And Man Created God In His Image,

To Subjugate...

To Alienate...

To Rule...

To Enslave!

�I don't go to Church for the
priests, but for God."

My Mother

�Je Suis Charlie�
(Translation: �I am Charlie�)

�In God We Trust�

The motto of the United States of America

This week, in Paris, France 1 , we were horrendously reminded what the term �God� means to many people around the globe. The merciless slaughter of twelve 2 people, who dared to push the bounds of free speech, made us recognize, blatantly, how fanaticism, enmeshed in religious dogma, can turn into tragedy. Yet, it also reminds us that this is the history of organized religion throughout the world � in its entire span of existence!

The �God� of religions is a tyrant God, who revenged Himself on mankind by destroying the world with a flood � this is how God portrayed Himself to mankind 3 ! A God of rules and strict regulations over His human creations. A God, who cruelly played with His subjects by destroying them at whim, as he did with the man, Job, in the Jewish and Christian Bibles and even Adam and Eve, by expelling them from paradise 4 !

Yet, there was a God, who supposedly changed this � the Christ. But the religion (Christianity) His followers founded to honor and glorify Him, merely became itself a carbon copy of the religions it followed; again, endless wars and persecutions and slaughters, even torture, and burnings at stakes, in the dreaded Inquisition, all in the name of a God of Love � Jesus Christ!

Today, many Christian religions have even become centers of partisan politics and governmental power, even though their Christian founder told them to stay out of worldly affairs and its governing: �Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and to God the things which are God's. 5

Yes, man has fashioned God in his image, regardless of what the holy books profess to be the reverse; this is plainly shown in every aspect of organized religion today 6 .

Yet, in America today, the birthplace of freedom and unity, its motto has become a call to the same fanatical partisanship, through political and economic instigation, with the motto: �In God We Trust!� 7 Better would be a motto like: �In Love We Trust,� which excludes none of our citizens.

Let's be honest here, the attack on Charlie Hebdo is an indictment of all organized religion today. What has been included in religions today are the very same things the Christ told His followers to forgo: dogma; politics; power; judgment; and most of all, organization! Religion has gone so far that even love has been distorted into a farcical judgment filled contract, instead of the unlimited acceptance Christ wanted it to be.

Religions are a failure � they divide instead of bringing all together, as they were meant to do. And, in the extreme, they become fanaticism; a form of outright mental illness that is beyond reason. More hatred has been engendered by religions than by any other agency on earth. The very opposite of what they were supposed to do!

The Charlie Hebdo tragedy really shows all religions for what they are; and, in this case, as with so many others in history, religion did, what it always has done � got even with whom they believed were unbelievers! The tyrant God, once again destroyed what He didn't like. Is this the God that is love? Is this the God that is a Father to His children; is this how a father takes care of his children? Is this the God that told us to mimic the little children, in their innocence and love? It is not merely Islam at fault here, but ALL religions, because they can all be perverted into the same intolerance and insanity, when their followers become true believers, outside of the rationality that makes human beings, humane! It is all too easy to only blame the religion of Islam, and forget that it is really ALL religions that show the same defects that can turn them into a form of fanaticism beyond reason, and all that is humane.

An Emphasis on Love: Was Christianity the advance it was touted to be?

Although Christianity was supposed to have broke religion out of the mold of the religions which preceded it, it really hasn't as yet. The New Covenant 8 , of the Bible, which the Christ was supposed to fulfill, was not really ever fulfilled. After Christ's death, his followers supposedly continued His work by creating a religion which followed His teachings, but this never ever really came about. What was born, was an organization and religious hierarchy (the very same thing that Christ preached against), which followed a set of teachings recreated by His Disciples, instituting the same old religious government that Christ tried to overthrow. What is even worse, was the proliferation of other religious splinter groups during the reformation period. Showing the same thing that all religions have shown throughout history: radicalization and splintering into belief systems which disagree with the doctrines of the parent groups. The same thing that all organizations based on beliefs show, whether religious, legal or political. Belief systems immediately provoke discontent, as true believers split over the so called �fine print� of their beliefs; history has consistently upheld this, and the resultant wars and atrocities these disagreements have brought about, especially in the religious segment.

But the emphasis on love that Christianity introduced was new; that is, until even love was reinvented into something, which could itself divide, instead of unite. This new form of love was created of, by and for the organization, which religion had become.

