The OLD America!

From Democracy...
...To Communism?

The NEW America!

[This essay is about how a Democratic Republic, created to free people from any kind of tyranny or dictatorship, is slowly becoming the opposite � and, has even gone so far as to be negating the very foundations of both Democracy and Capitalism! As I said in my essay, �When 'Money' Became Democracy's GOD�, "anything for the buck" has made the very things we wanted from Democracy and Capitalism disappear! See more below...]

I grew up during the �cold war� era; a time of fallout shelters and fear of atomic annihilation by Communist fanatics. �Commie fanatics� had taken away all privacy and independence, in their countries, and made "the State under the Party�, the absolute ruler of all. In the USA, we railed against the Communist evil, and began wars to stop the so-called �domino effect� which threatened the rest of the world � thus the Vietnam war began. But the dominoes never fell, and we retreated with our tails between our legs.

But, as all tyrannies eventually do, Communism eventually destroyed itself; as the peoples of those states got fed up, and overthrew the �Party�.

But the name �Communism� (at least, in the West) is still used today, to describe a dictatorship, which uses the �State� as the pretense to take away all individual freedoms.

But what is very strange is that the Capitalist state that created this fear and loathing against this �evil� Party led tyranny, is itself beginning to look like an exact duplicate of Communism!

Then there is also the distinction between Capitalism and Democracy: Capitalism is an economy, not a government; yet people today automatically tend to lump it together with Democracy, a form of government. This is because government can do nothing without using the economy to maintain itself. Money is needed by government to do what it needs to do, and taxes are the way, government pays for itself. So, money is the leverage the economy uses to rule over government, instead of the other way around.

What is even stranger, is that the last remaining vestige of true Communism, China, is today, itself, really, a Capitalist state � it's "free market" economy rivaling the USA in scope and potential. Again, money is at the bottom of it, because the �Party� can do nothing without it; so even the party is ruled by money � in true Capitalist fashion! But, let's get back to our country, and its Capitalist economy.

Capitalism was all about �private property�1. Something that we owned absolutely, without anybody else's interference. But as I mentioned before, �private� property is no longer private! Free enterprise's monopolies and government's taxes have made property something, you rent for life, instead of something you own for life. The "subscription society" has done this, along with the new technologies, that are all rented, instead of owned! It's almost laughable to hear people talk about ownership, when everything is taxed today, either while you own it, or when you try to sell it � and, utilities and credit subscriptions get a monthly rental on everything else! So what happened to that �private� property, or even that �personal property�? Is it any different than the property the Communists shared?

Today, the only real outcome of democratic freedom and the �free� enterprise, it fostered, is the creation of monopolies, and monarchies built on wealth! Otherwise, it is creating a true Communist society, where privacy has disappeared, and personal property is �rented� for life.

What has happened is that extortion has become a legal process now. The resources of the country, like natural gas and oil, etc., that should be considered communal property, for the benefit of society, have been taken over by monopolies, and sold back to the society at exorbitant prices. While the �new technologies� have destroyed all privacy, and made �trust� something, which society has lost in itself. Also, this trend has made even personal property, something which is rented through a monthly subscription, instead of owned outright. Thus, the socialism of Communism has been morphed into a tyranny of wealth, that mimics the tyrannical Communist State Party. Private property has fostered communal personal property, which shouldn't be communal; and communal property has become the private property of the FEW to tyrannize the ALL!

Lastly, personal identity (the most personal of all personal property) is itself now even bought and sold to the highest bidders, because of the destruction of all privacy through the once �personal� computer2. With the advent of the cloud, and the new operating systems, which have become media centers, similar to TV, advertisers have driven the individual out of his or her own computer, and communication devices, like cell phones. Freedom has become extortion!

The new �Party� has become the wealthy FEW, which the 2016 Presidential elections are making plain, where people from �presidential families�; or popular religious bigots; or people, who became billionaires through bankruptcy, are the leading candidates! Suddenly, a State that was suppose to represent ALL, has again, very blatantly, become a State that represents only a FEW! And, that FEW, are the aristocracy of MONEY, no different than the hereditary aristocracy, we fought a war, to free ourselves from, in 1776! Where is that �choice� the freedom of Democracy was suppose to make available to the ALL? It has disappeared in the freedom of extortion, the economy has created, for those with money to pray on those without!

Democracy's �from many, one� (�e pluribus unum�) has become again �one, ruling over many�, just like it was before the Revolutionary War was fought. And, the bad aspects of Communism have overtaken the MANY, so the FEW can again prosper at our expense!


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1 There is a distinction made here between �personal property� and �private property�; personal property is what you own personally, possessions, while private property is property owned that can produce income from the labor invested in it, for instance, land that can be farmed, or a factory that produces something produced and sold through human labor. Governments today tax private property. But, even personal property is taxed, when sold at a profit, or bequeathed in a will, as an estate. See the Wikipedia article: �Private Property�. (Note: This link will take you off this site; to return, click the BACK button on your browser.)

2 See my essay: �When Personal no longer means Personal� And Freedom means Big Brother is Watching YOU!�




Originally Published:

May 1, 2016


May 12, 2016