Silencing The Secret NAZI Inside!1

�God is Love!"

�There are two kinds of stupidity:
one born of innocence;
the other born of prejudice.
The former can be taught;
the other can only endure.
... also, the second is that
secret NAZI inside us!"

[The Entertainment Industry seems to have found even another way, today, to make money off the ideas of black suppression and black Ghettos. Instead of making jobs and putting true purpose into the lives of those people, living in these Ghettos, it has enlisted its entertainers to push the idea of their pride in being separate from the rest of the population. Of course, these same entertainers live about as far as possible from these Ghettos, in their mansions in all white areas! More hypocrites, living off the sorrow of others!

Pride in the �group� is not what they need � but integration into the rest of society! A society made for all by all! Hard work and determination does overcome; not rebellious hatred of people, they see as different! And, that is what I try to broach below. We have to get rid of the secret NAZI in all of us; NOT encourage it!

More on this below...]

I grew up in the inner city. My father grew up in a similar environment, only worse; during the great depression of the early thirties. We were white, but of the original Latin origins � not Hispanic or Latino � but Italian, the original �greasers�2! My father was out, in the streets, selling newspapers, when he was six years old. His father had left for parts unknown, right after his birth, so he was raised by an older brother, Jimmy. The streets were hard on him; he once got hit by a Police car, and lost most of the sight in one eye. But, even bad habits sometime garner good results: for while stealing stale cakes from the back of a bakery truck, parked in front of the bakery, he noticed the pretty Italian girl behind the counter inside � she would later become my mother3.

The Second World War came. My father and four of his brothers enlisted. My father was sent to the South Pacific and the Philippines; his brothers to Europe. The army taught my father discipline (although he almost got court marshaled along the way), and he learned a trade4, beside playing cards, gambling and stealing stale cakes, that would later sustain his family, when he married that girl behind the bakery shop counter.5

For me, it also wasn't easy. I got picked on and bullied, and had to fight for respect among my peers. Quiet, bookish kids never have an easy time of it, especially in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in6. But I fought my way through, went to College and Professional school; got graduate degrees and became a Field Grade Army officer to boot! If the will is there, you can do it. But what I learned along the way, I would now like to talk a little about.

Today, the inner cities in this country, and around the world, are just the same as the ones I and my dad grew up in. But you don't make your way through them by complaining or going on about prejudice and discrimination. The Italians went through all that, as I said above. But we fought our way through with hard work and determination!

Sure, it's a disgrace that neighborhoods like my dad's still exist today. But part of the cause of this is the people in those neighborhoods. If those people were good hard working people, those places wouldn't be what they are! Ghettos are that way, because people don't try to fit in and mesh together with others, outside that Ghetto. Ghettos are fortresses of prejudice and hatred! They are places, where people feel sorry for themselves, because of the prejudices the �group� has taught them. What they don't seem to understand is that if you stay a group, you only increase the hatred in those outside that group. The Hispanics, Latinos and Islamics coming to America and Europe today, just like the Jews and Italians of my father's day, all suffer from the same thing: that secret NAZI inside of them!

We all have that in us! It's that part of us that makes us feel �better� than others, outside our group! It's that part of us that makes us look at others, and say �he's not like me... so I don't like him�! The people outside the Ghetto do likewise: �Why can't they fit in? Why are they so hateful and prejudice against others?�

Think about what it is like for a white �outsider� (Police officer) going into one of those neighborhoods to face people, he knows feels that way about him � yet he is supposed to protect them!

When I worked in Philadelphia, I once observed a somewhat muddled black man on a bicycle playing Russian Roulette with the traffic on Broad Street (a four lane major street in the city). My associate (who was black) and I watched, from a second story window, in horror, as a huge truck came screeching to a halt just an inch from his head! We immediately ran down stairs, and outside, to get him off the street; and what did we find? We found about ten black men cheering him on! When I hear that group �Black Lives Matter�, talking about Police brutality, I think of that poor black man trying to kill himself to please his black audience!7

The Police are no different than they are; then we all are! But let's give the Police some credit too: they go into places where they know the people hate them... not an easy job! Sure they sometimes make mistakes, but most of the time they don't! We all have our prejudices � that secret NAZI inside us, edging us on in our prejudices! The trick is to shut him up!

