"The State Of The �Dis-Union� (Oh, Worldwide, That Is!)"

[This essay touches on what we call humanity, today. With dictators and dictator wannabes all over the place... with scumbags popping up, in what use to be revered (perhaps the better term is: reviled) institutions... with �Is there anyone, you can trust?�, perpetually, further, gaining in meaning... and, as more and more humans find themselves living in the streets, while contemplating all those mansions, all around them... is that phrase humanity also losing its meaning? Have we totally forgotten, what that phrase was suppose to mean? Religions, thriving in rules and regulations, instead of bringing all peoples together � and �Gods� (note the plural used here) that glorify judgment instead of love (the real kind, that is) � is that the epitome of the �human way� today?

Well, anyway, lets take a look at that �Worldwide State Of The Dis-Union�, and, perhaps, see if we can contemplate bringing back some sanity to a world that has seemingly lost its sanity... ]

President Trump verses the media; women verses men; governments verses their own peoples; dictators verses nobody; even religion verses God � does any of this sound familiar to you? Well, it should, since it epitomizes what I call the: �The Worldwide State Of The Dis-Union� today.

Yes, this �Worldwide State Of The Dis-Union� says very loudly: there is �trouble in River City�1! But what is even odder is that all these institutions say the same thing: �We are fixing all these troubles!� Well, they have been saying that, seemingly since the dawn of mankind, but that �trouble� only seems to persist � even get worse � instead of getting any better! In fact, we are even starting to go back to those old fallout shelter days of the 1950's and '60's2 that I knew so well in my youth! Will we continue to say that, right up to the time we blow ourselves into oblivion, in World War III!

It's time the real �Worldwide State Of The Dis-Union� was truly known, and its, seeming, inevitability erased, instead of just �ho-hummed� away!

The Urge For Dictators:
Why are there, Dictators, today... even Dictators with nuclear weapons? It seems almost ludicrous to even see such a word in today's vocabulary � yet they are still there; and still causing trouble, not only for their own people, but even for the whole world! The answer is actually, very simple � money rules! Yes, even in die-hard Communist countries, money, not people, rules! Well, I should say, �the people with the money rule� � but why? I mean isn't there a society that suffers from this � but, that �suffering society� is really everywhere today, and that is not easily reconciled in Democracies, like ours! Yet, ask all the homeless Americans, living everywhere in this country, �of, by and for its people�, what they think of that very phrase! Yes, contradictions abound today; but everyone just seems to shrug their shoulders, and say: �Well, we can't do anything about that; so let's just forget it!�

But that isn't an answer � it's an evasion of the question! Money buys force and the ability to produce a violence that it controls against the peoples of those countries � those downright dictatorships. Those people do not revolt, because they do not want to lose even that little that they have, and have nothing; and also, because family matters � and they want to protect their loved ones.

But, today, even Democracies are threatened with tyranny � yes, even us! We have lost our choice in elections3 � is that not a form of dictatorship (even if no Dictator is evident)? Is not what we are seeing today, itself, the all out threat of a growing tyranny; where the people lose the possibility to fight back, because the threat of violence has been erased, through prohibiting the populations' ownership of weapons?

But even worse is the blurring of what is good, and what is bad. Who are the villains? Can we name them distinctly? NO! Money has blurred all of that into a guessing game, where we can only see less and less rights and freedoms, but be completely oblivious to who took those freedoms away! Why? Again, because we are pointing the finger at each other � not the real, invisible villains!

Yes, we (the Democracies of the world) have become the Dictatorships without the Dictators; because, we blame each other!

�Gods� Verses �God�:
Religions have brought forth another problem � many Gods!

Think of how many religions are out there, today; think of how many different Gods, they, therefore, proclaim, because of this. Think of how people get their values and ability to mix with others, from those very same religions. Think of how discrimination is forged by these very things, in stymieing the whole process of reconciling societal problems � they create an impenetrable �free will� that isn't free, but dictated by religion; formed with an irresistible prejudice, in their own beliefs. The end result is divided societies � societies, that are vulnerable to a tyrannical influence, without a Dictator, as we said above.

