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I Accuse!

Religion: Is It Becoming Just Another Name For Bigotry? 1

(The Hypocrisy of Religions that Offer only a Single Approach to God)

I can already see people lining up to attack this essay and me. But I have good cause to title this essay with this very controversial title, and very pertinent question.

Bigotry is inflexibility, a type of blindness; even worse, a person who is a bigot is blind, deaf and dumb to all ideas and viewpoints outside of the narrow one he has chosen. You cannot reason with a bigot, because he cannot hear or even see your side of the question; it really isn�t even his fault, because his mind is totally oblivious to anything outside of it. When he reads something he has already made up his mind before he reads, so his reading is inconsequential, or even worse, it just further shuts him off in his own little world of his ideas.

Today�s world, and the past History of this world, shows us that bigotry has in the past thrived, and still to this day, thrives in religious beliefs. The consequences of this have caused, and are causing much hardship and destruction to all the people of the world. Not only terrorism has spread through bigotry, but much worse, this type of bigotry causes the separation of peoples, and the division, not only of the different races, but of those of the same race, gender, and even the same basic religion. It has gone so far that even families can become estranged from each other because of it. But even beyond all of this is the scope that religious bigotry assumes. Since religions embody a specific way of viewing reality, a specific �world view�, very similar to a philosophy, they actually mold the entire lives of their participants within this �outlook�. Further since many religions have also assumed the task of training the young, they can create the whole reality of their adherents, from a very tender age onward. This is the very thing happening in the terrorist religious schools fueling the modern terrorist activities we see. But we don�t seem to see that there is also this same type of threat occurring in the West, in our country (the United States). It may not be creating �terrorists�, but it is creating minds steeped in ideas that are closed off to all other viewpoints but their own.

This has tremendous impact on Democracies like our own, where people of many different kinds, where people with many different ideas, have to not only live together, but have to cooperate and trust one another. How can we trust one another when religions tend to sow in our deepest thoughts, ideas that exclude and consequently divide us from others?

Often this divisive element is not even evident, and much worse subliminal to those holding it. Because it has molded their ideas and concepts on morality, right and wrong, and the ideas of what truth and meaning are. It allows them to effect their bigotry in ways much more heinous and deceitful, without them seeing themselves as bigots. They cause hurt and harm against those outside their group through slander and personal attacks. That is one of the real problems of this disease, a bigot can never know he is a bigot. In fact, confrontation of bigotry only ends in the reversal: the bigot sees you as a bigot.

Unfortunately, this all is the consequence of holding any system of ideas, where absolute and unchangeable authority is granted. What higher authority can there be than the sanction of God?

Today on this earth there are literally thousands of different religious groups, each one sees his beliefs as the �right� ones, and each one sees God standing behind their beliefs and only their beliefs.

Now do you see the kind of problem that has emerged, and the tremendous enormity of its consequences?

We all live together on this little planet, confined with people of many different ideas, viewpoints, races, creeds and origins. To survive we must all work together and cooperate; further to accomplish this we must all trust one another. How can we accomplish this when we create systems of beliefs that exclude all those that do not believe them? And further we create Gods that condemn, exclude or offer destruction to all outside these beliefs?

First of all we must understand that any God is a God that accepts all, without exceptions.

We must also understand that any God is also a God that works his ways through complete and total Love; that this is, in fact, the essence of God.

If we accept these two premises we see that there is only one God for all, and that he is approachable by all, by and through very many different ideas and methods. Religions must be viewed as ways to approach God; that God I have mentioned above. If we see religion in this way then there is no right or wrong ways, but only different ways. As long as they have the same result in view then all are acceptable. That result is to approach God through Love.

One other important point must be brought out. Today religion is again becoming more and more mired in commandments and rules of right action. Even Christianity is descending to the same fanaticism and cultism that once caused the Western world to be lost in what we termed the Dark Ages. We must not let this happen again. Law, no matter from where it originates, from the authority of God, or from the authority of man, is and never can be written in stone. Law is interpreted in the circumstances that determine it to be interpreted; and further, modified by these circumstances, in each individual case. Ultimately, Law is subordinated to, and modified by Love, which is the true essence upon which it is created. Only in this way can the human family, once again become a family, with one aim, which subordinates all individual aims to it, that aim being the ultimate definition of Family� Unity.

We have at this time some three thousand years 2 of failure to confirm the fact that the methods of religious groups on this earth do not work. Three thousand years of hardship, misery and destruction to confirm the fact that religion has in the main only assumed the very same roles that the governmental institutions of man have created. Three thousand years to show that the unity that religion held out to man will never come about as long as they continue to close themselves within doctrines and dogmas that practice exclusion of others. Three thousand years of deadlock caused by religions, by not accepting any other approach to God but their own.

This is the time for us all to face our ideas, to face our beliefs, to begin to see that it is high time we all face the problems of the world together. We can never do this if we exclude people because they have different views. And yes, people will always have different views than ours; this unfortunately is a fact that not only History has always showed us to be true, but that human nature shows us everyday of our lives.

Religion must, at all costs, not become just another name for an all-encompassing form of bigotry.


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1 By "Bigotry" I mean here, narrow-mindedness, or a mind closed off to all other ideas but its own. See also Additional Notes in the Errata Section.

2 3000 years since the beginning of religions both East and West; 2000 years since the inception of Christianity.


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Originally Published:

July 16, 2009


July 3, 2014