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Issue 4:


When the United States declared its independence from Great Britain, in the Declaration of Independence, the charter document of the new Nation it was founding, it was also proclaiming the fundamental principles upon which this new Nation based its newly formed society: �Liberty and justice for all� 1 . And thus, it defined the basis upon which it would create the Constitution of this new country, which defined the rights, duties and functions of this new republic�s government and legal institutions.

The phrase �Liberty and justice for all� harkens back to the �unalienable rights� described in the Declaration of Independence, for all citizens, namely: �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.� They form the axiomatic basis upon which all judicial deductions arise. For all reasoning, even legal reasoning, must have an assumed, or given, basis upon which all else follows 2 . Thus the laws of the state depend on this basis as their original premise from which the rules for the harmonious functioning of the state relies. Within the �pursuit of happiness� lies the idea of possession, which assumes the existence of private property. �Private� here pertains to all individual citizens, as to their rights under the prevailing customs of commercial intercourse as to property, at the time the Nation was founded; that of a �free enterprise�, which, in turn, assumes the existence of private property.

So, integral to the rights set out in the Declaration of Independence is this assumption of private property. Now the most basic private property is that of the individual�s identity, and all that pertains to it as a distinct, unique identity that singles out that individual from all other individuals. It thus defines the individual uniquely, and therefore forms his or her most private property � himself or herself as the case may be!

Deeply enmeshed with this is the other right, named above, �liberty�. Since the free thought and the responsibility-bound action this liberty enables is bound to the individual thus defined, through this distinct identity; so privacy, or the seclusion of all that pertains to that identity, including this identity itself, and all its private property, is an important right for that individual, which allows this seclusion to take place. In essence, all that is private to that individual is all that he or she possesses, including that identity itself. Thus the right to privacy is itself a right guaranteed to all citizens from the unalienable rights guaranteed to all.

So, having seen the importance of privacy for the individual, why then are we losing this important right in our present society?

Because, today, in America, privacy is no longer private!

Again, this is the fault of an economy that thinks that everything is for sale, even the rights, duties and freedoms (including that right of privacy) of citizens. Combine this with the fact that this kind of free economy could not perform its one and only real social function: the support of all citizens in the society, and then, instead, you come up with its true function: to make great fortunes for some, and leave the overwhelming majority with nothing. So, it is now the job of government to take up the slack, by caring for those that the economy left behind, and have all citizens pay for this failure with a system of taxation 3 .

This actually began with the idea that private real estate property (land) was not private property at all, but a form of leased property, leased for the life of the individual owning it. By taxing property (again, land) itself, instead of the income, gain or resources produced by that property, private property suddenly disappeared, for everyone except those who had so much of it that they could make the rules for the dissolution of everyone else�s but their own 4 . Oh, private property existed theoretically, and even materially, in that it was called that; but in actuality, it was leased from the State for the lifetime of the supposed owner. But note, the phrase, �leased from the state�, makes it appear that the state is to blame for all of this, harkening back to those other �evil� economic systems: Socialism and Communism. But this is really not the case; for it is this new form of �free enterprise� that is really the cause, because it is not really free. Anyway, capitalism extended this 'leasing' to even non-real estate property, by the creation of that great capitalistic idea of letting people buy what they could not afford: credit. Thus all 'private' property gained the potential to be leased property, not really owned by the leaser at all; therefore not private property (see digression below).

So this �free enterprise� that touted such great freedom and opportunity for all, and was advertised to the tune of the great Horatio Alger myth: �hard work will overcome�, actually, failed miserably in its mission; and as a result of this great failure to serve all the citizens of the society it relied on to sustain it, it actually caused the birth of the so called �welfare state�, it scoffed at! But the greatest irony, or perhaps deception of all, was the need for government to go even further, and bail out failing monopolies, which because of their tremendous size (achieved through a bought freedom), and the very large number of employees they supported, would have a tremendous impact on the whole society if they failed. So suddenly, this great free enterprise is not free at all, but a burden on society, all for the purpose of making a few wealthy parasites feed off a society that is strained to the breaking point to keep them living as the masters they think they are.

A Digression: Owning What You Do Not Own (The Credit Industry)

Another deception, which has become one of the largest industries in the world today, is the Credit Industry. Just as private property is not really private anymore, but, instead, a governmental subsidy (through taxes) for the failure of the economic system to support all of society; so, credit has taken off as the new way to �own what you do not own.� The big problem is that if things do not work out quite right, the borrower may end up completely destitute, and the lender becomes just another subsidized parasite, which because of the size and widespread use of this industry, government cannot afford to let fail. Thus, who is the overall loser � you got it: the taxpayer, that great unwashed, who always foots the bills the hucksters create that they, themselves, cannot handle. So the monopolies have found still another way to use society to support them, while shrugging off all responsibility to support this endless whipping boy they tap at its expense.

