Societal Solutions Prelude

The Distorted Outlook Of The Criminal Society

The real question is: can we salvage this society; or, even more poignantly, is there anything left worth salvaging?

Can we call what we have, a society at all? Can we call our fellow citizens even human beings, any more?

Yes, it has gotten that bad; in fact, the lunacy of the Roman Empire, at its worst, is almost sane compared to the enlightened lunacy that this society exhibits. If we were back in those days we might be able to make some kind of excuse: lack of knowledge, lack of communication, or maybe even, lack of time to evolve. But in our time, with our knowledge, with our spiritual enlightenment, confirmed in the questions that are continually asked, but just as continually ignored, can we say there is any excuse, whatsoever? For almost three thousand years the lies and hypocrisy have continued; at least as far back as the time of Confucius, in the East, and Plato in the West, the facts were known; the right questions were asked; but nothing was ever done; civilization just kept getting worse, instead of better. And society kept ignoring the problems, even though the problems were plainly visible. Throughout the dark ages, even into the Renaissance and Reformation, there were pockets of truth that made known the problems, yet nothing was done.

Then there were times when it looked as though a breakthrough might be made: the French Revolution; the Bolshevik Revolution; the American Revolution; but always it went right back to the same thing again, without any progress, only more distortion and degeneracy hidden in deceit: the deceit of Socialism; the deceit of Communism; the deceit of Fascism; the deceit of Nazism; and finally, the deceit of Capitalism.


The problem comes about primarily because of the idea of freedom, and just what precisely, this term comes to mean in a society.

So, not only is the American economy plagued with problems, but American Society is also showing a breakdown, because it is fashioning itself in line with this problematic economy which is a contradiction to the society which has implemented it. Society, created to offset the division caused by self-interest, is instead fashioning itself around that very same thing. The result is many groups and individuals divided from each other, and lost in their own interests alone.

Societies were created to form a safety net for the groups that made up that society. Through social cooperation and unity, the risks associated with living were eliminated or decreased for all the members of that society, and the hardships of survival and age were compensated for, even for those without existing family ties. The essential unit of society, the family, was the central bond that brought it together. Certain mores, or customary ways of thinking, common to all in a particular society, bound the families together. In American democratic society, the most prominent of these mores is the idea of a freedom which provides a unity from the diversity of many different private viewpoints; free speech and free belief, being the essentials of the American brand of freedom, upon which it relies to bring forth a unity of purpose, which unites all the different individual viewpoints.

American freedom then emerges as something that allows the widest scope of freedom, by gauging freedom against the 'all' that is society. No freedom that denies others� their freedom, is allowed. Thus unity is brought forth out of the diversity of many individual viewpoints, and society can function by allowing this freedom derived from diversity.

Trust, which functions as the real glue that allows social interaction to occur, is also based on this, because it grows out of this brand of freedom that includes this underlying responsibility to the 'all' of society. But, today in America, and even the world, this trust, and this responsibility to the 'all' of society, that creates this same trust, is disappearing due to the substitution of a freedom that is without responsibility to anyone but the individual. This freedom has emerged because the economy pretends that society is unimportant in its basic functioning, obviously, because it assumes an �only I count mentality� that is oblivious to anything outside the �self� of the individual. This mentality that subordinates the freedom of the society to that of the individual, is destroying the trust upon which society is built, and consequently, destroying the society upon which this same economic system relies. So the problems of the economy are really the problems of the society, a society that has killed the vital trust that really is society�s foundation.

There is an old saying: �honor among thieves�; this saying means that there is no �honor�, or, for that matter, trust, among thieves, because thieves only look out for themselves. But what happens when a whole society becomes nothing more then a band of thieves? When a society has so marginalized the survival of the majority of its members that they can only survive by stealing from, and cheating their fellow citizens, then that society has become no longer a society, but a very large band of thieves preying on each other, because there is no one else to prey on. That is exactly what our economy has done to us by substituting its �thieves� freedom� for the responsible freedom that makes our society function.

It has always been understood that freedom is a very dangerous thing when it disregards society. The human being is a creature that has free will, but the motivations that arise from this free will, can cause actions that can harm others, and result in a chaos, where a whole society is causing actions that harm others in the same society.

