It's Time For All Countries To Start Taking Care Of
ALL Their People!


[Think about what a family is; think about how responsibility and sustenance are essential to this structure; think about how every member must be able to live independently, but can never forget its obligations and responsibilities to that particular family. Think about the parents; and their responsibility to sustain their family. Now magnify that family into a Nation. Society has become the family; and Government and the economy the parents. Do parents let their children starve? Do parents tell their children to leave, and look for sustenance in another family? Yet, poverty is a global disease today, even here in America! And even our Government � of, by and for its people � is turning away from its job of helping its own people! Austerity and immigration are becoming the only solutions for the sustenance of peoples, all over this earth! This is the truth today � a truth all acknowledge, yet few will face head on!

�What is truth?� A Roman procurator1, once asked this question, when he judged a man, who tried to teach his people how to think about God. And, the answer is just as nebulous as it was then!

Truth is a word that holds out many meanings today; even though the essence of the meaning of this word is something without ambiguity or presumption � something outside of belief! Yet, this word is actually made to define beliefs today! It is used in all aspects of government, politics and religion, as an ironclad way of proving their relevancy and potency. Yes; truth has become synonymous with belief � and, the result is �factions� instead of methods. Let me explain.

The institutions of society, I have spoken of in this website (government, including politics; religion; and economics), are methods of handing the course and problems of society. But, because the word truth is used in conjunction with these methods, along with the idea that these methods are based on beliefs, the efficacy of these methods go unquestioned, even if they fail, time and again, in handling the problems they were made to handle. Even worse, the very idea of going outside of these methods is seen as a type of impossibility!

The real �truth� is that the workings of society and its institutions need �thought� not �belief�; because that is how problems are solved in this mortal world. As rationality has shown, it is �what works�, not �what is believed� that will solve the problems in this world.

And, even further, as I have said many times, the disunity that these same beliefs have caused, can also be cured by using rationality instead of hope in nebulous �truths�. Truth is �what works�, not �what fails� � and society is ALL, not SOME! The institutions of society must benefit ALL � and, that is exactly what society never seems to learn, because the �truth� of beliefs that favor only SOME, keep getting in the way!

That said, I will broach, in this essay, the biggest problem societies now face: TAKING CARE OF ALL THEIR PEOPLE... ]

The present universal policy of Governments, that services to their peoples must be paid for, by these very same peoples (through taxes; or the creation of debt, where taxes are inadequate), is an outright lie that the tyrannies and monarchies of the past spread, to allow their wealth to grow on the backs of these same people2. It allowed these tyrants to rule through the people's wealth instead of their own. That this tragedy3 has continued even into the age of the Democratic Republic � the �People's� Government: of, by and for themselves � is a prestidigitation of, by and for the wealthy FEW, who have used it not only to put this same money back into their pockets4, but even to use this money to rule over the majority that they now own through the bought candidates of the political parties5 � and today, even the religions6!

It's very simple: you don't have to pay for the work you do for yourself! And, in a Democratic Republic, that Government is the people, themselves, doing work for themselves!

Think about it, when you clean out your cellar, yourself, do you have to pay yourself for that work? Of course not � in fact, you would be deemed crazy if you did � but, your other self (called government) must be paid by you, when it does something for you! Now that is CRAZY! But, because it has been done for so long, it has become the rule!

So, why can't Government just print the money, it needs, to pay its own people, for their work and products used to better themselves? The markets do this all the time! We hear all the time about postage stamps and even baseball cards worth millions of dollars, just because they are rare and hard to get; so the markets increase their prices on commodities, because there are people, who will pay those prices for them. This is printing money � creating money (through an increase in value), where it did not exist before! But governments, instead, charge their own people, for its services, in this ritual called taxes; and, even further borrow from the rich (creating Government debt) to get enough money to pay for what the taxes could not pay for; in other words, the people must pay themselves, for what they (through their government) do for themselves!

This ruse is similar to the ruse that the wealthy used to obtain cheap labor through creating cheap �worlds�, where wages would be cheap � what we call the �Third World�. They did this by creating many moneys; and then buying and selling these monies in a monetary marketplace � making certain monies worth more or less than other monies. This swindle is an economic form of Russell's paradox, where the class of all commodities (money) is itself used as a member of that same class, through being bought and sold (so, it, itself, becomes a commodity!)7 The paradox is that human labor is of different value according to where on the earth it is produced. This is very beneficial in producing a world (the Third World8) where labor is cheap, and the cost of making products is also cheap; and a world (the Developed World), where these products are sold (a world of higher labor costs), to create added profit for products created in one world and sold in another; so profits increase, by taking advantage of the lower wages of the Third World, in creating a product sold at a high price in the Developed World.

