�Your Interpretation� Is Everything!

A writer writes what he or she, believes. The trouble is, that writer cannot emerge from the shell (the human body) encasing the will1 buried in that writer's shell. So, what one writes, ends up being only that writer's �opinion�. We all experience the world differently. This fact has caused much trouble in this world from day one. But opinions do bear weight. Because we are not alone, but in societies � add to that Democratic societies � and that weight is important! Why? Again, because we are social, and, being social, makes us realize our opinions, in the light of other opinions. Opinions, even, what we might term wrong ones, get us thinking � and, anything that gets us thinking is good! So, that's why I write my opinions, and post them on this site. Not to say: �this is right, so you better start believing it� or, else!�; but to say: �here is something to think about, because it affects us, all.� And, hopefully, it will start you thinking about it.

�Surprise, surprise, surprise�, as Gomer Pyle2 would say, �we have problems in this world!� But, most people leave it at that. They figure... �well, the world will always have problems, so let somebody else worry about it; I have my own problems to deal with!" Wrong! We share this world... all of us... so, those problems are ours too, even if they don't affect us right here and now! Fortunately or not, we interpret those problems from our own perspective, so perspective is everything, in that it forms (or is) that interpretation, I mention in the title of this essay. The up-side of this is interpretations change! The more we hear, see and feel the opinions and actions of others, to this world around us, the more our interpretations of it are themselves changed. So, the more we talk, read and interact with our fellows' opinions, the more we recreate our own opinions, which contain those revised interpretations of things and the world around us.

As with Gomer Pyle (see footnote 2 below), innocence (flexibility) always wins out! The tight-assed (it's my way, or the highway, type of folks) of this world bring about their own demise, through not seeing their own inflexible attitude. And, the wider that viewpoint (of yours) spans, the more attitudes start to conform, and find true answers, instead of dead ends that leave problems without solutions.

Religions never seemed to understand this, by their very natures; cloaked in dogmatism, sanctioned by so-called �Gods�, they shut themselves off in worlds so closed off that only violence and barbarism answered their call. Like ISIS (ISIL), today, all religions once went through the same guises � peace and contentment, cloaked in the shroud of disruption and inhumanity, because they refused to go beyond their own inflexibility, and the inflexibility they gave to �their� God!

In a way, life, itself, is flexibility. That is the real meaning of social; and even society itself. A humanity that is not social, has lost its own humanity � and that flexibility, actually is humanity!

The economy is part of that �social�. The �free� in �free enterprise� depends on a society to make it work. And, it should also realize that being entirely �free� makes it entirely unreliable, in its duty to society. That is, in fact, why we created governments � entities that handled that unreliability that that freedom of the economy produced!

But today, because of things called �budgets� and "debts", governments have also become unreliable. Today's Big versus Small governments, all herald a cop-out as to the very purpose of government itself: to solve the problems that the unreliability of a free economy produces; in other words, to be as big as they need to be, to see that ALL in society survive and even prosper!

But all of this has become hidden in the prejudices of the people of society itself. Their beliefs keep them from the flexibility needed to solve the problems. And, the divisions in the world today, further keeps the world from the unity that all governments need to solve those problems. Globalization should be an advance � but, instead, it has become the bane of government. And, governments, especially ours, with Federal and local parts, cannot even begin to solve problems, since the only true answers lie in worldwide participation. The truth is, we have become a worldwide society. The problems of a worldwide society need worldwide answers3.

Trade has spread the worldwide viewpoint, but not the worldwide outlook needed in all governments. We are the United States of America, but why can't we become the United States of the World? Oh... I can hear those tight-assed people say: �simply outrageous, isn't it?� And, one more, outrageous idea: there already is a United Group of the World � that United Group that lives all over this world, are the FEW, at the top, of all Nations today � those wealthy FEW that live beyond the pale of Nations, because the economy has made them citizens of the world � not citizens of the societies that made them so rich! They don't have to worry about problems, because they are above them.

That's why your interpretation matters! And, that's why, you need to read and understand as many opinions as you can; because that will widen that flexibility needed to overcome the prejudices that keep problems, like worldwide poverty and inequality alive.

Nationalism can't fix the problems of the world today. The problems need worldwide participation and worldwide alliances. For instance, we can't do away with budgets, if we have many moneys. And, we can't have one money, unless all the world's Nations allow it to happen. Likewise, in our own country, local government depends on the Federal government; so the budget limitations of the Federal government trickle down to the budget limitations of local government � that's why the problems, like poverty and disparity don't go away.

Our actions depend on our viewpoint; obviously, the FEW's viewpoint is to keep them on top, and us on the bottom � that's what power is. They want to keep us paying taxes that go straight into their pockets, while, all along, we believe those taxes are helping us! They want to keep governments in debt, so that debt will keep them on top. Also, charities are big businesses today � so, how can poverty ever end, while millions are making their livings off of it, with jobs that actually depend on it continuing? Enigmas? No, merely the workings of the same people, who throughout the ages, lived off others' woes! Why work, when you can con others into giving you their hard earned money? These are the people, who really have no nationality, yet want us, all, to continue battling each other in the name of nations, countries, ethnicities, religions, etc, etc, etc... so they can sell us the arms, the oil and the debt these same countries need to do it! They live outside of Nations, but they are the most patriotic of all � to their own interests!

President Eisenhower understood this, when he warned us of the Military-Industrial Complex; just as President Washington did, when he told us of the evil, in the concept of parties. The only way, we can beat this coalition of oligarchs is to overcome those ideas that keep us inflexible, and bound to the Nationalisms of Nations immersed in the destructions of their own societies. It is time to think beyond the idea of Nationalism, and embrace a world working together to fix those problems that only unity and cooperation will allow to be fixed.

Power to the people � ALL OF THEM � not just that international group of tyrants, without countries, that �free� enterprise has created! When there is a price tag on everything, there is no real freedom, let alone equality!


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1 Definition of the �human will�, I presented in The Philosophy Of The GOOD: �This is the unexplainable �I� of the perceiver. It is a direct extension of God or the Rationality of the Universe. It exists in man as the GOOD and also as the Ego. It is the overall �Perspective� of humanity and also the individual�s perspective, or viewpoint (see also Soul, Ego, Spirit) merged together as an identity. In humanity the will is the initiator of all behavior (except reflex behaviors). It is that which is the actual identity (Ego) behind the purpose a human exhibits. It receives the focus at birth and relinquishes it in death... .� (from the definitions section of The Philosophy Of The GOOD.)

For a little more philosophical opinion on �the human will�, see the essay on �Will� in The Philosophy Of The GOOD section of this web site.

2 From the character Gomer Pyle, of the old TV sitcom: �Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.� that was on TV in the 1960's. For our younger readers, Gomer was the �country bumpkin� innocent; strong and manly on the outside, and innocent as a lamb, on the inside. He joined the U.S. Marines, and came up against his tight-assed antagonist, Drill Sergeant Carter, who that innocence always seemed to defeat. See the Wiki article here.

3 So, the question arises: why has the United Nations failed so miserably? Simply, because it is steeped in Nationalism, not Internationalism! And, it is this way, because of this �free� economy that has become the International tyrant of the whole world, under the control of a group of countryless monarchs, whose wealth own the whole world.



Originally Published:

October 19, 2016


October 19, 2016