Beyond Phone Snooping...


Fix Illegal Immigration The RIGHT WAY!
NOT, with a WALL!

Here we go again: pay, pay, ... pay! You, American suckers!

Shall I remind Congress (Our Government, Of, By and for Us!) that there are thousands of poor and homeless in this country, who need our help! But, now, it seems, we even have to start taking care of everyone else, even those, who think breaking our laws should earn them citizenship! We have to take care of these families (with tax payers money), who crossed the border, and literally invaded our country, even though our government can't find the money to take care of our very own citizens! So, now, we have to pay for the invaders' care, and even a wall to, supposedly, keep them out!


It's time we stopped being the stooges of the Dictators and Tyrants in our South (and also their �Godly� (sic) helpers, the Catholic Church), who found a way to get rid of those, who they don't want, by pawning them off on the stupid American tax payers!

Meanwhile, the �Idiot in charge�, Trump, wants us to even build a costly wall that �supposedly� will keep them out, even though the walls, we now have, haven't kept anyone out! So, here we go, again; a fight in Congress to shut down government for our people, so they (our citizens) will have to pay to keep illegals out! STUPIDITY in action!

But there is a solution to this, that won't cost us a dime!

That solution is to start making that country, on the other side of the border, start to pay penalties for every illegal, who crosses their border into our country, and also, pay for their upkeep, till they return back across that border! These people came from there, so they should be responsible for them, till they go back! Americans stop being the �est�pidos� that other country has made us into! If they don't pay, then close down all the car and electronics and DVD factories over there, and bring them back into the USA! That should make them start to get the message, fast!

It is time that we stop being the stooges of the world and the criminal organizations (posing as governments) that are taking it over with the power of money! It is time that every country on earth, began taking care of ALL their peoples, so there won't be any more immigration of any kind! Instead of trying to escape it, every citizen of every country, should be saying:

� Viva, nuestro pa�s!1

by allowing every country to take care of all their peoples; not foisting them off on to other countries!


1 In English: Long live our country!

Once again, what's the use of having "countries", if they can't take care of all their citizens?

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Originally Published:

December 21, 2018


December 21, 2018