Terrorism: The Onslaught of the Robots

(The wrong way to approach Death)

�It is terrible to watch a man who has
the incomprehensible in his grasp, does
not know what to do with it, and sits
playing with a toy called God.�

Tolstoy 1828-1910

�At first I shouted, �God!� I cried,
�My valuable dream has died!�
He did not even look aside.
So I went nearer. �God� I said,
�I suppose you know my dream is dead.��

Roberta T. Swartz 1903

�The great act of faith is when
man decides that he is not God"

O. W. Holmes Jr. To William James 1907 1

The strategy of terrorists is simple � destroy your enemy�s trust through fear.

On the other side, however, how do you defeat an enemy that has nothing more to lose? How do you kill the walking dead? Do you blow them up, shoot them, take from them their lives, families, friends, of course not, for they have already lost these things. You cannot make war on the dead, or even threaten them with loss, for the very reason they have nothing left to lose. Can you offer them things to beguile them � of course not, for they are already dead � their world is not this world. Can you fight them with armies that value life and material things? Can you fight them with soldiers who fight for pay?

When you are a human being and have lost everything, you have only one thing left that matters: the event of your death. If that event can also be the proclamation of God�s vengeance, and the satisfaction of all your hate, you look forward to it as a reward not a punishment; as a beginning not an end. You have become the perfect fighting machine or robot; an automaton that knows no fear or loathing; a human without feeling or love for other humans, since you reside no longer in this world. How do you fight such beings?

In fighting them you are actually giving them what they want more than anything else � death. In fighting them you actually are vindicating their beliefs, for they are confirmed in them by your very actions.

In fact, every time you kill one of these robots, you make the others more certain of their cause, and bring forth a line of new robots to take their place. What�s more, in killing innocents along with them, you perpetuate the loss and hatred that brought them to their cause; and in fact, make the other bewildered inhabitants of their torn countries more certain that these robots represent the truth, and that we represent falsehood. Again, we cannot fight a disease of the soul with armies, or wars. We only vindicate them in allowing them to die for their belief.

But there is a chink in their armor which they cannot breech; a fatal flaw exists that their belief in death proclaims loud and clear. They proclaim negation and vindictiveness, and have renounced the only real virtue that both God and man proclaim as the one real characteristic of human existence: love. For in proclaiming hate as the way of God, they blaspheme Him; in proclaiming death as life, they forget that one must live before surrendering to death. Death can only be a beginning by allowing a loving life to precede it. God, by what ever name you call him, works through life, and death only proclaims the beginning of another life to work God�s way through it. By living through death, they renounce God and condemn themselves to the futility of having lived without having lived. They are not martyrs, but murderers; they are not soldiers, but cowards that have given their lives to the negation of all that any God represents. Their duty is to bring others to their God and show them the error of their ways; you cannot teach the dead; you cannot convert a corpse. The truth of any God is being able to live a life that confirms Him through love and mercy, not through hate and retribution. The way of Allah is the way of Christ, and the way of all men and women of good will; their way is the acceptance of life with the resignation to make of it all that it can be; to kill the infidel is to surrender to him and his ideas, and accept that Allah is not strong enough to bring him around to His ways. The martyrdom of terrorists is not a triumph, but a defeat; and it is a renunciation and blasphemy of Allah, and the power and mercy of Him who is all merciful and all wise. The wisdom of Allah is His weapon against the infidel, and He fights Him through converting him to His way. The strength of Allah is His example shown to all, in His followers that mirror it, and unite the world in Him. You cannot unite the world through death. You cannot praise Allah by killing His creations, and showing the world that God can only show His mercy by using His faithful to destroy both themselves and their prey.

So on our side how do we fight these robots � by not fighting them! We can only fight ideas with better ideas. The robots grow through fear and loss � through war. We can best fight them by destroying the very things that make them grow � alienation, fear, loss and the stupidity of war; by showing them that their glory is actually blasphemy, and their martyrdom is the renunciation of the faith they hold so dear. They are themselves the �infidels� to their God; they are the turncoats that show their God as so powerless and meaningless that only in death is He vindicated. Show them that life is what God is all about; show them that we return hate with love, and thus herald the hypocrisy they preach as deception, stupidity and the vanity of cowards.

And finally show them that their strategy has failed to shake the love and trust we show toward each other. If we continue our �War on Terror� we will merely march to our own defeat, as all the trust between us disappears, and we bankrupt our society of the values which once promised us so much. So far, we have only used stupidity to defeat the idea of Terror; and as a result Terror has grown. Terror can only be fought with the single weapon it cannot fight� love. Love is the most powerful weapon against Terror because it shows the Terrorists for what they are: the Godless blasphemers of life; robots without souls; the lifeless living, that have lost all their dreams. Rekindle those dreams with love, and resurrect the dead from the slumber of stupidity, and let them find the true Allah, who lives in all human hearts, so that they will approach Him at their end with dignity and love, as even the meanest creatures of Nature approach Him.


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1 Quotes from: "The Practical Cogitator" by Charles P. Curtis, Jr. and Ferris Greenslet; Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1945. These three quotes perfectly characterize the Islamic Fundamentalist�s mindset: a person who plays with religious concepts as if they were his personal toys, as Tolstoy mentions in the first quote. A personal religious belief that forces God to its image as in the second quote by Ms. Swartz. And finally, the quote by Mr. Justice Holmes that shows us that many take on the role of God Himself, in their personal beliefs, just as these Terrorists do in their wanton slaughter of innocents; in other words a religious belief that sees itself under no higher authority than that of the believer.



Originally Published:

January 10, 2010


July 4, 2014