If we assume the premise, �only I count�, we have become a thief. We have now assumed that other citizens are �enemies� that we must deceive, swindle and cheat so that we ourselves can prosper at their expense. When all in society assume this premise, there is no longer trust or even a society. When families assume this premise, we see what we are seeing grow all over this land of ours: alienation and hate, instead of unity and love within the molecular unit of society, the family.

But there is even more involved then this; and this is the stranglehold that religion has introduced to aggravate, instead of palliate this condition in society.

Religion has done this by trading acceptance for judgment, and by adding �conditions� to love; it has thus created a �chosen people� estranged from their own societies, and oblivious to all other human beings and their beliefs, if they are not the same as their own. This is a direct contradiction to the unity from diversity, which a democratic society builds. Lost within the �infallibility� of a belief system that makes no concessions to anyone, because God, Himself, has sanctioned them as right, they are closed off to all the compromise and cooperation that creates a society. When you multiply this by all the thousands of religious groups that have emerged, you see a complete roadblock to any progress at all. Instead you see the opposite growing, a steady disintegration of the trust the family needs to allow it to grow, and integrate it into society at large. Even the union of the sexes has suffered from this, and the proportion of single parent families has skyrocketed.

Religion was not created to divide, but to unite society; and the equality and diversity that a democratic society must hold, is at odds with the fanatical dogmatic belief system practically all religions now assume. The ultimate truth is found in Jesus Christ�s very own words: �Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar�s, and to God, the things that are God�s�. The word �Caesar� used here is a token for government, its laws, and society, while �the things that are God�s� are the private beliefs that uphold the non-discriminatory love of the Golden Rule.

In all religions, if God is not itself the embodiment of love, then it is the embodiment of the unity and love that its creations hold within their hearts; that love is the very thing that created society, and even atheists know this, since it is what we call the �human� part of every human being. Religions and societies share these crucial factors: unity and harmony. But today�s religions promote discord and separation; and in doing this they divide an already divided society even more. Religions founded in love, can be the solace and unity for humanity; but through the maledictions of organizations and the lust for power and influence, they have stymied all unity, and only burdened an already overburdened society with more of the same motives, and self interests the criminally oriented economy provides.

Because of this failure of all religions, a new God, created by the economy has taken power over all of humanity � the God of Money! A false God, raised up from human greed, and an economic system that has found a way to use a logical error to cheat the majority of their due, and enthrone a small class of gluttons as this God�s ministers. And in their swindling wisdom they have robbed the poor laborers of the world of their due, and have even bought off the governments of the world to legitimatize this swindle. Thus two worlds have come into being, the developed and the �third� worlds; both productions of the ultimate swindle, where human labor is worth more or less according to what world it is produced in.

But survival in the developed world is becoming no better; the developed world is losing jobs and industry and is itself falling to the same swindle.

So society is no longer the safety net for humanity it once was, but is now the tool of the swindlers to practice their thievery on a helpless society that has itself been wooed by the glitter of this golden God.

Thus disparity continues to grow worldwide, as the societies of �thieves�, who know no honor, cheat and swindle each other to survive, and pay the Masters for the honor to be poor, so the Masters can be rich. Thus this �honor among thieves� is the new trust that is disintegrating society instead of building it; the sickness of a world that has lost the advantage of society to the duplicity and failure of the very same solutions they created to preserve it.

The freedom of the capitalistic economy has given rise to a society of thieves, where an �honor among thieves� holds sway, and has replaced the trust that once held society together. And the dogmatism of religions has only made this even worse, by destroying what harmony is left between our citizens; an organizationally based dogmatism has risen up that has replaced the solace of love with contention and the lust for power.

Thus the economy, the solution for society�s survival, has become the chief means of its destruction; and the institution of religion has instead of bringing society together, torn it irretrievably apart.

So the fate of the downward spiral of a society of thieves preying on each other continues, as the gas and oil prices grow ever higher; the jobs ever scarcer, and the salaries ever lower; health care becomes so expensive no one can afford it; the burden of educational costs ever higher, and the lives of the young ever deeper in debt; the costs of cars, homes, insurance and even food become the new indentures of a whole society of indentured brigands, preying on each other, in the gladitorial arena that society has become, before a class of a few greedy Masters; and like the gladiators of old they make their salute to them:

�Hail Masters, we who are about to die salute you!�



Originally Published:

December 5, 2011


January 2, 2014