Essay Potpourri

Prologue To My Essays

"Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have
governed my life: the longing for love, the search for
knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.
These passions, like the great winds, have blown me hither and
thither, in a wayward course, over a deep ocean of anguish,
reaching to the very verge of despair."

Bertrand Russell

From the Prologue to the "Autobiography of Bertrand Russell"
Little, Brown And Company; Boston; 1968.

Like Bertrand Russell, I too have been driven by these same three passions; but unlike him, I have failed at the first; and, still, unlike Russell (at least what he says in his Prologue), I have, to a great extent, achieved the second; and, in the third, I too, suffer. But, unlike him, I have one more passion that rules me: the unity of humanity; in that alone, I continue to live, at the same time with hope, for how does that old saw go: "while there is life there is hope!"

So, gentle reader, remember this while you read these essays, for while we live and breathe hope springs eternal!

Perception: More than all the facts

Responsible: A Troublesome Word

Philosophical Musings: Looking into the Face of Death

Mr. Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize


The Decline and Fall of the University

Terrorism: The Onslaught of the Robots

Arbeit Macht Frei!

The Two Poles


The True Message of the Christ

For the Tea Parties

Order out of Chaos

Modes of Awareness and Mental Causality

An Easter Note: Easter 2011

The Difference Between 'What is Right' and 'What Sells'

A Step Toward Fiscal Sanity

The New Dirty Word: IMMIGRATION

Living Valiantly

What The Word "People" Really Means
A Message For: �Occupy Wall Street�

"In God We Trust"; Which God?

The Distinction Between The Majority And All

The Law And Morality

A Christmas Note, 2011

The New Paradigm

What Is Right?

Freedom And The Human Being

Let�s Put Life �In Context"

The Limits Of Science Are The Boundaries Of The Self

The Resolution Of Life

Meshing Together Two Realities

My Disenchantment With Roman Catholicism

The Concept Of Evil

The Religious Club And Its Effects


Speculations Into The Origins Of Reason
(Where Free Will Finds Its Confirmation)

The Fallacy Of �Big Bang�
(Going Beyond What Is)

(The Story Of The �Package Deal�)

The "Pussy Riot" Controversy
(What Is The Proper Role Of Religion?)

Do We Need Organized Religion?
An Answer For Today!

That Great Chameleon, GOD
(God, The Idea)

The Geometry Of Faith
(Finding The Correct Foundations)

The Contradiction That Is Humanity
(Necessity Resides In Us, Not In Our Reality;
Or Another Take On The Mind Body Duality)

An Insane World!

The True Believer Mindset
(From the Tower Of Babel To Today)

The Big Lie

Playing One Side Against The Other,
When Does It End?

Is Privatization Freedom, Or Its Opposite?

Has The Manipulator Become The Manipulated�
And, By It�s Very Own Inanimate Creations?

"Costs", The New Term For Excuse!

The Bright Side
The Right Side?

War! War! War!
Our Economy�s Solution For Everything!

Exclusivity: The Downfall Of The Human Race

Gossiping, Rumormongering And Rabblerousing
(The New American Frontier!)

"Divide And Conquer"
(Why Diversity Is Turning Into Division)

"Can The Middle East Ever Find Peace?"


"And Man Created God In His Image,
To Subjugate...
To Alienate...
To Rule...
To Enslave!"

"The Garbage Can World, That
God, Freedom And Love Have Created"

The Clergy � The Enigma Of Religion!

Religion And Society:
Can The Two Coexist?

The Sad State Of Today's World

Right And Wrong

The Individual And Society:
Are They, Necessarily, At Odds With Each Other?

Why The Trolls Seem To Own Free Speech

"Whys�... Questions, Without Real Answers!
(A Short Answer, Without An Answer!)

My Take On Religion!


The Most Basic Freedom Of ALL:
The Freedom To Think As You Like!

Prejudice: Humanity's �God�!

Heaven And Hell: Fact Or Fiction?

The �Paper Moons� Of Life
(The Obstacles To Change!)

The Hazards Of Naming God!
(A Note For Christmas, 2015)

Were The Teachings Of The Christ
Hijacked by Religions?

Silencing The Secret NAZI Inside!

"Everything For A Price!"
"God Is On My Side!"
(Is This What's Killing �Humanity�?)

It's Time For All Countries To Start Taking Care Of
ALL Their People!


It's What Works...
For ALL (Or Is It)?

When �Money� became Democracy's GOD!

My Writing:
Addressing The Absence Of Change

From Democracy...
...To Communism?

In 2016, America's Choice:
The Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea!

Mad At Yourself?
Take It Out On Society!

(A Nation Torn Between Monarchy And Democracy?)

�Your Interpretation� Is Everything!

A Question For Our President:
What Does �Make America Great Again!� Mean?


The Real Problem:
�Taking Care Of Your Own, First!

�I'm better than you!�
Everything Democracy Wasn't Suppose To Be!

How �Hooray For Hollywood!�
Lost Its �Hooray!�

The Middle East:
The Place Where �Stupidity� Was Born And Bred!

Trump As Caesar � Whoa... !

Has Even The Law Become Broken?

The Monster, Democracy Created,
In The Name Of Freedom!

NOT Finding Answers!

What It Was Really About

...Then What?

"Judge NOT... "

"Can The �Limitations� Of FREE WILL Be Defeated?"

"The State Of The �Dis-Union� (Oh, Worldwide, That Is!)"

SOCIETY: People Against People!

Does Decency Still Have A Chance In America?
(YES... I Keep Writing!)

The New Definition Of �Genius�: Wealth!

Equality Within Inequality,
Inequality Within Equality?

Just Another Problem, In A Sea Of Problems,
Instead Of Their Solutions!

What To Do Away With:
No, Not GUNS;
But: Social Media, Rumor Mongering,
Trolling, Gossiping, Backstabbing, Price Gouging!

Living Off Other People's Information!



Originally Published:

September 11, 2009


July 31, 2018