[I have edited and rewritten some of this essay today, 10/8/2015, because on reading it, I think that I unduly displayed too much hyperbole and name calling, instead of concentrating on the facts, and their possible implications on humanity. So I beg my readers to, please accept my apology for this.]

Today, science has finally gone too far! Once again the Gaurdian1, a foreign newspaper, has published a truly astonishing article, concerning today's military-industrial complex; a supposedly, scientific research project: a research group has created a human brain for military research purposes.

Here we see vividly, how the unbridled capitalistic mindset can create a negligent mindset that can endanger the whole human species, if unchecked. This is the type of thinking that can have severe repercussions for future generations, and even their whole outlook on humanity.

These unwary and negligent scientists2, have created a human mind outside a human body! This is a kind of catastrophe, beyond any human expectation; for, the enormity of the consequences of this action, has possible implications in the breech of every ethic and hint of humaneness the human race knows! It is extraordinary � especially in people, who are suppose to look for ways to help humanity! This is what happens when the scientific mind excludes the philosophical, and merely probes the world as a searcher for facts, without an appreciation for, or the implications of those facts. This is what happens, when the researcher becomes the huckster! Anything for the buck, no limits � anything goes!

What is even worse is that this monstrosity has MADE IN AMERICA, stamped on it, from Ohio State University � now, perhaps, the possible forerunner of an �American Auschwitz�?

Why this outcry?

Consciousness is something fleeting, that no science can ever even try to fully grasp; that is why it has become the domain of the philosopher, not the scientist. Consciousness goes beyond just the Gestalt of the perceptions, to the intricacies of knowing that it, itself, exists as an entity. The researchers cry out exculpation with the exclamation of no sensory input; but, they can never know if consciousness, itself, has not still been achieved3; and, if it has, then the enormity of the suffering, this may induce is unbelievable � like a living blind, deaf, dump person, who cannot even ever know what it is, or where or how or why it is! This kind of suffering may be an intolerable pain of pains, beyond anything even imagined, let alone ever experienced! Can these researchers say this can't be? Can they guarantee that this living monstrosity does not experience some form of consciousness? If it does, God help them, for forming this poor soul, born into what may be for it, an unending torture!

If there is even only a .0000000000000001% chance of this happening, should this even be contemplated, let alone attempted or done? Are we humans, or, the animals, of the NAZI concentration camps, who created such vile experiments amid pain and torture! This is not SCIENCE, this is stupidity and horror on the highest level! Is this, what the American University has come to, in its quest to create profit and glory! Is this what the military-industrial complex does with taxpayers money!4 This is even beyond what Eisenhower warned us of, in his cautions about this amalgamation of wealth and power!

Our government must take steps to immediately censure this kind of research. It must never, ever, let the taxpayers of this country fund this kind of atrocity, as legitimate research! This kind of research must be banned, and labeled for what it exactly is:


Also, see A Further Note, below.


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1 The Gaurdian's report: HERE

2 Hopefully, these researchers are not like the concentration camp researchers that preceded them (yes, these brains are humans too), except in that they do not see the possible consequences of these actions, for what they truly are. The implications are even much worse then the mere mistakes of a science gone wrong, as I mention in the �A Further Note� section, below.

3 These researchers presume to experiment with human consciousness, the most elusive of human traits. They presume consciousness is only a product of sensory input, not the product of life itself, as produced by the individual's brain. This is very risky! Why, because they can never prove they are correct � but the results they produce can produce an agony for this monstrosity, that is human, which can not even be contemplated, yet experienced. In this, they play God � and, they do not have the right to do that!

4 As other examples of the empty science being "researched" today, see my essay: �The Fallacy Of �Big Bang�, (Going Beyond What Is)�

A Further Note: This research opens a whole new can of worms beyond the above issue of ethical action on the part of this, as a research project. The above article mentions a �pending patent on the technique�. When I think of a living human brain, I think of a living human being; does this �pending patent� mean that we have now entered the realm of the buying and selling of human beings? Has free enterprise, gone so �free� that it has created an even new type of slavery, much worse than even the former slavery was? Has that �God� mentioned in, �In God We Trust�, now truly become the God of Money? Much worse is the connection of all of this to the Military; the same Military that we have seen secretly collect data on citizens in a free country, where government was created to do away with all government secrecy!



Originally Published:

August 19, 2015


October 8, 2015