Corporate Fascism!



Our Societies Are Self-Destructing!

(On Veterans Day, 2018)

[Do countries even, really, exist any more? Or has an international corporatist �mob� now �kidnapped� the world?

Thousands of migrants in caravans, attempting to enter the USA for asylum! Asylum from what � their own governments? And, as usual, it will be the US taxpayers (the ones on the bottom), who will foot the bill, once again, while millions of our own citizens � even veterans � are sleeping in cars, subway stations, or in the streets, with no knowledge of where their next meal will come from!

My own parent (my mother) was a migrant from Italy, but a legal one, who didn't break this country's laws, before she even entered it � and, at that time (the 1920's), this country was seeking migrants to fill jobs, here, in this country. Today, times have changed; and, because of high unemployment, we don't need any more job seekers, but more jobs to employ our own citizens!

So, here is the conundrum, we will approach below: why can't people solve all their own problems? Why can't governments do what they were suppose to do: create sustainable societies, where everyone is cared for, by their society?]

Another mass-shooting, this time in California1. These types of mass-casualty occurrences are now happening more and more, all over the world. They are happening, using practically anything (not just guns), as the way to kill people � and, they are perpetrated by sick, lonely people, who want to get even with a world that made them suffer. So, who is to blame? Society! Let me explain.

People have to have reasons to live. To be brought into this world, into a family that does not want you, is becoming more and more, a prime reason that people feel like they have nothing to lose; so, they decide to get even, one last time, by killing as many others, as possible, before they kill themselves. This is happening, because of institutions of pure authoritarian hate (often disguised as love), like modern day religions, who make rules that make it a sin, or worse, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Women's bodies are no longer their own, but now the province of authoritarian �interpreters of God�, who want to force their �Godly� prejudices on to all women. Also, governments, even in supposedly �religiously free� societies, like the USA, want to impose rules telling women, how to manage their bodies, by making it harder and harder to get abortions. It seems that �freedom�, in these countries, is now becoming an interpreted freedom that religions or profit (the cheap wages, of these unwanted children) rule over, instead of the people.

The result is more and more children, born into a world that is, for them, a kind of oppression, where they only see others, as the enemy.

When Democratic governments became no different from the Monarchies that they came from, with the only difference being the rulers, who controlled them � the wealthy FEW, instead of a �Royal� Monarchy � the peoples of these �free� countries didn't perceive the con, they were made to suffer. The results were �free� societies, with so many poor and disenfranchised citizens that the �freedoms� that they touted, were almost impossible to realize. But, instead, new freedoms took hold: the freedom to starve; the freedom to be homeless; the freedom to pay for what you own for the rest of your life; the freedom to have practically no possessions, whatever! These are not the freedoms, the Revolutions that these countries' peoples fought, were suppose to realize! No!

But today, it has gotten even worse, where the free capitalist economy that was suppose to allow all to prosper, has been entirely made into an international corporatist empire of the rich and powerful people, who have taken all our freedom from us. The recent appointment of the President of the USA, by a party controlled (read as: "money controlled") Electoral College, over the wills of the majority of the voters, once again, highlights the lack of freedom, this country shows. Add to this, that money, and money alone, controls, who does become a candidate for office, and we see where Democracy has taken us: right back to authoritarian dictatorship, posing as freedom! A FEW living on the backs of ALL!

Not only that, but that Capitalism that was suppose to highlight �true� ownership, has now transformed into a �subscription economy�, where the majority of the people never truly own anything, but continually pay for even the things, they supposedly �own�, for the rest of their lives! Does any of this sound like Democracy?

The final nail, in this coffin of �freedom�, is government, itself � a government, of, by and for its people, that the people must continually pay for, with taxes, on what they own! In other words, we must continually pay, for what we, ourselves, do for ourselves! Yet, this "tyranny" is treated as if it is not a tyranny, but FREEDOM!

But, what about our masters, the people who own us, and even those free governments that are suppose to be ALL of us? These people have, what they call the �Street Of Dreams�; the place, where they can print as much money, as they want for themselves, on the stock markets, around the world! Yes, here is where the real freedom lies: at the center of the corporatist empire, these people have now created, internationally! Just like ancient Carthage did, these FEW now own the world � a world that is, for them, truly, without boundaries � and truly free! And, WE pay for it!

So: revolutions; ideologies; freedom; Democracy; liberation; ownership; and, on and on it goes... yet, in reality, nothing has really changed... poverty, misery still exist; while we all still kill each other, so a few masters can live off of us, and they can print as much money, as they want for themselves, while all we do is work, fight and pay! We have become the new Carthage!

But what happened to ancient Carthage?

ROME happened... at that time, a truly free country! But then, even Rome fell, to the very same freedoms, we fell to! Can we ever stop the world from falling into the same greedy trap, it continually falls into?

Today, on Veteran's Day, I remember my father and his four brothers, who went out to fight for freedom in World War II. I also remember my fellow Veterans, the common, ordinary people, who work and slave, just to make ends meet, so their families can survive. And, I remember those FEW, who have it all, like our current President, who think that the world was made for them, and them alone. It is time, we changed things, and understood the damage that this type of freedom is doing to us. This country was founded for ALL, not just the FEW! And, to those migrants, who are running away from their problems, in their own countries � GO BACK, AND FIX YOUR PROBLEMS! It is time that all the peoples of the world, created countries for ALL their citizens � not just a FEW! And, it is time that governments did their job for all their citizens, because governments, of, by and for their peoples, DON'T HAVE TO BE PAID FOR BY THOSE SAME PEOPLES! END TAXES AND GOVERNMENT DEBTS; THOSE ARE THE ARTIFACTS OF THE MONARCHIES, WE, LONG AGO, DISPOSED OF!

So the answer to that conundrum, I sought to answer at the beginning of this essay, is: TAKE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE ECONOMY � FOR GOVERNMENT IS US WORKING FOR OURSELVES; AND, ONCE AGAIN, WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT WE DO FOR OURSELVES! And, thus, make all governments solve all their peoples' problems, so their will be no more migrants or immigration, and all countries will work together for their peoples!


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1 �'There�s no way to make sense out of the senseless': gunman kills 12 in Thousand Oaks bar� James Queally, Richard Winton, Alene Tchekmedyian, Sean Greene, Sarah Parvini, Brittny Mejia, Andrea Castillo , Hannah Fry, Laura J. Nelson - Los Angeles Times - Thursday, November 8, 2018

This particular shooting was by an ex-soldier, who was suffering from PTSD. But, here again, why was he not hospitalized? This is because of costs. Many of today's homeless are people suffering from mental disorders, and they are not hospitalized, because of the cost of hospitalizing so many, often permanently! Just as Democracy has become its opposite, Capitalism has become a way to prey on society, instead of the way of supporting it, through a paid-for government!




Originally Published:

November 11, 2018


November 23, 2018