Sure, there is some Police brutality; but there is also a much greater amount of black on black brutality and crime; Latino on Latino brutality and crime; Hispanic on Hispanic brutality and crime! That's why anyone, who doesn't live there, doesn't want to enter those neighborhoods � Ghettos!

The problem isn't so much the prejudice from outside, but the prejudice on the inside! A prejudice that creates gangs and groups that feed on that very thing to keep those Ghettos alive to favor them. That's why the drug trade is alive and well in those places; that's why crime and home invasions soar in those places! That's why illegal weapons are sold in those places � because everyone is afraid of everyone in those places, and trust is a foreign word!

The same goes for the religious Ghettos of whatever religions! I know, because I grew up in an all Catholic Italian Ghetto. If people weren't Catholic, then they were the enemy! So, it is easy to see why Islamaphobia has grown to such proportions, with a religion even more vehement in its views of others, outside the group! That hidden NAZI is popping up in everyone today, just because of all these groups, and the lack of integration, they breed, because of that secret NAZI in them!

Widespread integration is the answer; and, the realization in these very bigoted religious beliefs that people have to get along with other people � in other words, GOD is not a NAZI! He didn't put that NAZI inside of us � we did! If anything, He wants to take it out of us! He wants everyone, to see everyone, as just what they are: FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS; all helping each other exist in a world that can be a paradise, if we will all work together to make it that way!

When I say these things, I can't understand why people can't understand all this! But, when I get mad; when my own secret NAZI pops up, I see why all this happens!

But, in a way, we should all see this, for that very reason: groups breed hate, not love! The NAZI is inbred in us, because life isn't easy; or fair. An economy that takes advantage of this fact, doesn't help matters, either; neither do religions that seem to think that some people are better than others! Some of us are black; some white; some red, some yellow; some believe in one kind of God, some in another, or none at all � but underneath we are all the same! If we let the �group� destroy this truth in us, we will see that NAZI take its toll!

This life on this earth depends on ALL of us � globalization existed long before the capitalist mentality! We are one people; with many differences that take nothing from the fact that we are all, human beings! That is the only group, we should truly acknowledge!

The NAZIs lost; we won � let's forget them, and move on!


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1 I use the word NAZI, because they are a group that favors the superiority of the racially bred �better�, which they believe themselves to be. Thus, any inner thoughts (secret), we harbor that sees us as �better� than others, because of ethnicity, group or belief, instead of actions, I call �the secret NAZI�, here.

2 The Italians were called �greasers� (sometimes "greaseballs", similar to the use of the word "nigger" for blacks) by the Americans. Today, the Latinos and Hispanics are called the same thing derogatorily. People of the Anglo-Saxon race use this derogative name to emphasize the slicked down or �greased� hair that many Latin men once used. Hollywood even emphasized this in the old gangster films, they made, in the Thirties, with the �greaser� style Italian gangsters, who were anything but Italian! Funny, how people, who were supposed to be so bullied themselves, found it so easy to bully others! It just shows how that �secret NAZI� lives in all � even those who were themselves persecuted by the very same ideas!

3 When I was a teenager, my father's adventures became public knowledge one night on the �Tonight Show�(with Johnny Carson then). A guest Star that night, Jack Klugman (the Hollywood Star), who use to hang around with my father and his cronies, said that he use to steal stale cakes from that same bakery. He didn't mention my father, but my dad, and especially my mom, whose brothers ran the bakery, were all thrilled by the free publicity they got. Jack was a little kid in the neighborhood, who my dad use to make fun of, for going to music and acting lessons. He later felt foolish for that, when he saw all that Jack accomplished.

4 My father learned to become a Dental Technician.

5 Unbelievably, all of them got back home from the war, in one piece, without a scratch!

6 That neighborhood later got some publicity, when the �Rocky� series of movies were produced. Rocky was supposed to have grown up in my dad's neighborhood; and later, in "Rocky II", he moved into the neighborhood, where I grew up.

7 By the way, we got that man out of the street. We called the Police, who found out, he was a psychiatric patient, and they brought him to his Doctor.



Originally Published:

February 10, 2016


February 12, 2016