Is Privatization Freedom, Or Its Opposite?

�There is nothing in which mankind reproach themselves more than in their
diversity of Opinions. Every Man sets himself above another in his own Opinion,
and there are not two Men in the World whose sentiments are alike in every thing.
Hence it comes to pass, that the same Passages in the Holy Scriptures or the works
of the Learned, are wrested to the meanings of two opposite parties, of contrary
Opinions, as if the passages they recite were like our Master Janus, looking two ways
at once
, or like Lawyers, who with equal Force of Argument, can plead either for the
Plaintiff or Defendant.�

Dr. Benjamin Franklin, �On Titles of Honour� 1

Today, in America (in fact, in the world), the word freedom is on everyone�s lips; but the meaning, behind that word, means everything from true freedom, to its exact opposite � slavery!

How can this be? How can a word, with a definite meaning, be twisted into the exact opposite of what it was suppose to mean?

Here is a dictionary definition of freedom:

�1. The state or condition of being free; especially, the condition of enjoying civil liberty.�

Then follows fifteen other definitions of freedom, including:
�liberation from bondage or slavery� 2 .

So, how can freedom become bondage or slavery, as we mentioned in the first paragraph above?

Part of the answer to this question lies in the �context� within which we frame the definition. A definition, or what something is, is often determined not only by the thing itself, but also, by the situation existing at the time we create, or define that definition. A human being, would be defined as something totally different, if he existed in a world where he was the only one of his kind; that is, by himself, with no other human beings to interact with, or no other humans preceding or succeeding him. In that case, the definition of a human being would describe something which is the total opposite of what we today define a human being to be � eliminating all the familial, social and cultural aspects that are taken for granted in that current definition 3 .

Likewise our notion of freedom can be viewed in a similar way. If we define it in the context of say, society, the actual environment that exists that forces all individual humans to interact with each other, then freedom takes on quite a different meaning than it would, if we defined it in the context of only a single individual life, say, ourselves. This �relativity� of definition is today used in one of the oldest con games in history � politics � to deceive us into thinking that our elected representatives are actually working for the benefit of ALL our citizens, instead of the few special interests they really benefit that are hiding somewhere out of sight, motivating this deceptive word game they are playing with us. Dr. Benjamin Franklin alludes to this in the quote, above. Dr. Franklin, one of our shrewdest and most accomplished founding fathers of this country, knew the trickery and deceptions that the politics of his day were already creating to be the politics with which we are now living.

But there is even more involved in this con game, our present government is playing with us; and that involves the economy.

The term �Privatization� has become the new buzzword for freedom in today�s capitalistic economic environment; but it hinges on something totally at odds with democratic society, and the very thing a democratic society abhors: an aristocracy, an aristocracy, not of merit or even achievement, but an aristocracy of wealth!

This new freedom has become the cry of Wall Street, the street of dreams, as well as the life blood of the Oil, Communications and Energy merchants, who along with the government they have purchased to propagate this myth, declare this the greatest freedom known to man � and rightly so, since it gives these power merchants the freedom to enslave the rest of society, and use our public lands and resources as their own, to make the poorest people in society support a small group of swindlers and loan sharks 4 .

Now I ask you, is this the meaning that you thought freedom meant?

Of course not, mainly, because it doesn�t address the ALL democracy always means, but only the FEW that the aristocracy of wealth, in a country that deemed all aristocracy anathema, has created to enslave the population at large.

This irresponsible freedom of the few, contained in this word privatization actually means the opposite of freedom in the social sense; the only legitimate sense freedom must assume in a society of WE THE PEOPLE, which our founders created to always represent ALL the people, not just a FEW masters. Then, the question emerges, of whether this particular meaning of privatization was really the meaning meant in that idealized version of capitalism, the classical economists meant?

In the original idea of capitalism, as proposed in that revered treatise on the subject, presented by Adam Smith in his tome �The Wealth Of Nations�, privatization was always mentioned in the light of classic market practice; in other words, in the light of competition; this word meaning many (not a few or one) competing companies (or suppliers) bidding for the sale of their commodity or service, and thus, bringing the price down to a level where the society was able to afford said commodity or service. Nowhere is the idea of �cornering the market� applied, through having one or a few companies be the sole supplier of the said commodity or service! Yet today, that idea of a monopoly of specific areas of the economy, is not only common, but has become the rule in our supposedly free society! The areas I mentioned above (that of Oil, Communications and Energy in general), are at present the most pernicious, as they even prey on the rights and property of all consumers through indirectly taking advantage of the shared public rights of free passage, and even claiming the indirect ownership of private property, through right of ways, liens and easements, through the use of public, and even private property as their own, of course, supposedly, for the public good.

So, this new kind of capitalism, through monopolization, is really not a free enterprise economy at all, but a type of tyranny, under the control of a class of wealthy parasites that have made the science of economics a science of extortion. And, the wealth that has enabled this ruling class of masters to take over all free societies on the earth today, is not the result of merit, or any honest undertaking whatsoever, but, in the majority of cases, the investment of criminally obtained booty, in, what was once known as racketeering enterprises 5 ; further, they have even leveraged legitimate businesses, as the means to magnify this booty into huge fortunes to control whole governments, and to freely tyrannize all the free peoples of the world, in what has become a global free economic system!

Thus freedom, and privatization, with which it has become synonymous today, is really a type of fascistic swindle, perpetrated by a ruling class of criminals. And, WE THE PEOPLE have become its victims, while all along, singing its praises, because it gives one person in a million, the chance to rise out of the billions it makes forever poorer. That greedy dream of �making it Big� forever causing the human race to enslave itself, yet calling itself a type of freedom!


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1 See the essay: "Issue 7: The MEDIA And A FREE Society (The Anachronism Of A For-Profit Media)", footnote *, in the ISSUES series, for further thoughts on this quote.

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5 Look at the state of Mexico, to our South, where drug cartels have taken on the status of empires, because of the huge wealth they have accumulated through the illegal drug trade. Now it is working its way into the United States through the ploy of illegal immigration, and the lack of border security the United States has had for the last quarter century. See my essays: �An Open Letter To Our Leaders, WHY?�, �"Secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court" Beyond Phone Snooping...�, �Are We Still A Nation? (Something To Think About)�.



Originally Published:

July 27, 2013


July 3, 2014