(Reflections while removing

the security stickers on a DVD box)

It�s funny, that the less trust we show toward each other, the more we build a world that hinges on that very thing. There isn�t much we do today that doesn�t reflect this anomalous situation, brought about by the very same insecurities it causes.

It�s another of those vicious cycles that greed seems to get us into, because it fails to understand that we can never get this world under control, unless we work as if we were one � instead of billions of individuals, all with their own agendas.

A failing economy that grows by alienating itself from the very same society it�s supposed to support; A 'free' society that has transformed this 'freedom' into an aristocracy of money; a, supposedly, two party political system that is really only the illusion for a single bought-off party, which offers a 'free' electorate no choice at all; a growing third world that is eclipsing the developed world that created it; a dysfunctional government, unable to get anything done, because of graft, secrecy and polarization; the multiplication of mass communication networks that are used to bully, libel and spy on individuals; a society trained to live off of other�s information and labor; the loss of all privacy and individual identities; crooked politicians, bought-off by even more crooked lobbyists; corrupt media moguls, hackers, whistle blowers, identity thieves, viruses, trojans and the ubiquitous terrorists: all feeding off of society; cities packed with police, cameras, drones, drugs, gangs and the resulting alienation of urban decay; intelligence agencies spying on everyone, including themselves; the �retooling� of workers, at their own expense, every few years; Colleges that have become extortionist ploys; improvement and growth through needless duplication; the endless multiplication of third party parasites, driving up costs in everything; the monopolization of society�s resources, at society�s expense; unions that have become special interest groups; worldwide human trafficking; healthcare that has traded cures for addictions; endless wars that accomplish nothing; people multiplying so their offspring can starve to death; solving poverty with charity, instead of jobs; Illegal aliens, who believe they have the right to break the law of the same country from which they want sanctuary; a plethora of religious corporations all pushing �memberships� and miracles, and the image of a God fashioned into a cruel bureaucratic ruler, instead of the loving father of all; the perception of love as a type of judgment; ... and on and on it goes. But what do they all have in common; or, better yet, what is their common cause � THE ABSENCE OF TRUST!

�In God we trust� � No! � the trust we need is in, and between, ourselves! God helps those that help, and in this case, trust themselves!

It�s a fact: trust isn�t easy to come by these days. Yet everything we do hinges on it, more and more! As Globalization grows, so does the need for trust; and so does a global population that trusts no one!

It�s just another hypocrisy, in a world that has been swallowed up in them. How can we trust anyone else, when we can�t even trust ourselves? Yes, that's where it all starts, in our own lack of trust in ourselves; and that�s why greed has grown to the proportions it has all over this world, simply because we use greed in the place of trust.

It begins in the basic need to survive; and that other fact: life isn�t easy! Hurt, both the physical and the emotional kind, walls us off in a world, where we live alone, totally at odds with that �other� world that only shows us indifference at best, and downright destruction at worst; but it also walls us off from even that inner world, that is constantly accusing us of betraying ourselves. Then this greedy survival instinct, supposedly, shows us how to play both sides against the middle, at least in our minds. The end result is we use society only with our own benefit in mind � that is what our lack of trust in ourselves has created. So, why can�t we trust ourselves? Maybe, it is because of that guilt we feel in abandoning the innocence we were born into. So the way out is gratification, at any cost.

But what goes around, comes around, and the damage that society undergoes only makes the hurt increase, instead of the other way around. So we are all building this Tower of Babel on a foundation that isn�t there � trust.

Today, the tower is ready to collapse. And when it goes, Armageddon will seem like small potatoes.

But, in a way, it will teach us a great lesson: that we are all connected, and eventually, everyone else�s hurt, will become our own hurt. Will that cure things? That is anyone�s guess!

Well, whhhh...hew! I�ve, finally, gotten all the stickers off that DVD! Maybe, now, I can watch the movie!



Originally Published:

June 22, 2012


January 2, 2014