Of course, we are seeing the results of this method in the great disparity of wealth it has created; and the virtual dying out of that very thing Democracies were suppose to further: The Middle Class. So the monarchies (and their MASTERS) are still alive and well today, and based on an even further demeaning attribute: wealth, acquired by allowing the majority to further a small minority, who hold the upper hand because of it! So, the rich get richer, and the poor, ever poorer. While those �helping� taxes are sent right back into the pockets of the people who get ever richer from them, through letting Government pay them (in debt interest), for the products and services the people produce for themselves!

As Hitler said: �The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.� And, taxes and Government debts are the biggest lies this world has ever created! They are the reasons, Governments can't take care of ALL their peoples today!

So, what are we going to do about it?9

The most important thing is to realize that methods that don't work, even if they are at the heart of some ideology or set of dogmatic beliefs, are methods that can be changed. Especially, if these methods are founded in nebulous truths that rest on beliefs instead of thought. Also, groups should not be considered when society is in question, because society involves ALL, not just SOME!

Truth is �what works�! And, paying for your own work is not only NOT a truth, but a swindle created to dupe the majority into making a minority wealthy. Government was created to keep the opportunities of free enterprise alive for ALL; but it can't even begin to do this, because it expects its people to pay for it, even when it, itself, is the people doing work for themselves! It's time this nonsense stopped � and, the ALL of society again gained the relevance it was suppose to have, by creating countries that can and do take care of all their people; by making up for free enterprise's shortfalls!

Every country is a society of people, that do things for themselves through the institution of Government. It is time they realized that paying for their own work (in debt and taxes) that they do for themselves, is not part of free enterprise, or any system at all; it is an ancient swindle that should have disappeared long ago. It is time to have every government take care of its own people � ALL OF THEM � through letting the people not have to pay for what they do for themselves! Governments cannot create debts, if the work and products come from their own peoples. Poverty can become extinct on this planet, if we allow Governments to perform their allotted jobs, without the handicaps of taxes, debt and austerity. Government is there to correct the shortfalls of a free economy that can never provide complete labor and prosperity for every citizen. It's time, Government was allowed to do its job � especially in a Democracy, where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed to ALL!

But this is not a solution that can be implemented by any single Nation � it must be a global collaboration; and there are prerequisites that must first be fulfilled:

1. The abolishment of the monetary markets; and the creation of a single money worldwide. This will create a single value for human labor, throughout the world, keeping jobs in their respective societies.
2. The creation of Government subsidization for all those that cannot work; but only for those, who cannot work; otherwise, the creation of useful work for those, who the economy left behind.

This will allow all the Nations of the world to support ALL their peoples.

But, note that this is just a preliminary sketch; for the vistas it opens are vast, and the ways to bring this plan to fruition must always ensure full employment for the world's populations, not idleness!

Today, the world has become a global family; every Nation affects every other Nation. We can end the wars; and the global insanity that has been caused by them, through once again, allowing peoples to take care of their own, in the proper way. This is not impossible; poverty and misery are not inevitable; but failures that every Nation must correct to create Nations that function as Nations should. Governments should be as big as their societies need them to be, to offset an economy that can never provide for ALL alone. Let Governments be, what they were suppose to be: the answer to any shortfall the economy creates! Make the economy work, by taking care of ALL ITS PEOPLE � yet, still be FREE! Let FREEDOM really ring, in showing the world that every Nation is responsible for ALL their people, and allow them ALL to live prosperously!

Once again, I have challenged the press to prove me wrong on my assumptions about taxes and government debt, but they have kept their silence, seemingly afraid to raise such a question to their captive audiences � perhaps, they fear a revolt!

