War! War! War!
Our Economy�s Solution For Everything!

This Memorial day, May 26, 2014, has just past. In the morning, I watched the parade my town gave to honor our brave soldiers in all the wars we have fought; men who often gave their lives for ideals, and the betterment of WE THE PEOPLE. But had these wars really accomplished anything? And, even more importantly, had the wars stopped future wars from starting? I watched the news when I came home, and saw the many problems the world still continues to experience. And, the bluster the politicians still make, and threaten with the anticipation of war.

I remembered the classmates I lost in Vietnam � brave men, who died essentially for nothing � men who died, because they loved their country; a country, whose leaders did not return that love. And, I remembered a foreign policy that was a sham, used by both political parties to merely kill brave citizens who wanted to defend their country. Those infamous "dominos"never fell 1 ; and that "Communist threat" fell to the same failure it brought its citizens, as our present global economy is bringing to all the people around the world.

But, today it has gotten even worse; because what fuels today�s wars is not just ideology, but greed, and an economy that wobbles on the brink of collapse, and uses war as a panacea for all its failings.

The majority of all the problems of all the nations of the world today spring from a single source: the economy; an economy that has left no room for governments, and the services they were supposed to provide their citizens TO LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND!

Governments today have become too expensive 2 , because they look for their major revenues from the very same people they were created to help. So instead of becoming the saviors of the people, they have instead become their victimizers. For unlike the market process that creates wealth from the considerations of supply and demand, the only avenue for governments to create wealth is through taxation and wars. So the great conundrum of governments today is: how do you help people who are impoverished, and at the same time ask them to pay for the services you are rendering?

So the new way out has become �austerity�, the very thing governments were created to avoid; austerity, when the very definition of a Democratic government was meant to be the alleviation of austerity!

But, just maybe, austerity is not the answer to fiscal sustainability. Perhaps, what is really needed is a new way of looking at government itself, and its relation to the free economy that was implemented to keep society free of austerity. But, yes, our government and its politicians are looking at answers; but those answers lie in the same old answer that they have always found around austerity: war! So, are the current problems in the world of International Politics real, or maybe just the same old solutions for failing economies that nations and their politicians have always found (read war here)!

The real answer to �fiscal sustainability� is a simple one: do away with fiscal sustainability once and for all, by doing away with budgets!

My essay �The Final Solution� does just that in detail. So here, I will examine the two factors that actually created the idea of budgets and fiscal sustainability.

First, we must examine how governments themselves evolved.

Today, we think of governments as regulators for societies; as ways to allow society to make decisions for itself, through a process that benefits the ALL of society, without penalizing any specific group. But was that how governments began? Definitely not!

Governments began as the heavy-handed rule of warlords and monarchs, with little consideration of the people they ruled over. Taxes were not a way to make society better for its people, but a way for these same �rulers� to pay off their armies at the people�s expense. It was only with the emergence of democracies and republics that government took on the semblance of a benefit to its people. And taxes began to be a possible benefit, instead of the hardship they were.

But the transition from the rule of the few to the rule of the many did not actually change the way that rule was carried out, in so far as the way the everyday workings of government were accomplished: taxes still paid the expenses for the armies and everything else government did. And, when government could not meet these obligations, it borrowed from the wealthy to pay off the budget, and added the interest the wealthy charged to the taxes the people paid. Thus, as the hardship of taxes was turned into a supposed benefit, the people still paid the bills for everything; only the descriptive names were changed � a hardship into a benefit � but the budget was still there looming, and you know who still footed the bill!

Now let me show you why all of this is sheer nonsense; and only another ploy for those well off to continue to make society their slaves.

Let�s look at a small segment of society, say, a single individual.

This individual worked hard today; he mowed his lawn, and pruned some trees, and weeded his garden. Now, did he ask himself for payment for all the work he did for himself? Immediately, you laugh� and say how silly; why, in God�s name, should he ask himself for payment for the work he himself did for himself?

Well, wait a minute; isn�t that the very same thing government is doing when it charges you taxes to pay for the things it does? Government is an expression of you and all the people of the state, so why does it have to charge you for the work it does for its own state? It is no different than you asking yourself for payment, every time you do something for yourself!

The problem is that we have been brainwashed into thinking that government cannot create wealth. Yet every single day, businesses create wealth by merely raising the price of something they are selling!

Even further, think back to those early oligarchic governments that created money for themselves by making gold and silver the money of their day; did they not just create wealth? How come they were able to do it, but our present governments aren�t?

Why is there a national budget at all? Why can�t government just print all the money it needs to serve its people? Yes, it is that simple! Just like the people in your neighborhood decided to raise the price of their homes, because there was a demand for homes in your neighborhood, government can just print all the money society needs to keep its people from being left without work, or living below the poverty level, or keep all its citizens with medical services, and the many other things society needs to keep going!

You see, government can print all the money it needs to create labor in its society, because it reinvests that money back into society through the labor it creates with it. Just as an entrepreneur invests venture capital into a business to reap the profits that business will make over and above the original capital investment. But this societal investment will reap even more than profits � it will end the scourge of poverty, and make every government in the world support its people, and provide them with a minimum dignified standard of living.

But old ways die hard; and austerity and wars are again arising out of the ashes of the oligarchs, who created them, just as the phoenix rose from its own ashes. So, foreign relations continue to be strained on purpose, so that future wars may again become the answer for overpriced governments, and the fiscal sustainabilities of national budgets that do not need to exist!


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1 The �dominoes� were the countries of Indochina that were supposed to fall to the Communist threat that was supposedly sweeping through that region at that time. This was the excuse that sent America there, to keep these �dominoes� from falling. But we fought there; and finally left, with our tail between our legs, having merely cost our country the lives of thousands of our bravest citizens for nothing. The countries never fell to Communism; and Communism, itself, fell to the problems it created, just as the Berlin Wall fell some years later. Another tragic war that accomplished nothing, but feed the ego of Politicians of both parties that wanted to be called �leaders�, instead of public servants!

2 See my essay, ��Costs�, The New Term For Excuse!�



Originally Published:

June 3, 2014


July 4, 2014