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Issue 10:
The Draft
(And, Should Women Be Included?)

"The only war I ever approved of was
the Trojan War; it was fought over a woman,
and the men knew what they were fighting for."

William Lyon Phelps;
From: The Readers Digest Dictionary of Quotations

[Here I broach the difficult decision of who will fight our wars. During the Vietnam War, when I myself was in the Draft, the Draft was considered as something bad � but is it? If we are a people, who want to defend our way of life � should not we be the ones to do it? But then, again, must all of us do it? Women in war has become a big topic of Political Correctness today; but as Mr. Phelps says above, that difference between men and women should not be extinguished even if it means fighting a war over it! As I say below, THANK GOD (whatever God, or the lack of one that is) for real women, and that femininity that makes them such! Don't extinguish it by trying to make them men!]

As President Eisenhower, a President, who personally experienced all the dreadful aspects of war, said in his farewell speech to the Nation1, the Military-Industrial Complex, which had grown up, was a pending great threat to this Nation. When money is made on weapons and armaments, then there is the imperative need to find enemies on which to use them! We saw this played out in the Vietnam War, and its ever impending �Domino Effect�2 that was heralded to make us enter that war. The result was a needless war that killed many Americans for nothing � the dominoes never fell; and the great Communist threat was defeated by its own peoples.

Today, wars have multiplied to an even greater proportion, because of religion and politics. The Middle East has become the hotbed of wars, because people want to name God differently than others do; and, beliefs have destroyed the reasoning faculty in many.

That said, we must still see that wars are sometimes the only solution to tyrants, who want to force everyone to see things only their way. A peaceful people must still defend that peacefulness to allow it to continue!

But should a people committed to responsible freedom3, hire mercenaries to do their fighting for them? No. We should all be held responsible to defend what we all believe � the very things that make us a society where we can hold whatever opinions we believe. A single society made up of many diverse peoples! To that end, we should do our own fighting; not foist it off on others, we pay to do it for us. So, I think a National Draft is the responsible solution to this conundrum. A people, willing to fight and die, to keep that unity made up from diversity.

But, at the same time, I think that that Draft should not include women! And, here's why:

Political correctness today, tries to downplay the differences between men and women. Because some women want to think, they can be both, it makes the idea of a woman's femininity, or the difference from a man's masculinity, a jibe at womanhood; a type of: �we should do everything a man does!� Fortunately, there is a difference between men and women � THANK GOD! (as the religious are so fond of saying)

Femininity is not a handicap or something to be ashamed of! It is the basis of what women, and mothers are! There are women, who are women to the full extent! They should not be chastised for being so! And, that's what forcing them into battle would do!

Unfortunately, although we must have an army to defend us, this doesn't mean that we should use this to destroy that beauty and wondrousness that femininity gives to all real women. Our societies need another side to them, that doesn't include that �butchness� that makes up the male ego! In fact, it is that very same �butchness� that is causing wars to be the leading solution to all our world's problems today! If we drop this difference between men and women, and make all women do the same things as men do in war, then our society will become so much the poorer and disenfranchised, by the elimination of this �maternal� loving manner, that distinguishes the true woman, as such.

Now, that does not mean that I condone not including women in combat. But I think this should be up to them � that is, that women, who have the instincts and �butchness� to do this, should not be denied from doing it. But, again, to force all women to take up this way of life, I think is a great error.

In ancient times, it was the mothers of the soldiers, who most influenced them. It was them, who taught them to be the protectors of the State; and the fighters to uphold their way of life. What greater job is there for a human being in this world than to be a mother, with all the love and devotion that that entails? Now, we would make these mothers go out to fight and die, in the horror of modern warfare! No! We need these mothers not on the battlefield, but in the homes, teaching the young those things only a mother can teach them. Teaching them, what true love and affection is; not showing them that life is only death and destruction!

Today, violence and confrontation has taken our society by storm � in violent video games and the crimes and racketeering that has engulfed that free society, the God of Money has created! But, there are still our women � again, THANK GOD (as the religious say)! Without those women, both the working and non-working, with their truly feminine ways, we would be a society of barbarians!

War is still very much a part of us today; but that part of us that excludes that violence and destructiveness is that very same femininity that is our women! Without them, we would truly be lost!

So, I conclude:

YES, reinstate the DRAFT, but KEEP WOMEN OFF THE BATTLEFIED, UNLESS THEY TRULY DESIRE TO BE THERE! It is bad enough that we must have our men fighting and dying in wars, must we also destroy that side of us that keeps violence at a minimum? It is diversity that is the keyword of this society; and the difference between men and women is the greatest diversity of all; a diversity that benefits all of us! Women represent that peaceful side of us, that finds solutions without the violence that follows the male. We need them as they are; we should not force them to go against their true natures, and seek out violence! True femininity is a great gift; do not try to degrade it by trying to make our women into copies of men!

Addendum (added 05/14/2016):

Since I wrote this essay, it seems that our government now wants to make a move to include women in the draft (since that seems to be �the politically correct thing to do�; which always comes before �the right thing to do�!). Of course, since this �freely� elected body of our government, has been largely elected on the basis of �money�, instead of the �free choice� of the people, in this �free� democracy; let me suggest that we add something else to our selective service requirements:

�that selection be primarily based on family wealth�

In other words, the richer you are, the higher your requirement to serve in the Nation's Military. In fact, the richest should be put in the very front lines of any conflict, whatsoever! I think this the fairest possible solution, since most wars today, seem to be fought to further these same people's interest, more than that of the Nation's (as the Middle Eastern wars were largely about oil, and accomplished nothing, but total destabilization of the region).

Also, this was the rule in the ancient republics, like the Roman Republic, where the wealthiest families always were at the forefront of the military, truly serving their country, instead of trying to avoid service.

Since this government, of, by and for �the people�, seems to have become of, by and for the wealthy FEW; let's let the FEW, really show their contribution to ALL; especially, since they seem to be the only ones gaining from these wars � let's put them out there in front, furthering their (own) interests!


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1 You can view it here: Farewell Speech (Note: this link will take you off this site onto

2 See the following essay: �SHAZAM!�

3 Responsibility is what distinguishes the freedom of democracy from the freedom of anarchy! To create a cohesive society, where all opinions count, and all views, except tyrannical and disrespectful ones, are credited, we must build a responsibility of all toward each other.



Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

Originally Published:

February 8, 2016


May 14, 2016