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�Dollar Bill�
The Culprit, Who Killed DEMOCRACY!

[This is an essay about a real criminal; his name is �Dollar Bill!� He is probably the worst criminal known to humanity, for he has destroyed all it's real dreams and aspirations! He made people fight and kill each other; and even changed, what most consider virtue into its opposite, vice! He keeps division and discord alive, even today, despite all the rhetoric and knowledge about what is right and wrong. And, even worse, he has made �Democracy� an empty, meaningless word that is the exact opposite of what it was suppose to be... ]

No, it isn't any political ideology that rules in the USA; and, it certainly isn't the people; the real ruler in the USA, and even the world (as BREXIT showed) is ole' �DOLLAR BILL�: MONEY! Bought Presidents, bought governments, even bought GODS! The Bought Freedom, of a �free� enterprise has bought everything, except REAL FREEDOM, for the stupid people (called consumers) that it supposedly serves! A Global economy has made the world its slave; and showed that dogmas and ideologies are mere ploys to let the same old FEW rule over the MANY!

Democracy? What Democracy? Of, by and for who � the billionaires? WE THE PEOPLE is a meaningless term in this Democracy, where candidates that lose the popular vote (even by several million votes), become President (by way of an "Electoral College" override); and this seems to be becoming ever more prevalent, while a "bought media" tries to emphasize the opposite, in the truly meaningless term: "anti-establishment populism"!

But, what is even more evident, is that elections have become totally meaningless, since the candidates are picked by that same money, so what's the use of voting, when there is NO CHOICE between the candidates (they are all picked by the rich1)?

Democracy, above all else, is choice! Something this country has made a commodity to be bought, by the highest bidder. A bought �Freedom� is not true freedom; that is a point that no one, in this Democracy, seems to understand, except the rich, who do all the buying!

When money created its aristocracy of wealth, Democracy died! The whole point of this Democracy was to give the same amount of freedom to everyone; not give more freedom to the class with the money to buy it! Capitalism has made FREEDOM, a commodity, just like everything else that is bought and sold! Just like free speech has become a commodity controlled by the news agencies that are owned! Democracy was suppose to give everyone the same amount of freedom, but, instead, it created a class, so wealthy that they actually own the people today!

It has shown us that ideology is stupidity2, posing as wisdom! It has made the vicious and stupid rule over the just and the good. It has made religions into governments; and Gods into Kings and rulers; and, has thereby made them the sources of hate, instead of love! It has divided societies, by making wealth the one and only importance of life itself!

But the worst thing that it has done is rob societies of ways to cure their own ills, by making it seem as though governments must pay for the services that they provide their own citizens3; thus robbing governments of all their benefits, and putting more and more burdens on the backs of their citizens with taxes and debts! As the bought stock markets make the elites richer and richer, the ordinary citizens find themselves poorer and poorer! This disparity creation machine that the rich have created, lives off speculation and the power of wealth � the freedom that wealth has given them, by robbing everyone else of their freedom! So this is the freedom that Democracy gives us today, where power and wealth are unevenly distributed, because �freedom� is not freedom for everyone, but only those rich enough to buy it!

Ole' �Dollar Bill� has made a mockery of everything, we created this country to achieve: �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness� has become a chimera that the majority never achieve! Now we even have a President and government made up of an Aristocracy of billionaires � the very thing that this country was created to do away with!

So, is Democracy truly that worst of all governments as Aristotle 4 labeled it, so long ago? Or, can we pull our government out of the economy, and thereby give freedom back its meaning for the ALL, it was suppose to have? Freedom means equal responsibility for ALL; freedom means a doing away with all elites; freedom means no difference or divisions between people; freedom means a country united in doing its best for everyone without distinction, through law and fairness; freedom means no one left behind! Ole' �Dollar Bill� does not and should not rule this country that was created for ALL its peoples. �One People� has lost its meaning in this world today, because countries are no longer countries, but instead masses of people, fighting each other to survive � is that what we want for the world? Will we let �Dollar Bill� kill all our values and respect for each other? Will we sell our souls for the almighty dollar; or make Democracy truly the will of ALL its people, through freeing the government from the economy, and creating a true freedom, responsible to all its citizens equally?

No, not �One Nation under God...�, but One Nation, who values everyone of its citizens equally! That is what America was created to achieve, but has not, because of the economy!

The economy was created to serve the needs of society, but somehow it forgot all about this very thing! In addition, it corrupted and crippled the very function of government � society's "panacea" for the ills of the economy. So, why do we allow it to do this � both are our creations; therefor, we should be able to fix government to make it immune to an economy that is making it futile. Yet, no one seems to understand or see this clearly enough to make the decisions necessary to do this, because the rich are stopping this, with the power of ole' �Dollar Bill�!

Fact: The economy controls government, even though government was suppose to control the economy!

Solution: Make government immune from the economy. Separate government from the economy, by declaring the government, the actions of its citizens working for themselves; and therefore relieving it of all payment responsibility, ending taxes and government debt. Create a single value for money throughout the world, so that labor has the same value throughout the world, and jobs and industry stay in their countries of origin. Finally, dissolve all stock markets throughout the world, stopping endless inflation and the disparity creating machine, the rich have used to create this enormous disparity.

Simple isn't it! Yet, how can we do this, when the government is now controlled by the very same people, who are benefiting from the economy controlling it? Again and again, we go through the same cycles: growth, recession; growth, depression; on and on... ! And, always, it is the people at the bottom that suffer! End this, once and for all; make freedom the same for everyone � not a mockery of everything, it was suppose to be! Let there be no more Third Worlds and Developed Worlds; let there be, but one world, where all peoples work for themselves to better the lot of ALL, not just the FEW!

Truly, �Make America Great Again!�5 by divesting the rich of the power to control the destinies of ALL � and let American Freedom be a freedom that cannot be bought!

Freedom is: Of, by and for the people... ALL of them!


* "Dollar Bill's" mug-shot, courtesy of Wikipedia. Note: this mug-shot is itself a con, since it shows a "two" Dollar Bill, instead of the culprit himself; but the likeness is close enough, since he comes in many guises today, reflecting the many currencies (monies), he is!

1 See the essay: "The 2016 Presidential Election: The Billionaires Pick Two Candidates And We Pick One Of Them!"

2 See the essay: "Stupidity!"

3 See the essay: "The Final Solution"

4 Aristotle was an ancient Greek Philosopher, and mentor of the conqueror, Alexander The Great, whose worldview disparaged Democracy. Perhaps, he was right; for we still haven't gotten it right!

5 See the essay: "A Question For Our President: What Does �Make America Great Again!� Mean?"

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Originally Published:

January 15, 2017


December 16, 2017