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Government Is NOT A Consumer!

[I am not a member of any group; especially a radical group called the �Sovereign Citizens Movement� � but, this group's general idea on taxes is correct � we should not have to pay them! Government is the people, all of them, working for themselves; and this being the case, the citizens do not have to pay for what government does for them, its citizens � yes, it is that simple!

We have some problems in American society: a few extremely rich people; and a huge majority of poorer people that can't make ends meet. Even worse, the method, we created to solve this problem, can't do it, because it revolves around literally, having that poorer majority pay for it (government) through taxes; and, even then, we would not have enough to pay for all the solutions, we need. The key words here are: �we would not have enough to pay for all the solutions, we need�.

So, here we are in a country that touts �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�, yet a majority of our citizens are living day to day, with no insurance that the sky will not fall in on them tomorrow! This has all come about, because the wealthy have declared government a consumer! Because long ago, tyrant Kings and Warlords found a way for the people, they conquered, to support them � called �taxation� � we now have made this �institution� of taxation and the borrowing from the wealthy, it entails, a part of all governments; and, the economy has made even government just another �consumer�, paying even for the work that �he� does for �himself�; see more, below... ]

Capitalism has created a devastating effect on Democracy; it has broken the real meaning of Democracy itself, by breaking the ALL of Democracy into, the MANY, and the FEW. The MANY, who struggle, in a world that they perceive is stacked against them, where �the pursuit of happiness� is, actually, beyond their reach; and, the FEW, who live in a world of everything, they want, with an unlimited opportunity, denied to everyone, but them, because of wealth. Also, it has created limits to the very things that Democracy was suppose to guarantee to a people, who were able to govern themselves, equally and justly, without deference or favoritism toward any. One of these limits is the ability to offset the superiority that capitalism creates through wealth. Freedom is no longer equally distributed in the way Democracy created it to be distributed; thus, wealth skews the �life, liberty and pursuit of happiness� into something only wealth, not hard work, confers � the complete opposite of what the freedom of Democracy was meant to be. Also, in a land, where everyone was equal and �of consequence�, it has reawakened the bogeyman of elitist privilege; and the inequality and superiority that this privilege confers, through the opportunities, it guarantees to those, who bask in it, through wealth. Thus, the disparity, this type of freedom confers, is pushing itself out of the bounds of anything conceived of; and threatening to create another revolution similar to the one, the �royal� aristocracies of old created through their supremacy over the commoners. But the worst thing that Capitalism has done, is eliminate the ability of the world's governments to find the solutions to these problems, that these same governments were created to find. Because government has become a part of the economy (a �consumer�), instead of outside of it, it must become only another futile burden to the very same people, it serves; instead of the solution to the problems that the economy, itself, creates for these people � the very purpose, for which we created it!

Budgets, debts and taxes have captured governments; and, subsequently, made them into problems, instead of solutions; and, at the same time, created political ideologies, and their parties, to divide the people. Thus, government, itself, has become another problem, instead of the solution of the people's problems, it was meant to be!

Add to this the insanity of religious beliefs; and we see nothing changing, except the efficiency with which the human race destroys its own kind � as today's �Gods� (those same Gods, this country's citizens �trust in�) are now just members of another �party�, the religious party, along with the beliefs that that party holds (created by their own government of �God's Interpreters� � men giving this �GOD�, His meaning). �Good� has thereby, undergone the same metamorphosis, that the ALL has undergone, in becoming the FEW and the MANY; what is good, is that which favors the special interests, it serves � not the ALL, it was suppose to serve. Even God now takes sides; a far cry from the Christ's admonition of �judge not; lest ye be judged!� Even crime is now punished with punishments that favor the wealth of the criminal; for there are now good jails for the wealthy, and bad jails for everyone else! Thus, even crime and the law have aristocracies attached!1

In order to make ALL, again mean ALL, we must pull government out of an economy, where equality does not exist. But, because the economy is a global economy, and favors no country boundaries, the changes made must be global changes, affecting all countries and their governments. The most important one, being the creation of only a single money, worldwide. Once this is done, governments can solve the problems of their own societies, by eliminating government debts, taxes and budgets, since all governments will once again become their respective peoples, working for themselves � truly Democratic governments, allowing ALL to work for that same ALL, without having to pay for the work, they do for themselves, through government taxes. And thus, governments can find all the solutions that their societies need, to let everyone in their societies find �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�, without paying for it. Also, all jobs will center on the peoples of each respective country; and people will learn to live among their own in harmony, eliminating the immigration problems, the world now experiences, because of Third World wages, and the resulting disparity, the stock markets produce � where the wealthy can print as much money as they want to, and governments can print none.

The wealthy have made governments futile; but they forgot, where this futility, and the disparity, it causes, led in the past � REVOLUTION! That is where the societies of the MANY and the FEW end � the sound of the guillotine for those with everything to lose; and the sound of revelry for those with nothing to lose; and now, everything to gain!

It is time for Democracy to find itself, in once more creating a society of ALL, instead of only the FEW! We do not need revolution; but unity and solutions that we can ALL find for ALL, instead of only for those, who can pay the price! We have come to a crossroads; a crossroads, where the human race must decide to just continue on, until we futilely destroy ourselves; or find the solutions that will make everyone prosper, and find meaning in life. Humanity can find the solutions, if it once again sees ALL, as ALL; something, an �only I count� economy is not able, or even created, to understand! Government was created as a backup for the economy; it cannot be this, if it is a part of that very same economy � a consumer!

Let's think in a new paradigm; one that makes government perform the job, it was meant to do, instead of finding the futility, it now produces, in having its citizens pay for what they do for themselves! A government of, by and for its citizens, does not have to make those citizens pay for it � for it is they, themselves, working for themselves!

Government Is NOT A Consumer!


1 See the article in the L.A. Times: Upgrade your jail cell - for a price

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Originally Published:

March 24, 2017


December 16, 2017