Once again, I make this challenge to the �powers that be� in this world of so-called �freedom�:

The so-called FREE Press,

As Caesar did so long ago, let�s Cross the Rubicon, Together �

The Challenge:
Caius-Ebook.Com, the reader�s web site, that asks the questions about Religion, Government and the Economy, most are afraid to ask, yet all know, need to be answered, poses the following Challenge to the Economists and Business Schools of the world, concerning its essays:

� �

The FINAL Solution!
This Essay

Governments are going bankrupt, supporting their societies; disparity between rich and poor is growing to unprecedented heights; the dreams of the Middle Classes are disappearing; and all of this is happening because businesses and the stock markets can print as much money as they want, through price fixing, while governments can�t print any money, without taxing their peoples to death! The delusions and outright extortions of modern Capitalism have destroyed the whole concept of democratic government; while the huckster and parasite have become our rulers. These essays present a solution to this state of affairs, while preserving the basic fundamental concepts of both Capitalism and Democracy.

In offering this essay, Caius-Ebook.Com asks the so-called FREE PRESS to present the following challenge to the economists, and business schools of the world:

"Read these essays, and tell me, in no uncertain terms, why (if you believe it is unfeasible) it is unfeasible. Or, if you believe it can work, how the implementation can be improved; then, publish on your sites, and on my site, your replies. We heartily believe that we must make some progress in freeing ourselves from an archaic economic system that is creating a disparity that is destroying societies, and making governments impotent; the only way to do this is to look at things in a new way; creating a new paradigm that will help us in facing the many problems the world must face in the coming years. Business as usual, just will not do! As they said in the old Star Trek movies: �We must boldly go where no man or woman has gone before�, and it is Governments' and economics� job to either do this, or continue to fail the free societies, they were created to preserve. I look to the Press to help me get this message out to the world!"

Must other Nations take care of peoples from other countries?
Must Nations be deluged by peoples running away from their own kinds?
Must Nations constantly fight each other, and be bankrupted by debt?
Must citizens be taxed to death to accomplish what they need to do for themselves?


Will the Press again show its impotency and incompetency, in NOT discussing what is most important to the world: the end of poverty, and the empowerment of all governments to take care of all their peoples? Let�s go where we were afraid to go, in the past; and show the world the true POWER of the PRESS to change the world for the better!

� J. A. Macaluso


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1 The procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate, was the man, who judged the Rabbi, Jesus Christ; he was the one, who asked this poignant question.

2 See my essay: �The Final Solution�.

3 Taxes are touted today, as a people's �benefit�!

4 They put this money back into their pockets by charging interest on the money, government borrows from them, to pay the debt, the government creates to do services for its people. The debt is a result, because it seems that taxes are never enough to pay completely for these government services; especially, when there is interest on this debt that also must be paid! These are the ideas that have given rise to the idea that governments are �too big� or �too small�; that the parties continually use to show the people how they will make things better by cutting taxes or borrowing; or increasing taxes on some, to increase Government services. No one ever seems to grasp the idea that Government should be as big, or as small, as it needs to be, in order to serve ALL the people of its country!

5 These parties are, in the main, bought by the jobs, the monopolies hold out to bribe them with. Governments are held prisoners, because politics upholds the furthering of the monopolies and their MASTERS, over the majority of the people. Jobs have to be created so that the people can work; so the monopolies have the upper hand in getting what they want from Governments. Unfortunately, power is bought even in Democracies today, as the current 2016 primary elections show. The candidates are picked not by the people, but by the money of the rich and their �free press�; and now, even �political families� (like the Clintons, Bushes and Kennedys, etc.) have formed, making candidates �hereditary�; sounds like the "monarchies"; the very thing, democracies were formed to do away with!

6 Religions are also getting involved in politics today. As in the times of the Empires and Monarchies, religions are again using the �club� attribute of religion to try to tell people what God wants them to do in their societies. The �interpreters of God� are now even telling the people how to vote! Candidates like Ted Cruz use religion to push their own personal agendas, with ideas like: �God is on my side!�

7 See Russell's paradox in Wikipedia. Note: this link will take you off this site to the Wikipedia site. To return to this site, click the "Back" button on your browser.

8 It is also interesting to note that this �Third World� was originally created through religion, and the Divine Right Of Kings Doctrine, they furthered. Yet, today, this same religion is the chief proponent of the institution of charity; and also, a proponent of immigration (the illegal kind), instead of trying to coerce these people's Governments to care for their own peoples.

9 I have suggested a solution in my essay �The Final Solution�.



Originally Published:

March 21, 2016


March 21, 2016