This web site is about the concept of unity.

America was once the shining example of this concept to the world; its motto: �E Pluribus Unum�, �From Many One�.

Made of many diverse peoples, from many cultures and races, it allowed them to work together to bridge their differences, and emphasize their sameness. But, like the ancient symbol of Unity that Rome presented to its world, it too is beginning to fall to its own success. Greed in the form of a supposedly �free� economy is destroying our trust in, and cooperation with our neighbors; it is splintering us into irreconcilable groups and bandying the same factionalism that brought the Roman Republic to its knees.

Also, religion, as it now exists, offers real problems to the unity of man; they just cannot be swept under the rug, and buried in the righteousness of the statement �What I believe is right, and everybody else is wrong; and God supports me!� Religion is the science of love, and as such must remember that true love has no limit or point of view attached to it; it is the love of the father, that Christ spoke of in the parable of the lost son, ��Son thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.�; it is the love that Nature shows in the Tao, without purpose, yet ever furthering all; it is the Vedic Wisdom shown in the One in the many, and the many in the One. All religions must finally see that they all lead to a basis or first cause that all likewise believe in; and that that ultimate source is the source that represents all equally, from the worst of men to the best. Only in this way can harmony be attained. Otherwise the slaughter, which the last century brought us will only continue and become ever worse.

We must not let this happen; we must not let elitism, either in the form of economic preference, or religious dogmatism of any kind, allow us to destroy our unity. We must always remember that unity means concessions, and meeting others half way. There is no virtue in fanaticism, only stupidity. The First Cause has given us reason to work out our differences; and Love to give us the strength to carry on. Law, whether religious or civil, is never written in stone, contrary to the beliefs of the dogmatic; but interpreted in the light of the situation at hand; so mediation is not heresy, but the process of love in action, which is the core of any true religion.

This web site presents no �side�, only the fact that greed, and the power, whether economic or religious, that is its only God, will in the end only result in the loss of our unity, and all our freedoms.

My thinking about all of this began with the writing of my novel on Julius Caesar and his time; with that writing I saw that our time was indeed becoming the same; that we were but committing the same mistakes again, and yet again. I found that there were two causes for this in our time: religion and economics. Both, which instead of holding out hope for mankind, were creating an environment of unending contention. On this web site, you will find first, my novel about Caesar, which I offer at a small price to keep this site going; and below that, a second book of my opinions and the philosophical theory that they have generated, which I offer freely.

As I said above, this site offers no side as such, only opinions open to correction, and to the further thought that this site will hopefully generate to correct the attitude that God or Economics prefers only a single side which is right. What is right is right for all; and that can only be accomplished through the kind of love that I mentioned above, which does not promote slaughter.

I hope that you will use this site to promote thought on the problems which we together must finally realize have to be solved. Look around you, and see that we must finally see that the course along which our societies and religions continue can only end in more futility and destruction. My opinions are only the start upon which to find and define your own truths�


(See more on this in Errata)