My Take On Religion!

�I think, therefore I am."

Rene Descartes

�God help us from the 'God',
Religions created, to divide us from each other!"

J. A. Macaluso

These short statements (below) outline my own take on Religion (for my take on "God" go HERE); or, perhaps, "Religions"; as the plural seems to be almost as "enigmatic" as the singular; since it has been conceived, in this age, as being a strictly singular entity, yet has been implemented entirely in the plural (which only brings to the fore, even more forcefully, what I have to say about it, below). In line, with what Descartes says above, we cannot exclude rationality from us, because it, essentially, is what we are; then we must include it in any "Religion"; or that, that assumes "religious" status (that, which assumes the greatest Good for all), within us; so, I conclude with the following statements:

The four enigmatic axioms of Religions:

1. Religions are hierarchies, created to teach people to have no hierarchies?
2. God lives in all, yet He has created a clergy, that interprets Him for all?
3. God is love; yet he limits this love, by creating groups that, in their exclusion and exclusiveness, create division, hate and prejudice?
4. Religions divide, but God only unites... so, how can this be?

And, what I conclude from these religious enigmas:

Religion is a form of prejudice; that excuses it, and even transforms it, into a "Love", by making its cause a "God".

A perfect example of the blind leading the blind! But Love is never blindness, but an openness that sees all!

And what we should derive from this is:

God is Love!
So, we don�t need "Religion" as such;
just Universal Fellowship and the Golden Rule!



Originally Published:

February 15, 2015


August 16, 2015