Gossiping, Rumormongering And Rabblerousing

(The New American Frontier) 1

Chaos! Chaos has become the theme of today�s brave new world 2 . And in the United States, where peace and contentment are suppose to reign, we are instead, seeing riots and people turning against their local governments! Now, all of this is pretty much the effect of the wonderful technological innovations of the Internet, cell phones and social media. And, let�s not forget, there is also present a new kind of journalism that is founded in gossip and rumors, instead of reporting factual events occurring in the world around us. See, we always thought that there was something called the �law� that was suppose to handle the kind of problems, where people hurt each other. But then we never figured on a corporation based, rabblerousing news media; or a type of technology that is founded on gossiping and rumormongering!

You see chaos is good for profits � Oh � and, also for creating that other profit maker � war! After all, what really created much of this chaos, especially, in other parts of the world? That�s right � wars; like a war to save another country�s oil preserves (so that they could raise the price of oil for us). Or, a war to keep non-existent WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) from being spread; or wars that took down vicious dictators, who actually were very pro-western and kept order in lands where order can only be kept through force. So, when all the wars were through, and all the dictators nullified or killed, what was the result? That�s right � chaos! Oh, and don�t forget those other results of these wars � a steep rise in our National debt; the cutback of social programs; austerity; and a rise in prices and taxes! Ain�t wars grand! Well, at least for some!

But let�s not get sidetracked. Chaos ain�t no good, unless it can be sustained and spread � and besides, you can�t start chaos in your own country with a war (that�s too expensive and risky) � so, that�s how we get back to those good old American chaos makers: gossiping, rumormongering and rabblerousing! And, of course, the technological advances (innovations, [sic]) that have brought them into the twenty-first century: social media and the good ol� press (at least, the rabid kind that passes for that today)!

The problem with the new technologies (media like Twitter, and Facebook, etc.) is their potential for harm. Why? Because the information they pass along may be wrong or outright lies, created to cause chaos! That was the whole idea of the press, a group of agencies that were created to pass along the true state of things through investigation and truthful reporting 3 . Instead, both the social media and the press have become hotbeds of gossip and rumors, and a way to turn people�s frustrations into violent actions. And, they have also found a way to instigate turmoil through dredging up the possibilities of prejudicial actions on the part of government or others, who hold special powers. Again, the problems are not showing prejudices, but showing real prejudices, and the motivations behind showing these prejudices!

So, for the press, chaos is something to cherish � it sells papers, creates �likes� on social media, and keeps their channels and websites holding on to viewers. The problem is, are the underlying causes real, or imaginary? And, who is all of this benefiting?

Law enforcement and the government were created to deal with prejudices, yet today, there are private groups that think that they are the ones who should investigate the allegations of prejudices, through using the press and the social media of the Internet. These groups, holdovers from a previous age, when America was struggling with the true effects of real prejudicial actions, have continued as a kind of �unofficial government agency� to actually precipitate chaos through using the technique of rabblerousing 4 . The result, not the quelling of riots, but an underhanded way of creating them, through the subliminal undermining of the trust in authority of any kind, except their kind. It comes down to the game of �who do you trust?� And, it also fosters the perpetuation of the myth that government is the enemy.

But then, we raise the question, is government bad? But, how can government be bad when our government is a government of, by and for the people? In other words, government is �We the People�!

See, we created democracy with the hope of creating: liberty, equality and fraternity; but the means we used to sustain the society of that democracy, used an economic system based on the opposite: preference, and an aristocratic hierarchy built on wealth. The result is that liberty, equality and fraternity are based on how much you are worth, dollarwise; in other words, how much wealth you possess! That creates two democracies: one preferential one for the rich; and a non-preferential one for the poor, and the Middle Class ending up sometimes in one, and sometimes in the other 5 . So, we end up with the eternal struggle between the �haves� and the �have-nots�, and two sets of �liberty, equality and fraternity�, one for the rich, and one for the poor! One without prejudice of any kind; and another with nothing but prejudices of every kind!

And, now to top it off, we can�t even trust the true conveyance of the news anymore, because the news is controlled by that democracy without prejudice, who makes its living off of the prejudices and chaos of that other democracy!

So, it all comes down to: �Who do you trust?�

Here we go again, �trust� that essential ingredient in all democracies and societies; yet it has become something so scarce in today�s world that we can not find it anywhere today; not even in Gods, who were premised to be everybody's friend 6 !

What is that old saying: �divide and conquer�; that is exactly what that non-prejudicial democracy, capitalism created, is doing to the prejudicial democracy on the bottom, because chaos is profitable. And the media, both the press and the technology inspired �social� kind are keeping it at full tilt, through the same old ways the �scumbags� of this world have always done it: rumors, gossips and catering to their own kind: the rabble!

So, what is the solution to all of this: unity; and transparency; not only in government, but also in the press. We must begin the integration of ALL our people into one democracy; a democracy where everyone not only has rights, but uses those rights to respect and consider everyone else. Today, the word rights is used as an excuse for everything from killing and maiming others, to robbing and stealing even people�s humanity from them. Bullying, name-calling, gossiping and rumormongering are not the domain of a democratic people or their press; nor is it OK if they are used to make profits! Today, in America, profits have become the new virtues, even more important and profound than decency! We cannot let economics destroy our morality. And, morality is something we all share equally, for without it, we have no society, let alone a democracy!

So we are confronting a new frontier in this society and democracy, a frontier that we ourselves have created. In fact, we are ourselves that frontier; shall we tame it, or shall we let it tame us? That is a question we must ALL begin to face!


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1 A frontier is a boundary. The boundary I mention above is a social boundary, a very important social boundary that will determine if our notions of democracy can succeed or fail.

2 Not only has chaos erupted around the world, in the Ukraine and the Middle East, but even in our own country recently, in the racial problems in Missouri.

3 What do you expect in a world where the Nobel Peace Prize is given to someone who starts wars!

4 Even religions are today getting into this type of activity.

5 It has also divided us spatially, into suburbs (�gated communities�) and inner-city ghettos; and again those no-man lands in-between, where the struggling Middle Class lives.

6 This has come about because Gods have become the private preserves of groups, full of prejudices, called religions. Just look at all the chaos they are spreading today, and even in the name of love!



Originally Published:

August 16, 2014


August 19, 2014