The Religious Club And Its Effects

(The Paradox Of How Gods And Love Always

Seem To Cause Wars)

� And the Lord spake unto Moses,
Again, thou shalt say to the children
Of Israel, Whosoever he be of the
Children of Israel, or of the strangers
That sojourn in Israel, that giveth any
of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely
be put to death: the people of the land
shall stone him with stones."

A vengeful Lord; The Holy Bible; Leviticus 20: 1, 2

[In the Bible quote from Leviticus, I site above, we hear a vengeful God tell his people to kill other people. Yet the God, Christ talks of in the New Testament, is a God of love and forgiveness! Is it any wonder, that such a book can be used to justify any conclusion, any interpreter finds, even with supporting evidence (as in the above quote) he can point to?

As I show below, religion evolved, as a process of control 1 , into a process to allow the love, every human is born with, to be used to unite humanity. But in achieving the final endpoint of this process, with the teachings of Christ, somehow His followers merely brought religion right back to the way it was before His intervention. This ruse, and its progression right into our own time, is what this essay is all about.]

In a previous essay, �SHAZAM!�, I talked about the �military industrial complex� 2 , that President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address to the Nation. But many thousands of years ago a much more insidious complex was formed to achieve the same effects: the �military religious complex�. And this complex, although never mentioned, and often only hinted at, is still creating and instigating the turmoil and wars it always did, through thriving in the hate and bigotry it generates through a so-called �love� it pretends to preach.

In the West, it began as early as the ancient Egyptians, who created a King that was a sort of God, and a general of the armies of the Nation. The Jews were another example that created a religious aristocracy that also fought their wars, and conquered other Nations in the name of their one God. This legacy was also passed on to Republics like Rome, who defended its Gods against invaders, and later when the Republic fell, the �Caesars� of the Empire declared themselves Gods to be worshipped.

But did this end, when the God of love, Christ, became the chief deity in the West? Surprisingly, not at all! In fact, it only grew even more prevalent. Christianity became the religion of the Empire under the Emperor Constantine, (The Great), who immediately started wars to consolidate this new religion�s power, in its own �military religious complex� (Christianity had become the official religion of the Roman Empire). During the middle ages, the Church�s hierarchy became tied to the ruling families of Europe, and became the inspiration for their knights to go out and conquer for their Kings, who became rulers sanctioned under the �Divine Right of Kings� 3 , which the Church pronounced to strengthen its hold over the mediaeval cannon fodder of the serfs and the poor. Yet this same Church, while burning people at the stake, for their own good, forbad books and �free thinking� in the name of a God whose signature was love!

The Pope, himself, the supposed representative of Christ on earth, turned his domain into a kingdom, the Vatican, and assembled his own army, to fight rebellious potentates and warlords, who defied his orders.

And then, the �Holy� Crusades came about, to invade the �military religious complex� of another religion in the East, that conquered in the name of �Allah�, their God! 4 The result: thousands of innocent poor died so a few religious orders of crusading knights and their Kings could get filthy rich from the pillage of thousands of other poor people in the East. And, as usual, the �military religious complexes� both East and West, prospered at the expense of the poor �true believers�.

So it went on through the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the new, once �heretical�, Churches of the Protestants doing the same thing: the Thirty Years war, the riots, the schisms: but always, the same result: the people on the bottom died; and the people on top, �God�s chosen�, prospered!

Even a complete fool who looks at a track record like that will say, �something seems to be wrong.� Yet �true believers� can�t see any contradiction; they can�t even see this glaring track record staring them right in the face � because they don�t want to see; because they have been trained since infancy to only see what they are told to see, and to believe only what they are told to believe � like a bunch of trained rats, trained to run into a fire at command. �Brain washing�, immediately comes to mind; worse, a type of �learned� mental illness!

Yet, as I mentioned in the essay, �My Disenchantment With Roman Catholicism�, footnote %, the Christian Churches secured the loyalty and fervor of the poor by keeping alive miracles and special rituals that were taught almost from birth, and fostered in the schools they attended. This also allowed this �military religious complex� to accomplish something else: the creation of the third world 5 � a slave world, taught, by the �religious� missionaries, to work and multiply for the aggrandizement of the Divine Kings and nobles they served, under the guise of serving God; and also taught to see poverty as a virtue instead of the misery it was.

Thus this third world, grown out of the "Divine Right of Kings", was passed on to the new �aristocracy of money�, capitalism created, and this slavery transformed into a �non-slavery� as bad as the former slavery was.

So we come to the present, where the United States came to the fore, creating a country, which proclaimed separation of Church and state, and complete religious freedom to all religious groups, even atheists and agnostics.

Unfortunately, this new �free� Republic conceived �in liberty and justice for all�, was actually conceived in a liberty and justice only skin deep, as its Declaration of Independence showed in including the phrase �all men are created equal� not �all men are equal�; the delimiter �created�, allowed for the exception of slavery that existed at that time 6 . Yet, this exception was supposedly cured by a Civil War that supposedly removed this blot on freedom until the rise of a new hidden slavery that arose at the turn of the twentieth century, with the birth of the Robber Barons, and their monopolies 7 .

Again, freedom and choice were in jeopardy, but this time, by the odd circumstance of providing too much for some. But where was religion during all of this?

Was the �military religious complex� dead?

No, it was, and still is hiding, in the same manner it always hid: behind a type of love that conceals judgment and condemnation as the elements of a God that �rules� instead of �accepting�; behind a type of club �unity� that binds through the opposite: division and separation. The results are: hate, wars and separation, the legacy that religion has given the world for some three thousand years in the East, and two thousand years in the �Christian� West.


Today, religion is coming to the fore again, in the same old way 8 , the way that has caused all the isolation, bloodshed and bigotry that the past has shown us. Again religion is trying to interfere in the organizations and policies that created the military religious complexes of the past, by itself becoming these same things.

