Fixing the Problems of American Society

"Before fixing the problems,
we must know what the problems are!"

In this series of essays I will propose solutions that will hopefully bring back to America the unity it once had; that same unity of purpose, that created unity from the diversity of many different people, and the diversity of beliefs those same people hold. By recreating a freedom based on ALL citizens, not just SOME, we will recreate the spirit of the true founders of this country. We will fix the problems that belief systems have caused by imposing their own limited viewpoint on the viewpoints of others.

America is a country of people, not classes, or partisan groups. People are all equal and free, and look to societies for the cooperation and unity they provide to allow all, the opportunity to prosper. A freedom that denies no other freedom, but the freedom to hurt � this is the true freedom that America was founded on, and the unity of purpose that brought one from many.

Times change, as do people and their beliefs; so also must their societies change to keep up with these changes. But the unity of purpose described above does not change, for it is the essence of the same ALL that allows those changes to take place. Like the Oriental Tao, it is the force that allows all change, yet exists in changelessness itself. So must the freedom of democracy abide in the face of the ceaseless change it causes to its people. So must it never succumb to the false freedom that represents only the FEW. The ALL is its essence, and their diversity its guarantee. For when we lose that diversity we have lost all true freedom, and have fallen into the slumber of the ceaseless lack of change death brings.

OF, BY and FOR ALL the PEOPLE is American freedom; may it always create and guarantee the diversity that has allowed it to be; and may it always bring from this diversity, the unity that is its hallmark.

Societal Solutions Prelude

Solution 1: Divorcing Ideology from Democracy

Defining The Problems Of The Economy
An Economic Solutions Prelude

Economic Solution 1

Economic Solution 2

Economic Solution 3

A Global Solution:

The Final Solution


Originally Published:

October 14, 2011


January 1, 2014