Corporate Fascism!



SHAZAM! Saying One Thing �

And Doing Another!

(How Government Became The Business Of

Supplying What Isn�t Needed)

[Today democratic governments are coming under much scrutiny, and criticism. Many are blaming the entity of �government�, without seeing that government is our (the people�s) tool, and that it is people who make government into what it is. It can be our friend; or it can be our oppressor. It is not government that goes bad; it is people; and it is our responsibility to keep bad people from making government what they think it should be.

Throughout this essay I shall use the word government; but this entity is never, in itself, good or bad; government is always what we make it, or allow it to be.

As of this writing, our government is now attempting to deal with the tremendous debt it has generated; of course, the simple solution of cutting out the problems that have caused such a debt to come about, like wars, never seem to reach the thinking matter of the people in our government; it makes the term �brain dead� come to mind. But, far from brain dead, this essay shows there is, alas, purpose in their seeming stupidity!]

This essay is about purposeful indirection � what prestidigitators, or magicians, call �slight of hand�; what criminals call a �con�; the process of leading in one direction, while actually going in another � what most of us would call straight out LIES and DECEPTION; but what a world steeped in James Bond and Intelligence Agencies has come to accept as �a way to get things done, that never needed to be done!� In more straightforward terms: this essay is about how government waste is generated.

Two words have shaped governments in this new age, of saying one thing, and doing another: �NATIONAL SECURITY�. It has come about through the redefinition of government by groups and individuals that have found a way to allow government to become something other than what it was supposed to be.

But then, what is government supposed to be? Of course, this is itself a disputed topic. And, perhaps it is disputed, and always has been, because the same �prestidigitators� that this essay targets were always there to change it � �presto� � into what they wanted it to be.

Governments started out somewhat dubiously. They were actually started to keep a society under the control of a privileged class of beings, a class of owners. The owners had wealth (usually in lands), but could not make this land valuable except through the work of other non-owners in their society. They needed to convince the non-owners that they were better than them, so they could make them cultivate their lands, and do the hard work that they didn�t want to do. So the owners called on the Gods to help them. Totems and Taboos were created, and sanctioned by �the Gods� to legitimatize a special class of owners that the Gods favored. Laws were not human laws, but the laws of Gods, which gave them an otherworldly validity, and made the owners �special� beings above everyone else.

In other places, prowess in battle led to the same thing. Warriors became this special class, with the rest of the society their vassals. So we see that governments started off in the guise of a �master � slave� relationship; with the masters making the decisions, and the slaves doing all the work.

As time went on, people began to dispute the rights of the masters. A type of government, democracy, came about, where, supposedly, there were no masters. But this was the first of many prestidigitations that would follow. Human beings were bought and sold; slavery existed; so the idea of no masters was a slight of hand, for it meant no masters within a certain class that were really themselves masters, the leaders of government. I talked about this before in another essay, �Populist Or Corporatist�, where I showed how the American Declaration of Independence itself created a distinction as to who were ALL the people, by the words �created equal�, instead of saying just �equal�.

These �prestidigitations� were what lawyers call loopholes, through which things could be made to seem one way, when really they aren�t. They were the �fine print� that is read, but not understood as to its real meaning. They are what governments of today rely on to make them �seem� one way, yet really, they are not that way at all.

So government got off on a bad footing, because it used a lot of showy techniques to portray it as what it wasn�t.

But societies caught on to many of the tricks; slavery ended; and monarchies became obsolete; Kings, Emperors and even the Nobility became superfluous. Or did they?

As usual, another slight of hand occurred, �presto, change-o!�

An economic system, that was really as old as bartering, and even evolved from it, came into being around the time of the Middle Ages � Capitalism. Merchants that had always used this system, and had grown in wealth and influence because of it, long before it got this name, had used their wealth to infiltrate the halls of government, and even the class of masters. The ancient city of Carthage was the epitome of what this system could do; the masters of Carthage were these same merchants, a government made up of a merchant ruling class, and � �presto� � government became an extension of business.

It was really the same old thing, a way to leverage wealth or ownership. But it covered this up by mingling the idea of freedom with the idea of government that democracy brought about. It made it �appear� that this was an opening up of the class of masters to all the people in society!

But appearances are not always reality!

Did this new system end the rule of masters?


Did it really level the playing field, as a way to represent that elusive �all� that society has always sought, but that never really seems to mean all?

No, again!

It showed its effects in the French Revolution, where another class of masters took the place of the monarchist masters, and left the poor, again poor. It even colored the American Independence, by hiding a freedom that was brought about by the blood, sweat and tears of all, behind a freedom that created a divided society of winners (masters) and losers (slaves).

Again, it created an all that was really only a few. But today it has gone much further. It has found a way to change government into a business extension that sells nothing; a business that is paid for by society, with its tax dollars, but benefits only the merchant class of masters it has created. But how can this be?

�SHAZAM!� An illusion! Yes, government has become its grand illusion, essentially brought about through two simple words that represent the cover up that democratic government has become a private business extension that favors only the masters: �NATIONAL SECURITY�!

How is this done?

Lets get back to the purpose of government. After the revolutions of the late seventeen hundreds, government�s purpose was finally nailed down: by the words, �Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite� in France; and the words �of the people, by the people, and for the people� in America. In plain language, government�s purpose was to benefit the society it represents. This fact is not at all under dispute. Yet, how it does this, is through the idea that that society needs �defense�. And that �defense� is brought about through recognizing enemies, and destroying them � through war.