The soldier metaphors, which Christ used, were used to emphasize the unity, loyalty and courageous self-sacrifice of the soldier, not the destructive purposes the state made of him. 9 The end result of war is the failure of the military organization, not its vindication. Christ separated government from religion, for this very purpose. Religion should never divide, but always unite in the unlimited acceptance it provides for all humanity. God is not a set of rules, but the hope of every human soul that humanity can once again see itself free of all the distinctions and problems this world continually makes for it. God is the hope for something better, we all continually search for, in a world that shows us the exact opposite.

Take the �religious� out of that �military religious complex� by seeing that love is not characterized by judgment, but by acceptance � the same unlimited acceptance we all strive for in lives so full of the opposite the world continually offers. If we cannot find acceptance in religion then where will we find it � in ourselves � for that is really where religions begin and end. Religion is not a �club�, but a place where we can share that same love inside of us, with every other human being, in seeing that all are the same. It is this �sameness�, that is the acceptance, religion offers. In seeing all the same, we acknowledge God, and we come to the conclusion that despite all the differences the world has heaped on us, we have found the single trait that makes us all truly human: accepting one another without judgment, however hard that may be.

The dogmatism of atheism is no different; nor the skepticism of agnosticism. Both are �clubs� the same as religions are. They separate one human from another, the same as the �organization� in organized religions have. They coddle �beliefs� into clubs that divide human beings, instead of bringing them together. They focus on the world of matter, when the �human� in a human being is focused in its mind. They are blind, in that they do not see what is common in every human as the same thing religions call their Gods.

Gods should only be characterized in one way: what is common among the human race that unites it, instead of dividing it. That is the sole characterization of its �being�, as a distinct entity. Love is the result of this entity in the human being, and the only manifestation of it. From this love, this entity is brought out and acknowledged. This primary axiom of humanity lies within everyone, so all are special. Through this characterization of this entity, one finds the hope that will allow humanity to move ahead with the hope of improvement, instead of the despair judgment breeds.

In this way, the paradox I stated, at the beginning of this essay, loses its paradoxical nature, and resolves itself into the harmony that the concepts of religion and �God� should always foster.

Religion is the science of the first axiom of the human being, the axiom that gives it the hope it needs to live life in the best of all possible ways � in the unity of a �human� race, brought about by the love in every heart.
Final Note!


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1 For more on this, see my essay: "Religion: Is It Becoming Just Another Name For Bigotry?"

2 Today, our Congress is still wrangling over a budget that was thrown completely out of whack, because of a ten-year �plus� war to fight, and invade a Tribal Nation, on the other side of the earth, that doesn�t even have an army! Yet now they want to fix the budget by taking all the needed social services away from the elderly and the poor (what they call �austerity�), while the huge corporations that prospered from all the profits they made from this war, paid back little, if any, taxes to the society that fought it! For instance, every time one of the thousands of jets used there, took off or landed, it cost the taxpayers what it would cost to support a thousand families that need our help right here in America! But what did this war accomplish � NOTHING, except make a lot of rich people richer! Yet the politicians all over the world keep talking about �austerity� measures that make societies pay for the benefits a few fat cats at the top continue to reap at their expense.

3 "A doctrine in defense of monarchical absolutism, which asserted that Kings derived their authority from God and could not therefore be held accontable for their actions by any earthly authority such as a parliament." This is a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica, fifteenth edition, 1989.

4 It is not surprising that in the East, Islam, founded in the same roots as Judaism and Christianity went the same way: schisms, wars and division into splintered groups all adopting the same style �military religious complexes� as the West built.

5 Today, they are still taking advantage of the third world; only now, they are representing the importation of illegal aliens into countries like the USA, to work for slave wages, as a way to protect these people! Instead they should be standing up for the rights of these poor in their own countries of origin, and trying to stop their oppression there; in the end, this is the same old slight of hand, used for centuries, being used again, to invest these religions with power over the gullible. See also my essay: "The New Dirty Word: IMMIGRATION", Footnote *

6 See my essay: �Populist Or Corporatist?�

7 New monarchs and nobles were installed, through the aid of ownership, to take the place of the old hereditary kind. A human�s worth was now gauged by how much he owned, rather than what his hereditary makeup was!

8 Wars, enacted through terrorism, are the new expressions the fanatical adherents of modern day Christianity (the IRA, and "Pro-lifers"), in the West, and Islam, in the East, are using to create the modern military religious complexes of these religions.

9 See my essay: "Essay on the Paradox of War and the Code of the Warrior".

Final Note! After reading this essay I said to myself: �But how do you finally change things?� Is it enough to change the attitude of people? Especially when the organizations, and dogmas of Churches are so firmly rooted in our cultures, and we find so many so tightly coupled to them?

I think the answer is to ground Churches in locations, instead of organizations. By this, I mean, bring the people to an �organizational place�, of sorts, a 'Church', where they can meet regardless of any affiliations to any organization, except, maybe, the organization of being human beings.

In this way, affiliations are not acknowledged or even mentioned, but only that affiliation to the human race we all embrace, as I mentioned in the Additional Notes Section of the ERRATA section of this site, in comments on "Religion: Is It Becoming Just Another Name For Bigotry?" In this way, people can come together to worship, or merely praise, the God, or idea of a God (even atheists and agnostics, in their celebration of the idea of the humaneness of humanity), of their choice in whatever form they deem appropriate for them.

Thus the meeting Hall approach will further the brotherhood/sisterhood approach to religion; and transform it, albeit gradually, into a new form of religion that has no dogma or doctrine, except the unity and harmony of all people, through love.



Originally Published:

June 15, 2012


July 26, 2014