This �racket� uses the weak spot that capitalism has fostered into a virtue (greed), to make it seem that the people thus allow themselves to have whatever they want, without really owning it. The problem is that when you come to the end of life, old age, (which there is no way around) someone must finally foot the bill for all the debts people have accumulated during their lives. And, most, unfortunately, have reams of debt to pay, and zero savings! So again, society must foot the bills, with aid that, once again, is paid for by the taxpayer!

End Of Digression

Another Digression: The Social Media Revolution (freedom or its opposite?)

The Internet and its Social Media have totally engulfed our younger people in this country, not to mention many of its older ones too. Fed by the news media�s corporations, it has become the way for many to destroy themselves, through putting their whole lives �on line�. Not only that, but it has also given power to the vilest among us to be able to cause hurt, in ways even their wildest fantasies could not imagine. Bullying, rumor mills, outright defamations, all caused through the power of money to allow the wrong kind of freedom to prosper: the freedom to hurt!

But even worse are the secret �in house� social media networks that have grown up within the largest corporations, where the same kind of rumoring and defamations are passed along in secret; where the help lines and public service providers are merging even the images taken of people shopping in stores, with vile rumors to defame unsuspecting people out of sight, and spread their filth unknown to anyone else except the large corporations that contain these networks. Here we have the ultimate evil perpetrated by man � the spying on citizens to distort their identities into their own destruction! Here we see how the riches of these corporations have created the ultimate evil of �Big Brother� to foster a secret spy organization within our country to destroy our people unbeknownst to them � an insidious domestic enemy within!

This is beyond the abuse of our privacy; these networks are a national menace, and an outright affront to everything America is supposed to stand for! Yet what has our government done to stop these practices � NOTHING! In fact, they have fostered them through the bureaucracies of lobbyists that exist in Washington to keep actions from being taken because of the threat of losing jobs. This is precisely the racket that the capitalist monopolists have grown in order to keep them inviolate from punishment by our government � their size (too big to fail), which should not have become that big in the first place � keeps them getting bigger, and more influential because their demise would end in destroying too many jobs! Thus, they have become necessities, even supported by our tax dollars, instead of the hazards they actually are. So you see how monopolization makes itself an evil that can�t be removed, but only spreads as its wealth grows. It now controls the demand for jobs, because there is no way to replace its demise! This is how capitalism has become a social evil instead of the social benefit it was supposed to be! Again, the FEW prosper at the expense of ALL!

Yet again, will what I say be understood? No, unfortunately not, because of the brainwashing of the uneducated and the lower classes 5 , who actually bear the main brunt of this deception they unwittingly support. The trouble is, you can�t talk to �true believers�, especially greedy ones, who have made all their dreams center on money, the very same fanatical fools who the rich and powerful are using to keep them on the top, while they keep these fools on the bottom, and even have them supporting them with their labor and tax dollars to boot!

The social media revolution is not a revolution at all, but a deception used to further entrench the aristocracy of wealth it was created to maintain. We, the PEOPLE are the fools it has enslaved, and further used to let the freedom to hurt grow, while the true freedom of democracy shrivels away without us even realizing what is happening to us!

But this is how the capitalist monster that we have created, right here in America, which has substituted this bogus freedom for the true one, works. Is it a conscious conspiracy by an enemy group? No; and that is what makes it even more insidious and destructive � it is not a conspiracy, but a process; and not by any single group, but by a whole segment of our population � a process that is keeping our nation divided from itself, and used by the upper classes to keep them just that, the upper classes. Yet wasn't that, the existence of classes, of any kind, the very same purpose this society was created to eliminate?

End of Digression

In reality, as I have shown before 6 , not only capitalism, but none of these �isms� work; and are, in fact, all ruses for the same deception: the rule of a few over the all of society; in other words, they all end in the creation of a Master-Slave society.

But, having seen just how this free enterprise, is not truly free; and, how this �private property� is also not private, but perpetually leased, we can now come to the subject of how privacy is no longer private.

