SOCIETY: People Against People!

Remember that word �society�; it used to mean a way for people to work together to benefit all of them. But then �freedom� happened � economic freedom, that is � and, suddenly, people were no longer working together, but actually working against each other!

So, how can you have a society, yet have everyone in contention with everyone else � the exact opposite of what society was suppose to be? This is another �paradox� that our economy has sprung on us. We don't only see other countries as our adversaries, but, now, we actually see every other citizen as our adversary, instead of a trusted comrade! But wait a minute... it gets worse!

Yes, we were, all fighting each other! So, we created that thing called government; and, we (as a Democratic Republic) invested it with the term: �of, by and for the people�; that term meant that it was us, working for all of us. But then, everyone thought government should function in a different way � in other words, government, itself, became a mass of people working against each other � instead of what it was suppose to be: all working for all1.

What was even worse was, government, itself, was made a consumer! That's right, even though it was ALL the people of our country, and our country was a Democratic one, meaning that all the people shared responsibility for it, it still had to foot the bill for what it did for those people � what it did for itself! So, it continued in the very same way that the governments of the Dictators, tyrants and Royals did: it taxed its people, and even borrowed from the rich, with interest, to pay for what was essentially what those very same people did for themselves! In other words, we were paying for our own work!

So, what was the end result of this? Well, government was unable to do the very same job that it was created to perform, without taxing its people to death; or creating a deficit so large that it had to shut itself down! The end result was government became futile, while the solutions that it was suppose to supply, came about in only a limited way, and in only a limited number! Thus it could not fix all of society's problems, but only a few problems that favored only certain groups.

Now, do you see something wrong here?

I'll spell it out for you: we can't solve our own problems, that we, ourselves, created for ourselves, because the solutions are too expensive, when we charge ourselves for them! I mean, really, does that make sense?

I call this �the human enigma�. In effect, what it means is, we have, once again, resorted to the same animal instincts, we, as humans, were suppose to extinguish. �Survival of the fittest�2 is still taking its toll on us, even though our brains were suppose to extinguish it with the humaneness that humanity evolved to raise it above the other creatures of this earth.

We should not have a way of sustaining society (the economy), that is itself the exact opposite of what society itself is, because it ends up nullifying society � exactly what it is now accomplishing!

We can't work for each other, by working against each other! Yet, that is exactly what the economy has done to societies around our world; a global economy that is creating more and more poverty, and a disparity that is widening our distrust and hatred of each other, as all the political, social and humanitarian protests, social and religious hatreds, and sexual injustices are showing. We are fighting each other, on all levels, instead of helping each other, through seeing us, all, as the same, in the way humanity was created to make us see each other.

So, society has now become: people against people; and, government has become: citizen against citizen; and, the economy has become: all for yourself; and, religion has become: God (a God, who created ALL) favors only us (a particular group)!3

What is amazing is that humanity was given the ability to see through all this, yet cannot do it. Will we destroy ourselves through what was suppose to save us; or will we, finally, see that we are all the same; and, only our unity and working for each other are the ways to what humanity, truly, was meant to be! So, change means understanding; and, overcoming the very same things that humanity overcame to make it human!

There is only one God, inside each and every one of us; let us pray that It begins to see all Its fellow creatures in the same way; and allows them to solve their problems, by seeing that they are all the same. God (or that humanness inside us that some call God) does not create rules, but only the urge in us to be fair and just to every other creature of our kind. God is Love, a love that only brings us together, and never divides us.

So, again, that old hippie slogan, �Power to the people!�, of the Flower Children and the rebellious youth of those sixties4, bygone years, becomes relevant once again, with the addition: �... ALL of them!�: Power To The People, ALL of Them!


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1 There is no better illustration of this, then the current Trump Presidency, where constant turmoil, even among its own members, keeps it from doing anything, but limiting solutions for the current inequalities between peoples; and making it further likely that government, in forthcoming years, will be deluged by debts that will roll it back, entirely, from solving its peoples' problems. Wasn't government suppose to solve all its peoples' problems, not just some?

2 See my essays on: �The Philosophy Of The GOOD�.

3 What is even more disturbing is that religion's �True Believers� cannot even fathom anyone outside their own particular group. So, God is actually creating division and hatred � the very things, religions were suppose to be against! Another enigma!

4 See the Wikipedia article on �Flower Child�. Also, in that article: �It was the custom of "flower children" to wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace, and love.� This is what society was, also, suppose to hold out to all its members!




Originally Published:

January 2, 2018


January 2, 2018