation of the Roman People and its government. Later, after the Republic was transformed into an Empire, the SPQR emblazoned Eagle standard of the free state was replaced with an image of the Emperor.

*** This "People's Vote" could be held yearly right before the beginning of the new Congressional year, and find the true wants of the people on all the issues Congress will decide during the upcoming year. Instead of unreliable poles and special interest opinions, this will guide Congress and the executive office as to the true wants of the People, on all issues which affect them.

**** The two administrations mentioned are those of George W. Bush (a Republican), and Barak Obama (a Democrat).

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Originally Published:

April 11, 2013


December 16, 2017