Good Guys - Bad Guys?


Who are The Good Guys?
Who are The Bad Guys?

(As The Syrian Civil War Continues...)

[As our government ponders the pros and cons of attacking Syria, for using chemical weapons in its Civil War, we should take a deeper look at just what the reasons for getting involved in this are. Especially, at a time when our country is facing so many problems of its own, caused by our previous interferences in other peoples� businesses.]

Wars have become the established ways of settling the world�s problems today. As I have shown in another essay 1 , the creation of enemies has even become big business, right here in the United States of America. And the reasons for wars are easy, once an enemy has been established. But the big problem today is who is the enemy? Enemies use to be the guys that did bad things; and everybody knew them, because they were the guys who preyed on the weak and the defenseless, without mercy. But even this is no longer a clear-cut situation. The problem is that even the good guys do bad things today!

That word �enemy� is coming to mean, not villains, but just those that don�t agree with us for some reason or another. And today, reasons are as nebulous as are those infamous �weapons of mass destruction� that are everywhere, yet can�t be found � because governments are shrouded in secrecy and deceit, even with their own people.

When notorious criminals 2 are being sought by the whole world for something like twelve years, and yet, these same criminals are living in little fortresses almost next door to a military base, you know something is definitely wrong with the information those governments are giving to the world, and even to their own people! Lying has always infected politics, and the so-called leaders of the world�s governments. But today, it is even infecting the governments of, by and for the people � you know � governments, where secrets were not supposed to exist, like our Western democracies.

So, the word �enemy� has no absolute meaning, only a relative one that is defined by the beliefs and purposes of the person using it.

When armies commit atrocities they are bad, right? Well, sometimes� mainly, because all armies commit atrocities today, even the good ones. The saturation bombing of cities (in World War II) of women and children was an atrocity � so was the dropping of two atom bombs on an essentially defeated enemy (Japan). Yet the world power that did these things was a good guy � at least, it was supposed to be. This same world power also dropped napalm on villages and innocent women and children noncombatants in Vietnam. That world power was the United States of America! Sure we saved the world from something worse, but the cost was almost as bad as that worse thing itself; at least, to the innocents who were destroyed! And, their families grew up hating us for it.

When you resolve issues by wars and killings, you are no longer good or bad, because both the �good� and the �bad� commit atrocities. This is a fact we must begin to understand. Good and bad are relative terms, relative to just about anything the mind determines them to be relative to. But once lives are taken, these things are no longer important, and the outcome is not determined by those �good� and �bad� things, but by who has the greatest force to use. Afterwards, the winner becomes �good�, and the loser "bad".

But even beyond this, self-determination must be taken into consideration. A people, no matter who they are, have the right to determine the matters that affect that very same people. Nations can, and should, only determine their own affairs; that is something that democracies should understand above all else. Why? Because, above all else, a people, of any Nation, must learn to live together with themselves � otherwise, they cannot be called a people or a Nation. How else can they learn to handle their own problems, and consider themselves free and independent of everyone else in the world?

Today the situation in Syria is very cloudy � one thing is clear though, both sides are committing atrocities against the other. But, who are the bad guys is very hard to say at this point, in fact, to even ever say; and certainly, the final answer should not be made by outside agencies, that are interfering because they fear they will not be respected as a world power. The Syrians have the right to determine their own future as a Nation. If they have a government that is abusing its people, then the time will come when the people of Syria will get fed up, and that government will fall, just as the wall that separated East and West Germany finally fell. A people determined to be free, will finally become free, if they truly want freedom, and are prepared to make the sacrifices needed to achieve it.

Today, America is hurting at every level. It is hurting because of the great disparity that exists between its citizens; it is hurting because of the expensive prices of energy, education and Health Care; it is hurting because of the tremendous debt so many years of war has caused; it is hurting because of the desperate plight of its cities that are wastelands of crime, poverty and misery; it is hurting because its people have lost faith in their government and even themselves; it is hurting because we can no longer trust anything, and trust is the vital glue that holds society together. Still, amidst all of this hurt, our government would dare to create yet another entanglement, which would hurt us even more, by spending more money we don�t have, and for the spurious purposes that, as I have described above, benefit no one but the few companies that sell us arms and energy.

Yes, the Middle East has problems; but the biggest problem it has is the inability of its people to take charge of their own destinies. As I have said many times on this web site � freedom cannot be given away � it must be earned, by the very same people who want it! A freedom without responsibility is not freedom at all, but only another form of tyranny!

Who are the good guys? And, who are the bad guys? Only the people of Syria can answer these questions!

Retrospective Note on this essay:
Added: August 24, 2014

Subsequent events have shown this essay correct. Now, a new terrorist organization has shown itself, called ISIS or �The Islamic State �, which has infiltrated both Syria and Iraq (and are the very ones we were about to supply arms to, when I wrote the above essay!)

It seems we never learn! Just as we supplied arms to the Afghans, who were fighting the invasion of Afghanistan by Russia, and, who later turned out to be the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists we would fight post 9/11; so now, it seems we almost financed another even more dangerous terrorist group! Perhaps, we should take a lesson from all of this, and take care of our own people, (who are in desperate need of help, as the recent riots in Missouri have shown), instead of involving ourselves in wars, in a part of the world that has been fighting itself for the last 3000 years, because of the insanity of religions.

We have two enemies of the human race at work in today�s societies: the foremost is religions that are used to shut down all rationality and thinking in the human organism; the second is the so-called �free� economy that uses the benefits to the self, as its tools to enslave societies. Both have now combined to cause all the problems and dangers this world faces.

Government, which in free societies was suppose to be the people themselves, has instead become a slave to the special interests the economy has created. And democracy, that fantasy, which we all worshipped as the savior of the world, has been turned into a type of aristocratic monarchy, by the perversion of freedom into its opposite.

So, who do we blame for all of this? I think you already know � OURSELVES! We are destroying the very same societies, which were created to sustain us. We have let the prosperity of the FEW enslave ALL, and, as a consequence, surrendered ourselves to the vagaries of chance and chaos. The �Masters�, who think they have control, are actually only destroying themselves, and putting the whole world in jeopardy! We are now societies that have surrendered themselves to the luck of the draw � is that what our children deserve? Wake up � start thinking again! Start realizing that we each depend on each other; and when we leave so many behind, we will soon find that we have really only destroyed ourselves!


1 See the essay SHAZAM!

2 This "infamous criminal" is Osama Bin Laden, who mysteriously disappeared for the whole length of our involvement in the Middle East; yet just as mysteriously reappeared, when public sentiment was starting to seriously question how such a notorious man could suddenly just vanish into thin air! Of course, he was also permanently (quite conveniently) silenced with a bullet, just as mysteriously!

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Originally Published:

September 5, 2013


December 16, 2017