People Verses People:
Poverty and disparity are on everyone's lips, today; and this has evolved, mainly, because of an economy that cannot do its job, of providing sustenance for all of society. What is even worse, is that the thing we created to fix this � government � is itself unable to fix it, because it is immersed in the economy, itself, and has, thus, acquired a �size�, in dollars and cents � a deficit or budget that keeps it from solving all its peoples' problems!

But what is even worse is the plight of citizen against citizen that this causes: beyond even the parties, George Washington bemoaned4 � the groups, like the alt-right and the neo-nazis. Groups only causing further problems, instead of fixing them; groups that distract the people from simply saying: �Why isn't this problem being solved?�

A society is, by definition, a group that works together; yet all of today's, so-called �societies� are groups that see only themselves, instead of the all, society really is. So, they even fight each other: as parties, true believers; whatever!

The Blind, The Deaf, And The Dumb:
How can we understand, or fix things, when we all have different opinions of what is wrong? It is like we all have blinders on that keeps us in only one world � our own! Even further, our world is divided into countries that cannot get along, yet must get along � so, naturally, problems are ignored, instead of fixed � the easy way out!

The avoidance of problems have become their solution: the invisible is not a problem; thus, solutions are not needed � simple! This �self-induced sensory deprivation� has become the way problems disappear today, instead of being solved. It has joined partisanship and special interest, as the way to get things done, without getting them done!

Fake News � Or The Method Of Reporting The News:
I wrote an essay about the media, some time ago.5 But, since President Trump's election, the path that the News Media's world has taken is now a global trend. News has become the same all over this earth. The �flash in the pan� has become the way to divide and conquer, by eliminating the possibility of real reporting. Trump coined the phrase �fake news�, but the media's carousing with �Masters� � in fact, its ownership by them � has killed whatever that �fakeness� was hiding, since it made facts irrelevant! Once again, facts are irrelevant, when �picking and choosing� selects the news, instead of making it all available, for the readers to select. We are given the story, so they, the press, chooses � or, should I say, money chooses � so the news tells only their story!

Fixing and Fixing... Yet NOTHING Gets Fixed:
So, after all is said and done, futility wins... and �we the people� lose! This has been a major theme on this web site: the inability to fix our own problems. However we call it, it is the failure of the very thing humanity evolved to eliminate. There is no easy answer, but there is hope. Hope is the one thing we can all still perceive, and, perhaps, that is the one thing which will help us turn futility into answers � before we all destroy each other!

How many billions of dollars have the dealers and schemers, in the stock markets, made (or, should I say �printed�) today, as you read this essay? Yet, that universal solution to our society's problems: government, has to charge you, the people, for what you, the people, as government, do for yourselves! A bigger swindle was never perpetrated! And, as the government's debt rises, because of the government's borrowing money from those same schemers and swindlers, who print all the money, they need, by raising the price of pieces of nothing, called stocks, we the people pay out more and more in taxes � for us doing work, for ourselves! So government cannot create the work, to keep all its people working, since the workers must pay for what they do for themselves! Thus the problem of poverty continues as the billionaires become trillionaires, without lifting a finger; and the poor people work like dogs, just trying to stay alive!

That is why the �Worldwide State Of The Dis-Union� grows; and the solutions to the problems of societies, worldwide, never get fixed. That is the true State Of The Union, today!


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1 For our younger readers, this phrase taken from the musical, �The Music Man�, simply means: �things are not right, here!�

2 Hawaii recently installed nuclear warning sirens � in case of nuclear attack! Here we go again, back to when I was young, and fallout shelters were installed in basements!

3 See this essay on the loss of choice: �The 2016 Presidential Election: The Billionaires Pick Two Candidates, And We Pick One Of Them!�.

Trump won by actually losing the popular vote, yet was elected by a party controlled �Electoral College� that doesn't even represent independent candidates � So where is the freedom? � sounds more like a DICTATORSHIP to me! A Democracy without majority rule � Ha!

4 See the Introduction to the �What Price Freedom?� essays.

5 See the Essay: �The MEDIA And A FREE Society (The Anachronism Of A For-Profit Media)�.




Originally Published:

December 5, 2017


December 5, 2017