The Clergy 1 � The Enigma Of Religion!

�I think, therefore I am."

Rene Descartes

�Going to church doesn't make you a Christian
any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile."

Billy Sunday

[This essay talks primarily about the Judeo-Christian religions and their derivatives, like Islam. But all religions that use a clergy are included. Its real point is to make us examine the question: �Why is a clergy needed in religion?�]

Why is it that a 'God' that has actually placed himself in the human heart, cannot communicate with that human brain? Why is it that the one rule of humanity � the Golden Rule 2 � cannot be understood except with help? Is Homo sapiens so messed up, that he must always be told what to do, even when interacting with his fellow creatures? Adult people, who are suppose to have reached the age of reason, at age seven, still can't seem to get along without having their reasoning, done for them, by someone else! This is all very strange indeed!

Yet, that is, and has always been, the prime directive of religion: telling other people what to do! Because it seems that religion can't be religion without a clergy to interpret God (and now, even the lack of a God 3 ) for the poor, miserable human organism!

Think of how utterly stupid this is: a God, who is all powerful, almighty, all knowing and all loving, can't seem to make His wishes known to the very transmitter of His will that He Himself created, the human being � without help, that is! Even more stupid, is the fact that every act we do is framed in a different context, or situation 4 , a very personal situation that no one knows better than we ourselves do; yet the clergy, seems to have taken on the very attributes of God Himself, by knowing what to do in every situation where God is concerned, even in our own lives!

That clergy, the substitute for God on earth, has usurped God, Himself, by breaking the New Covenant that Christ Himself reaffirmed (in Christianity), and joining the same old grab for power that all the old pagan religions since the dawn of history embraced � the factor of a need for interpretation, of a God that lives in His very adherents; that is an actual part of these adherents!

Is this really a need to interpret God, or, perhaps, something else? Is this, perhaps, only another way to create the very thing that Christianity was created to avoid: power and authority, by a small group of elite! Why is it that a religion, created among human creatures, needs to immediately create a hierarchy, making some human creatures better than others? The idea of �leaders� immediately presents itself! 5

Leaders, in a group, where all are supposed to be the same? Here we go again, the doctrine of The Divine Right Of Kings! 6 Mention the word religion, and suddenly, we look for leaders, or as the present idiom terms them, �interpreters�!

How lame!

Oh, but then, there is the excuse of free will, that other enigma that seems to be all right in a God, but not in humanity. That �problem�, that threw Adam and Eve out of Paradise! What it boils down to is, the clergy telling people what to do!

Again, the idea of a leader; of course, under God! A God so impotent, that He needs to create sub-rulers, ordained to do His job for Him!

So, once again there is: the party (or club); the leaders; the dogma! This is just another government, complete with laws that, of course, must be interpreted, by � you got it � an elite; but this time a holy elite!

So where does the real need for a clergy come from?

The Need To Lead:

Yes, the need to lead! That, like all governments, is the real motive for God's helpers. Power and glory, wrapped in the importance they heap on themselves; servants, lowly servants, yet disguised within regal elitism! God's interpreters; or maybe the same �rulers�, that have always interpreted God so it favored them, or their own ideas!

Take, for instance, Catholicism: born into power from the Roman Empire, which itself was an obscenity, that grew out of the death of the Roman Republic that Caesar tried to save. Strict religious regimentation, right up to the Middle Ages! Now, let's see something of how God was �interpreted� during the inquisition: torture; brainwashing; executions; all interpretations of God's laws and love, and it just kept right on going! Even further: the creation of the Third World, poverty and misery, all good things (at least, for some) that have continued right on into this very day! Continued on into this present time with the inevitability of poverty � but, of course, another paradox presents itself here � even poverty and misery should not stop the reproductive process; that must continue, even if the children that result must starve and suffer! Suffering for God is good! 7

Then the reformation came (along with a new set of interpreters!): more wars, to serve the aims of God's helpers and interpreters! Again, even today, in Islam, the radicals have created their own rules that not only break God's rules, but even human society's rules: no more humaneness, just strict obedience to God's interpreters! Another set of interpreters, interpreting God in their own way; according to their own ideas! Thus religion has carried on the same action, one millennium, after another.

