NOT Finding Answers!

Today's world needs answers, not guesses for the problems, it faces. Answers are methods, which make the problems go away, for all. They do not rest on beliefs (guesses, or theories that cannot be proven), but a method that makes the problem, it faces, go away, for good. What we should face up to, is the fact that our problems today, are the very same ones that all the generations before us, also faced; yet, they haven't gone away! Do you see something wrong here?

The problem is the belief systems and special interests that stop actual thinking. Religions have thrived on this very thing, because this type of system is based on the idea of the exclusive club (think some, not all), and the prejudice this unconsciously fosters in its members. �God� is an idealized dream, that is always �yet to come� � a reward that is waiting for its adherents, but never seems to greet them; that prize that the club promises you, if you follow its rules and ideas � yet never gives you, until you die! So, problem solving is left up to rule following and strict adherence to beliefs, even if the outcome is always failure � for �God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform� (even if they are, after your death, or never at all!)

Likewise, theories on politics and the economy thrive on beliefs � because, again, they are clubs that cater to the interests of the FEW, not ALL. Since the economy is �free�, there are no certainties, only predictive theories; and, political parties make their club members happy by catering to their needs � since all others are thinking wrongly, in their minds! So, here we are, surrounded by religious and political fanatics that can't understand why everyone else doesn't see things, as they do � even if the problems, they tackle, don't go away; Hell, they never have � for anybody! But, just maybe, these �paragons� should ask: �WHY?�

Yes, why don't their solutions work; and, why does every generation have the very same problems? In other words, why aren't those problems being solved?

But hold on; they are solved for those FEW, who we call �rich!� Oh, oh... do you see something crooked here? Today, that crookedness seems to be everywhere � and, yes, it has always been acknowledged; Hell, we even have a word for it � BULLSHIT!

BULLSHIT is that excuse, we find to cover up our failures, that should never have been! It's the word that says, �oh, don't worry about that, it's not important�; just like that word �populism� that is so popular in the press today; a populism that is held by the minority, even if the word, �populism�, itself, means the majority; but then what is the majority? It's certainly not that majority in �majority rule� (at least, in our last Presidential election); so, we see, what it really is: BULLSHIT!

This very same BULLSHIT has perverted everything Democracy was, or is suppose to be! It has stymied government, which was suppose to solve all the problems an unreliable economy1 caused for society, by inserting BULLSHIT as its favorite excuse! So, suddenly, ALL became instead the chosen FEW! So, problems remained unsolved; in fact, even unsolvable!

Now, I want you to think about this: is what we do for ourselves ever unsolvable? In fact, that's what reason was all about: solving our problems, by using the same techniques, we used to cause the problems! Yes, we cause the problems; so obviously, we should also be able to solve them! Thinking was the way, we were given, to do this.

Science grew up on this very thing; at least, the science before that modern phase of theoretical physicists, who create answers for unanswerable problems, like the beginning of the world2! Science was based on provable hypotheses; not beliefs that could never be proven! That is why real science progresses, instead of failing like Politics and Religions continue doing! The real problem is not the problems, per se, but us!

We have built a country mired in the self, and the self alone. We think of country as us, not we! That's why we have left so many behind; that's why the murder, crime and suicide rates continue to skyrocket; why the disparity continues to grow; why prices get so expensive that cars and houses are practically precious items, instead of necessities, we can all afford! The economy has turned us, all, against each other; while a government of ALL is mired in secrets, and ways to make the poor support the rich! We have even elected a showy, loud mouthed barker, who got rich not paying his bills, to be a President, who thinks he's a King � to the detriment and shock of our allies! And, as the economy begins to price itself out of existence, with store closings and more and more bankruptcies; and the Military-Industrial Complex tries to find another war (perhaps, even a nuclear one) to save a crooked economy that caters only to them, we sooth ourselves with the same old BULLSHIT, to make sure our problems never go away, so the people on top will continue to feed on us!

Yes, that is the state of our country (Union, sic.) today! The American Dream has become the way for us to sidestep those same problems that never go away, with the same old BULLSHIT, that has kept us from ever solving anything; except making us a country of, by and for everyone, but us! A country, becoming just another Third World, to keep the rich on top, by NOT finding answers to the same old problems!


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1 Yes, unreliable, because it is �free�; nothing that is free of restraint, can be totally reliable; especially, in a world that offers endless possibilities, any of which may end in disaster!

2 For example: Big Bang Theory!




Originally Published:

July 6, 2017


July 6, 2017