(A New Year's Message To Our People!)

I propose a new name for The United States of America: The Bought States of America! In light of our government that is really a government of, by and for money � not the people, especially today, with a President appointed by special interests, instead of the people � we should let the world truly know what democracy has really produced: the very same government and aristocracy that Monarchy produced, only, replacing one elite with another: the Monarchists with the wealthy!

Oh, yes... and the people � remember that Civil War, they fought; you know, the one that was suppose to do away with the slavery of the blacks � well, now, slavery has expanded to all, not just black people; hell, just ask all those homeless white and black slaves all over this land of ours! Yes, we really changed things, didn't we; equality really prevails today... that is, if YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! And, remember, that while I say all of this, our government is partially shut down � why? � because of money, naturally! It seems, we don't have enough, to pay ourselves, to do what we need to do, for ourselves!!! That's right, maybe they should just make the whole country into a mental hospital, and admit all of us; that seems to make more sense, than what I just said!

Again, the gist of this is: we can't solve all our own problems, with our own work (through government), because we can't afford to pay ourselves (government) enough to do it!

Hmmm... ?!

Well, anyway,

(Posted: 1/1/2019)


Originally Published:

January 1, 2019


January 1, 2019