This new form of love was founded on judgment and the guilt it produced. Catholicism even created sacraments 9 around it, like the ritual of Confession. You see, the true believer, must always see if he has obeyed the laws or doctrines of the faith, he or she professes. This constant reexamination often causes the believer to question the details of these doctrines, because he or she must see if he or she is living up to them. This often results in the schisms that occur, when these believers start to disagree with the details of these doctrines.

But guilt, in the form, this reexamination of faith upheld, also changed the quality of love. Love was no longer the complete acceptance Christ implied, but had now become laced with guilt and judgment. For if you do not follow the rules, you are not expressing love, and therefore are no longer a member of the Church. So love had now become a form of ritualized membership, through which the faithful realized and kept their membership in the group.

This kind of love became dangerous, because it could now lead to fanaticism; because it divided, instead of uniting; it divided the religious group from everyone else.

Here we see the same elements of radical Islam emerging even in Christianity; and through the process of love itself, which has brought forth the two main elements causing radicalization: fragmentation of belief into splinter groups with different doctrines; and, the use of judgment to allow love to become a form of contract between religion and its members, instead of the form of unlimited acceptance Christ meant it to be.

So, in the end, love itself created the same problems it was created to eliminate: it created division, instead of unity, as the tool of religion!

So what is the solution?

The new Concept of God

We must redefine God! God is not a ruler; He does not create rules, or hand out punishment. And, most of all, He does not divide. St. John gave the best definition of God ever voiced: God is love! But the love he meant, is not the love I mean. Love is not the love Christianity (or any other religious organization today) instituted; but the love that every human is born with � that every child knows. The same love, the true Christ, hidden by the scriptures, truly meant: that love, residing in the heart of every human being, which has marked the human as the highest form of life in existence.

The New Covenant of the Bible brought it forth to us, by making the Bible obsolete; for now, every human came complete with a Bible included; in fact, with God Himself included! Love was God working through us. He is love; a love that accepts unlimitedly; that never divides, but always unites; that creates the rules according to the situation, and the acceptance that love interjects. And, He has made religion as obsolete as the Bible it uses, for God loves everyone the same, whether they believe in Him or not!

We were given two things, through which to deal with life: love and reason. They can and should be used together, as a pair that are always susceptible to each other. Reason creates rules that are in compliance with love, and therefore acceptable to all. Thus the religious club is done away with, along with the division it causes and thrives in.

God is love! He is not a tyrant or ruler; He does not subjugate; alienate; rule; or enslave; He liberates us, to deal with ourselves and all others in the same way, through the agency of true love, which He is! You may believe in Him or not, but He is still within you, and is connected to no religion whatsoever, but only to the human organism from whom He springs! He is that part of us that allows us to all live together in harmony.


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1 The attack, and slaughter of the editorial staff, and cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo publishing house in Paris, which was followed by a dual hostage situation, is just unfolding as I write.

2 In the first attack on the publishing office; later five more were killed, not including the three perpetrators.

3 In the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bibles, and in even the Islamic Quran, which presupposes a familiarity with the Jewish Bible. Basically, the same kind of God is portrayed in all.

4 See the essay:�Philosophical Musings � Religion: The Bible and Society.�

5 This has become clear in the way the Catholic Church has interfered in the immigration problems in the United States' Southern borders, by harboring and supporting illegal immigrants. Even worse, how they actually encourage illegals to break our laws and enter our country without professing any allegiance to it, instead of telling them to fix the problems in their own countries. Of course, this is the same religion that also created the �Third World�, for the monarchies to plunder, under divine guidance, as laid out in the �Divine Right of Kings� doctrine. See footnote 3 in the essay: �The Religious Club And Its Effects�, for more on what this Divine Right of Kings doctrine was.

6 Again, this is readily shown, for instance, in the Catholic Church's and other Christian Church's positions on homosexuals, abortion and marriage; let alone Islams' positions on many other aspects of its followers life styles. This is even augmented in Islam by the power of the local Imams to determine local religious law in accordance with their own interpretations of Islam's beliefs.

7 This motto, newly reinforced through our present Congress, is clearly a violation of the Separation of Church and State. In that it, more or less, implies that atheists are not Americans! See the Essay: �'In God We Trust'; which God?� for more on this.

8 Jeremiah 31:33: ��I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts� (Italics are mine). Love was the law that supplanted the Bible, in every human heart. It made religion obsolete.

9 A sacrament is defined as: �a rite ordained by Christ or by the Church as an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.� This definition is taken from The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary; The Reader's Digest Association, Pleasantville, New York, 1966.



Originally Published:

January 14, 2015


January 14, 2015