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A Government OF, BY, And FOR Its PEOPLE

[This week, we have again been told about the possibility of a government shut down! Why? Again, because of deficits and the lack of money to do what government needs to do, for its people � a government of, by and for its people, unable to work for itself (but, remember that government does have money to give to other countries for wars!)?

This lunacy comes from the stupidity that government must pay for what it does for its own people! People working for themselves do not have to pay for their own labor; see more below...]

How can a Democratic government shut down? How can a government that is the people, working for themselves, shut down? It's like saying, I want to clean out my basement, but I can't pay myself enough to do it, so I'm not doing it, for myself!!!???

The problem, and the sheer stupidity of this way of thinking, is that governments, modern Democratic governments, have not pulled themselves out of that monarchical way of thinking that the tyrannies, they came from, structured all governments to be. Those other governments were a FEW tyrants making the populous, they ruled, pay for their rule over them � it was a racket, of, by and for no one, but the self-interest of these tyrants � so government was bought by the people, and rarely benefited them! This was where that �benefit�, called taxation, came from!

But today, governments are no longer a people paying an elite to govern them � or, are they?

The ideas of government paying for itself, through taxation, never went away, because those same tyrant elites still exist today; and their interests are greatly served by allowing the same old commoners, to pay for their existence, in the form of taxes, debt and a limited, paid-for government! Government is still their construction, to allow them to prosper on the backs of the same serfs, they once ruled over � the tax payers! Now, the corporations benefit, where the royals once benefited; now the rich benefit from the poverty of the middle class, they never allow to become anything else.

The only ones that prosper are the self-interests that all governments, today serve � that Military-Oil-Industrial Complex that serves the interests of the rich International one percent! For they now rule the �Democracies� that Capitalism was suppose to raise up.

Royalty was a farce, whereby an �elite�, originally created, through force of arms, forced a populace to do its bidding, while, they, the populous was seeing this elite as �better� than them. They taxed the population of the country, they conquered, so they could actually live off them. Later, the people woke up to this farce, and rebelled! But, they could not (or perhaps, would not), see the structure of government, as anything, but that which the elites had created it to be � one in which government had to be paid for, by the very same people, it now supported; or in the case of a Democracy, actually was! Very simply: Government is the people, working for themselves � so it doesn't have to be paid for!

All right, let's see why this is so hard to understand.

Capitalism brought forth the idea of the marketplace. Goods and services were all commodities that were bought and sold in the marketplace. Even immaterial goods, like invisible portions of companies (stocks), and money owed (debts) were bought and sold in their own markets. Work was a commodity which was paid for; and labor was the true, essential value behind whatever that term �value� means! Monies were many � usually each country producing its own. All of this was based on the idea of �private property�, which made Capitalism work. Goods and labor were owned, for life. But, they could be traded for money. This allowed the populous to support itself, and allowed commodities to be made and sold.

But what about government? Government represented all the citizens of a country, working together to foster services and items, all used communally. All right, so this being said, why do we have to pay for it, through taxes?

Well, people have to be payed for their work. If government wants to do something or buy something, then it must pay the owners, for their goods or their labor. Very true! But, government is, at best, a very special consumer (if a consumer at all), because it represents all the people! Because of this, it can create the payments, by printing the money, it needs � because, again, it is ALL the people, working for themselves! Yes, ALL the people, working for themselves � and the sum total of all their labor � in other words, all their wealth! But, today, it is seen as just another consumer, that must pay, just like all other consumers.

Freedom can lead to chaos. As we have seen for the last 3000 years in the Middle East, where the Semitic peoples, have been slaughtering themselves over religions. Strong governments are needed there to stop this slaughter, and represent all their people's equally and justly, without letting beliefs destroy society. That is the main function of government: to allow all its peoples to live harmoniously together. Also, government must allow a �free� economy to properly support all its people, for now that economy is a global one. Governments cannot do this, if they are a part of this economy. So, why are they a part of the economy? Remember: Democratic governments represent the total wealth of all the people in that respective Nation, therefore, when government acts, it is the same as the people doing work for themselves � we do not have to pay for, what we do for ourselves.

Government's job is to oversee a free economy, to insure that that freedom does not deny the country of the sustenance, the economy's existence is needed to produce for all the citizens of that society. The individual's freedom cannot deny the existence of the whole! The Nation's interests still override any individual or group of individuals' freedoms. Society overrides the individual, since it is society that allows the individual to live!

Capitalism has created a corporatist version of society, where an elite rules over society, through an economy that has robbed society of its well being. That is not the purpose of an economy, free or otherwise. So, it is even more important today to make sure that this economy actually does for society, what it was suppose to do: let ALL in society prosper; not just a FEW, at the expense of everyone else, as it is now doing!

Once the fallacy of many monies has been cured; and government is pulled out of the economy, eliminating taxation and deficits, all societies can prosper in a form of Capitalism, that ensures fairness and welfare for every citizen on earth. An earth comprised of Nations all working together for the prosperity of all societies on this earth, instead of only for the special interests of a small worldwide elite that lives and prospers off the racket of making governments pay for themselves through taxing their citizens!

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Originally Published:

April 24, 2017


December 16, 2017