(The Wonders of Capitalism,

Or Where Used Car Dealers got their Reputation!)

�Once we assuage our conscience
by calling something a �necessary evil�,
it begins to look more and more
necessary and less and less evil.�

Sydney J. Harris

�There, little luxury, don�t you cry �
you�ll be a necessity by and by.�

Ezra Taft Benson 1

The myriad ways in which a �free� market economy is preying on society is growing by leaps and bounds as scared (scared by the recession they caused) capitalist �zillionaires� called �entrepreneurs� scurry to create markets, and even products based on deception, obsolescence and outright fraud. The result: the consumer has lost his identity, privacy, limbs, and now even his hopes and dreams to these �racketeers within the law�.

The latest that is breaking just now: cars that kill or injure their owners! Yes, a major car manufacturer has �recalled� millions of cars all over the world that can kill or mutilate their owners because of stuck gas pedals. To top it off many have paid a year�s salary, or more, for these sophisticated pieces of crap that capitalism calls �cars�! Of course they are under a warranty which guarantees that the �car� will be fixed in the next few months, if you survive taking it to the dealer!

What�s worse, many are paying mortgages on these junkers equivalent to mortgages on their homes, perhaps for the next ten or more years (of course by the time they own the piece of crap, they won�t be able to get parts for it, and its worth will be next to nothing! Another legitimate racket of capitalism at work again! [Notice the large number of exclamations in this essay, capitalism never seems to fail at wowing you in this big way! Like death, it doesn�t go down easy if you are on the consumer end of it! Why? Obviously, because it�s a racket!]

[I myself have a piece of crap by another major American manufacturer who actually told me (on its recall bulletin) that I should park the car away from the house because the car was likely to burst into flames just sitting parked outside, until it was fixed! The car was seven years old (you don�t get rich writing essays against capitalism) at the time !!! Opps! I guess a few thousand people died in the interim; well, che sara, sara, the capitalists have to make their profits!]

These gluttons paid almost 700 million dollars in advertising last year, to spread the word about how good their junk is, yet we have to pay a fortune for crap that is made so bad that our very lives are at stake driving it. 2

Why has the price on this offal grown to the astronomical size it has today? The answer is greed. In 1972 I bought a car from these same idiots for three thousand dollars, yet today the cost of the same model is close to twenty thousand dollars, and you now have the great advantage that you can die in the process of owning it, thanks to the tremendous innovations we have paid them so much for! What are these innovations? Power windows, air conditioning, theft systems up the wazoo, and stereo systems with all the features of theater, GPS, Navigation systems and smart back up devices; not to mention, air bags that can kill you and braking systems that are harder to control in a crash 3 . Does the average driver really need all this garbage to go from point A to point B? Really � all I want is a simple car that drives well and looks like � well � a car! You can�t even get a simple model anymore, everything is festooned with this electronic crap, that the monopolies of a �free� economy are shoving down your throat so they can jack up the price to astronomical proportions! Is this freedom? It may be freedom for the rich and famous, but it sure as hell ain�t freedom for the average working stiff out in the street!

[By the way, the �Tea Partiers� who laud this wonderful free economy, are now baulking at the five hundred dollar tickets for their latest meeting! The GO CAPITALISM! Signs have suddenly been taken down. It seems even the cost of �Tea Parties� have gone up astronomically. I guess that�s why stupidity is bliss. Enjoy your capitalism while you have it, it will kill you in the end; of course most of them are probably right now getting their cars fixed! You asked for it; they gave it to you, after all, �Hooray for me and to Hell with everybody else!]

Think about it, today you literally have to be rich just to drive a car. Between insurance (this topic needs its own essay), car financing (as expensive as a house), yearly maintenance, and the cost of gasoline and oil (WOWEE!!!) the car is the necessity that has become a luxury (the reverse of that ditty that prefaces this short essay) no one can afford any more. But think of all the millionaires and billionaires your enriching, doesn�t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over!

Well, this essay is over � that warm and fuzzy feeling has made me so sick I can�t write anymore!


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1 Quotes from The Readers Digest, Dictionary of Quotations.

2 I remember when I was getting my Computer Science degree we had an ethics commentary about technology as a sequel to some of our postgraduate meetings. One time a professor said in effect: �Don�t ever create a system controlled by a program that involves the lives or welfare of human beings because you just can�t guarantee that the system will always function the way you want it to.� Of course no one at that time thought that the greed of Capitalism would cause the revolution in crassness it has. What are the welfare of human lives when the bottom line is at stake? That is the greatest evil of this system, the complete abandonment of all human values. But gluttons never have enough.

3 Of course, the lobbyists who the Supreme Court gave free reign to in last week's decision to allow unlimited capital for monopolies to back their own political candidates will make it a given that these gluttons will get to kill even more people for their bottom lines! Hooray for me, and to Hell with everyone else!



Originally Published:

January 30, 2010


July 4, 2014