The Need To Belong:

And, in the followers, there is the need to belong. Especially in the divided and estranged societies that religions and greed have created! Poor God, in His need to unite, He totally divided all His creations! But that is what the �interpreters� count on � that longing to belong to the group. We are a people divided in every way from each other, so naturally we long to belong; yet that is the very thing that has divided us from each other! So the interpreters of God bring us together in the religious club, where we can all think alike, and feel sorry for all those who don't belong!

But religion today has even gone further, by making unbelief into a form of religion!

The Religion Of Non-Religion?
(Atheism Is Now A Religion Too!)

A recent news article 8 talked about how a University was making chaplains available for non-believers! Thus the 'religion' of 'non-religion' has been born! Leave it to those �interpreters� to not only interpret God, but now even interpret the absence of God! Again, it is the club, making its way into any belief whatsoever � those interpreters can interpret anything! So, division is being brought even into the very area where beliefs can be anything they want to be. Just what we need, more clubs to divide people, in the name of uniting them!

The whole idea behind atheism was to free the individual from religious interpretation. The free thinker was the atheist, tied to no interpreters, but his own mind.

In a recent essay 9 , I redefined God; in the way that I believe Christ Himself seemed to define God in the Bible. A God that was a part of all human beings, through an agency that makes all humans see all as the same, without judgment of any kind, and certainly without any interpretation: the agency of love!

This kind of God does away with all interpretation, and leaves the human mind itself as the final interpreter for every human being � religious and atheist alike. It destroys both the clubs of religion and atheism, by making only one club: the human club.


So, like political parties, religion is a type of club, where an elite creates ideas. In the case of religion, they are �interpretations� of God's will, by an elite that have somehow interposed themselves between God and the human race. The believers must accept them, or be thrown out of the religious club. It also seems that those that do not even believe in a God are also now creating �interpreters� for their beliefs. Another club, with dogma, and even �interpreters�, only not under any God at all!

Two factors have made the human susceptible to these �interpreters�: the need to lead, and the need to belong. And the effects of these religious clubs are very evident everywhere in today's world and throughout recorded History: division and destruction; hate and violence; bigotry and bullying; all in the name of a god of love!

One can almost say that religious beliefs have become almost a type of mental illness; a psychosis 10 , of sorts. But a disconnect with reality that serves a purpose, the purpose a new type of elite have instituted to further themselves 11 . In the end, it is the same old tyrannies resurrecting themselves, only today in religious garb. �Believe what we tell you to; do what we tell you to; act as we tell you to act; God is on our side�! The question then arises: �Why then did God give us a brain?�

Unfortunately, for the religious, God only knows that � that is, God and His �interpreters� - the clergy!


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1 The definition of �clergy�: �The whole body of men set apart by ordination for the service of God�; from the Reader�s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary, Readers Digest Association, Pleasantville, New York, 1966.

This definition defines the clergy as providing a service for God, as distinct from the laity, who are merely members of the religious organization. This �service� has always been one of presenting and interpreting God for the laity.

2 The Golden Rule is: �Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.�

3 See the second section of this essay: The Religion Of Non-Religion? (Atheism Is Now A Religion Too!), below.

4 See the essay: 'Let�s Put Life �In Context".'

5 The New Testament of the Bible is essentially a continual argument between Christ and the religious hierarchy of Judaism; Christ essentially telling them to stop interpreting God through their power hungry organizations; and they trying to entrap Christ into the role of a heretic, which they finally accomplished.

6 The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God." taken from Wikipedia. Notice that the clergy also seems to have even more power, in that they rule over people's minds.

7 It is said in the news, recently, that Pope Francis has said that it is selfish for a couple not to have children. This is the same reasoning that created the Third World, and has continued to be propagated by the right for life groups. Quality of life is not taken into account here, only the blind obedience to create more Catholics to uphold the power structure of the Catholic Church's interpreters (the clergy). Here is the Politics of religion in action; even unto the owning of a woman's body, and its manipulation, by these same interpreters!

8 �US colleges bringing in chaplains to serve the nonbelievers�, by John Rogers, Associated Press, Saturday, February 14, 2015.

9 See the essay: �And Man Created God In His Image, To Subjugate... To Alienate... To Rule... To Enslave!�

10 A psychosis is a mental illness that separates the sufferer from the reality he or she lives in.

11 Do I mean here a conscious conspiracy that this clergy have instituted? No! It is not a conscious conspiracy, but the same old bigotry that all humans under the spell of beliefs practice: �What I believe is right, and I will make people believe what I believe!�



Originally Published:

February 15, 2015


February 15, 2015