�God is Love!"

�The trouble with the world is
that the stupid are cocksure and
the intelligent full of doubt."

Bertrand Russell

�There are two kinds of stupidity:
one born of innocence;
the other born of prejudice.
The former can be taught;
the other can only endure."

[As mentioned above, the most frequent causes of stupidity are prejudice and innocence! The first rises from beliefs that divide; the other from insufficient outlook.

The human was made to question; investigate � not take anything for granted! When the human doesn't, he or she falters on the brink of the stupid � for stupidity accepts without question. Beliefs are the human's foibles, coming back to haunt him or her. Just as the concept of God, is the hope of something better, embodied in the unity and cooperation that comes from love; stupidity is an ill informed acceptance, often a prejudice, that takes the humanity from the human! Well, having said this much, let's see where this leads us...]

In this day of so much knowledge and know-how, one of the most heinous of human shortcomings is running rampant � againstupidity!

The stupid live in a world where challenge and innovation are not tolerated. Why; because they are � "sort of" � living cocooned; they abhor a disruption of the lazy and effortless life! Stupidity is comfortable and wholesome; and the ultimate status quo; never to be challenged or questioned with risk and newness. Stupidity is inherited belief, not knowledge. Stupidity is prejudice, and seeing others as different. Stupidity cherishes the grave, and the ultimate nothingness that lies outside of the risk that the true understanding lives in � on the edge of breakthrough.

And, most of all, it is easy; requiring no thought, to try to widen a horizon, and peek into something new and unknown. For the unknown is � well, �unknown� � a disruption of what is! Quiet and sure, the stupid live in the pleasures of unquestioned beliefs that assure their peace and tranquility, and make life easy and effortless. �Why question? We already have all the knowledge we need! Why make life hard, when it could be so easy?�

Stupidity has lived on in the human in various ways. The stupidity of religions; and a named �Kingly� God, is the chief stupidity that has ravaged and eaten the human understanding, like a parasite, infesting the brains of its adherents. Religions require no thought, for �Gods� live outside of thought, and only within the realm of the unquestioned! But thought is what makes the human animal, truly above the animal � yet God forbids it? Yes, God forbid that the human should think! Is not that, the very thing that cast him and her from Paradise � for the ultimate Paradise, for all religions, is an unthinking being � without the disruption of thought and the questioning of the will, humanity's one true innovation! Yes, God protect us from thought, that truly �evil� device that the devil lives in! So, here is religion's most binding and holy belief:

�Think not, lest ye be damned!�

or even more succinctly:

Stupidity is Bliss!

Yes, now we see, where that old maxim comes from! Free thought is a dangerous thing, so let the interpreters of God do it for you! And the �human will� � God forbid � the devil, himself!

The plague of �beliefs� is the ultimate disease that has plagued the human, since his and her inception; and their main symptom is the dysfunction of reason and will � stupidity!

From Religions came governments; and, governmental beliefs � parties!

Governments began as a type of oppression � the conquerors, monarchs and �leaders� living off the commoners, who assumed the duty of supporting them with their work and taxes; and to make them, even more fool proof, they often incorporated religions within them! And, we saw how Christianity used this to make the �King�, the hand of God, Himself, in the �Divine Right of King's� Law! Other Semitic groups took the same advantage, by actually deifying the King � as with the Pharaohs of Egypt. Stupidity became the hallmark of an oppressed people; and God forbade the evils of free, or innovative thought!

Thus stupidity became not only righteous, but a type of subservience � and, innovation, through thought, a heresy and insubordinate rebelliousness!

But then the Liberty Tree grew up! People realized that government was not a subservience to an elite; but their wills, supporting themselves! Free thought became the blessing it was, instead of the rebellious evil of the Tyrant Kings! Religions were not banned, but allowed, as long as they did no harm to the populous. The age of enlightenment became the age of thinking and innovating!

But then freedom became too free; and once again the elites grew up to try to tyrannize those, who they deigned beneath them. And they used beliefs, once again, to mire the commoners in stupidity! They divided the ALL of the state, and reigned in the stupid with political beliefs. The parties thought for them; instead of them thinking for the parties, through the benefits their thought conferred on ALL. But, things like �In God We Trust�; �Political Correctness�; Party ideology; The Welfare State; Military might; The Right To Life � all these things, and others, robbed many of the thought that freed them; and again mired them in the stupidity of beliefs that tyrannized, instead of freeing � the dogmatic, once again, made stupidity bliss!

The divinity of humanity is humanity itself! The brain is the organ used to defeat the shortcomings of the individual, through thought; and through working together with others to further ALL! The brain helps us overcome beliefs, and form solutions. The ALL of society is the ultimate solution � where no problem is beyond solution.

Stupidity is a type of helplessness and laziness, where beliefs mire thought and kill all solution � it is a selfishness that mummifies us, in illusions of helplessness and self-aggrandizement. It is a greedy perversion, that makes us blind to others, and bask in the self-righteousness of the self! Like the elites, we see only ourselves, and put the troubles of others outside our cognizance.

The Tree of Life is human thought and will! Heaven is within our reach, when the laziness of stupidity is abandoned. Evil resides in the lazy stupidity that separates us from our kind, and the love that is our only divinity! The Garden of Eden is that unity from diversity that makes us feel others pain. Humanity is divinity; and the power to find and allow solutions that see ALL as ONE!



Originally Published:

January 11, 2017


January 13, 2017