But war is not only the use of armies, but the expenditure of vast quantities of commodities or resources, resources purchased with tax dollars, from the merchants I have mentioned above. And, add to this the money that government borrows from these same wealthy merchants, and the interest paid out on this �needed� debt, and you begin to see the trillion dollar scam that the two words �NATIONAL SECURITY� has covered up; a business that channels the tax dollars of citizens directly into the pockets of the wealthy merchants. Add to this the fact that most of these resources are manufactured in other countries; or taken from the American land (oil reserves); or built or assembled by foreign workers, or green card holders, and you see that the benefit to society is minimal, if it exists at all. Even the enemies that the whole scheme hinges on is marginal or non-existent at best; terrorist gangs, tribal factions and puppet dictators, are these the enemies that warrant wars, like the non-existent Communist threat of Vietnam that never materialized 1 ?

When a commodity changes hands, it benefits both buyer and seller; the buyer in �use value�, and the seller in profit. But here the buyer and seller are the same � the taxpayer. Yet the profit goes only, to the wealthy middlemen, who have created the use value 2 in an illusion that government has started the war to protect the citizens from questionable enemies, never fully disclosed under the cover of the words �NATIONAL SECURITY�.

And where does the money borrowed come from? From �foreign� agencies that are making huge profits from interest payments the government makes to protect itself from �foreign� agencies. So we are borrowing huge sums from foreigners, in order to protect us from other foreigners, for reasons hidden behind the cloak of the words NATIONAL SECURITY. So government has become a business that sells nothing to society for huge sums, for no apparent reason except two words that can mean anything! 3

No longer just government, but now the "business extension of government" has carried the crimes of the �Robber Barons� to new heights; making endless wars that need never have been fought, and filling the pockets of wealthy middlemen with taxpayers� dollars for nothing. The process of the mass killing of human beings in order to produce capital has become the main business of government. Worst than the slavery of the previous century, the new slavery is the mass destruction of human life for profit. Crimes against humanity; what crimes against humanity can ever even approach this?

But the true dazzle of this crooked magic show is its turning the goals and values of the democratic governmental process into its reverse; the benefit of the ALL is replaced by the benefit of the FEW; and the business of government is no longer the protection of society, but its parasitical destruction. Society is redefined as the process through which a FEW winners can leverage and grow their wealth at the expense of the majority of losers. Wars are no longer fought as a means of last resort, but as the way a government can take advantage of the majority for the benefit of a minority.

Suddenly, a Democracy has become an oligarchy. The poison magic of when government becomes an extension of business, and anything can happen � even theft and extortion becoming legitimatised 4 �SHAZAM!


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1 The �Domino Theory� was the illusion perpetrated to keep the Vietnam War going; the theory that Communism would sweep down and devour all of Indochina, if America didn�t stop it through war. But the illusion fizzled, when we withdrew, and the feared dominoes never fell to Communism or anything else. But �Weapons of Mass Destruction� replaced that illusion in the Middle East, and is still keeping us fighting a futile war there, against terrorists who have taken the place of Communists in today�s grand illusion, that is also fizzling out!

Weapons of Mass Destruction can never come about, if the expensive resources they are constructed from are not sold to these same people who would construct such weapons! If a country would protect itself from these, it does it by banning the selling of such resources to people who would use them to further their destructive intents; not through war. The same with terrorism of any kind; resources are needed for these intents, if they are denied then the threats are nullified. The wars to fight modern enemies of society are fought not in the battlefield, but in the legislature and banks around the world where the wherewithal to fund terrorists is created. Resources are needed for armies; if their funding is shut down the armies disappear. Of course, the unending flow of taxpayer money into the pockets of the people who supply the resources also disappears!

2 �Use value� is the term used by Marx to describe the �needed utility� a commodity represents that makes it a �saleable� commodity. Defense is sold to American citizens in this way, its use value being the fear of �an enemy� that is hidden in the words National Security. Thus, wars are created as a lucrative business, where enemies are defined, and defense from such, sold with money borrowed from agencies paid by taxpayers to produce new enemies. The result the constant outflow of taxpayers� money into the pockets of the producers of the resources needed for war.

3 As examples of the kind of things sold by the government to the taxpayers, take the TSA and Department of Homeland defense. The grave threat of terrorists was supposedly offset by the billions spent to create and sustain these agencies, while, for more then a decade, during war time, mind you, the Southern borders of the USA have been wide open to just about any unknown people who decide to cross them. The use of these agencies has so far been primarily the harassment and humiliation of American citizens, rather than the containment of terrorism.

Also the selling of weapons to terrorist groups during the time the Russians were fighting the then �brave patriots� that are now our terrorist enemies, but then our allies, has happened again and again. As I write deals are under way to sell jets (36 jets) to Iraq, who will probably be using them against us, or their own people in the future. But then who cares; the purpose has been served: to fill the pockets of the merchants who are selling them! Enemies come and go, but the pockets that get filled are always the same; as are the ones who pay: The American People.

Now new tensions are rising, about the threat of Pakistani nuclear weapons, threatening another useless war; even while the bankruptcy of the Nation by three ongoing wars is being dealt with by the threat of cutting needed social welfare programs like Social Security. No sacrifice is too great for the rich gluttons, as long as THEY are NOT the ones making it; the people pay and pay, while their pockets fill up with dollars spent on nothing, but how to make them even richer!

4 The real problems America faces, are not about cutting the huge debt that has developed; but how to deal with the outright extortion that has caused that debt to grow; extortions like: four dollar a gallon gasoline; health care costs that are coming about in the same way; and endless wars for nothing. Unfortunately, Congress has totally ignored these problems; and has found the solution instead, in destroying the benefits of society to its own people � thus cutting out the very same purpose that society was originally created to perform!




Originally Published:

August 4, 2011


July 4, 2014