I will begin with an incident of my own that occurred sometime ago. I came home from work early one day, to my row home in Philadelphia, which was situated in the middle of a block of attached row homes. I usually entered through the back of the house, walking up through the common driveway, behind the house, shared by all on the street, through the back yard which was fenced off with a four foot high cyclone type mesh fence. The yard was small, about fifteen feet in depth, with a small driveway in the center, flanked by some shrubbery on either side. To my surprise, there were men working in the yard! They were from the local utility company, the electric company. You see, the wires for the electricity, and other utilities like cable TV, were against the walls of the houses, on a level between the ground and second story levels (the houses were all two story homes).

At first, when I saw them, I got mad; I shouted out: �what are you doing on my property!� Then they told me they were from the electric company. Still, I told them they had no right to trespass without prior notice; they could at least give a warning that they were coming. But, they were right; you see, when you buy a row home in the city, you will find a clause in the deed, called an easement that allows utilities to place their property on your property (for the public good), and even service or replace this property, which is on your property, whenever they like (but, usually, at your convenience). This easement is a selling of your privacy to large companies whose private property has swallowed up yours (again, supposedly, for the public good).

But, today, this selling of your privacy to big companies has gotten totally out of control. It has gotten to the point where not only your private property is no longer private, but even your identity 7 is now a valuable commodity that no longer belongs to you, but is leased by you from these same corporations! By now, you should be saying: �Is this freedom?� Yes, it is capitalistic freedom 8 . The freedom of wealth to buy other�s freedom, including that vital right of privacy!

When you get a phone, and suddenly your �private� phone number is published in three or four phone directories, and, in order to get that private number of yours, private again, you have to pay several dollars a month � is that really a �private� number? Suddenly your whole life, including your very personal identity itself, is not yours at all, but owned by someone else, because they have more money than you do! That has become the new definition of privacy in America, the land of �freedom and justice for all�.

Does any of this sound any worse than Socialism, or that dreaded Communism that we all hate so much? The truth is, there is no difference between any of them, because they were all perverted from the utopian ideals they were founded on, into the perverse schemes to make a few masters rule over all others in that society!

Are you surprised? You should be, because when Don Corleone 9 , that fabled mobster, told his henchmen, in effect, ��the family will be legitimate in a few years� he wasn�t kidding, they are! And the racketeers and hoodlums now own all of us! So much for privacy, or even private property in the good old USA!

Your life, is not only not private any more; but is now, the most valuable commodity the hucksters own! Too bad, it no longer belongs to you!

And what is the politician�s answer to this: make big business even bigger! And let the people on the bottom, you and me, foot the bill. After all, we exist just to serve them � that is the new definition of freedom! Freedom for the masters, and austerity for the rest � government�s solution to all the problems America now faces 10 .

So you see why the technology of communications has now become the great salvation of the world; because it has become the new way for the masters to give freedom to everyone, and at the same time take all their freedom away; because they now can redefine the word privacy into something that will make them all rich � on your work, your private property and even that identity of yours, you no longer own!

�Freedom and justice for all?� � NOT!

It is time the American people redefine privacy 11 , according to the way the phrase, �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�, in our Declaration of Independence, meant it to be defined, equally for ALL. It is time all the deceptions that parties, organized religions and a crooked economy have perpetrated on us to make us a bunch of slaves, beholding to a few autocrats, ended. We can go on and let the racketeers own us body and soul, or create a country where there are no more paradoxes: where freedom is freedom; private property is private; love is love � not judgment, and privacy is truly the unalienable right it was meant to be!

Let freedom ring once more in the land of the free; as it was meant to! A freedom not based on a FEW, but ALL Americans! A freedom, where every citizen has the privacy needed to be free!


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1 I explain the genesis of this phrase �Liberty and justice for all� in the essay: �Issue 5: The Supreme Court Of The United States�

2 See my essay: �Speculations Into The Origins Of Reason (Where Free Will Finds Its Confirmation)�.

3 Of course, there are also other considerations that make taxation a needed part of any society, for example: defense; but, in the main, this failure of the economy is one of the major considerations today in our 'free' global societies. And, it is this failure to provide full employment for society that brought to life the derogatory term, "Welfare State", which, curiously enough, is often used by the capitalists' adherents as a defense of capitalism and all it values!

4 It is interesting that, today, as the American people are extorted out of their hard earned money at the gasoline pump, the privacy of the land these criminals are using to steal from us, is not brought into question: it seems that the private property of the common people is continually violated with all kinds of taxes, and easements, but the ownership of their private lands, and their use as a criminal extortion racket is not really taxed at all; instead the government taxes our usage of gasoline which we buy from these extortionists, whose ill gotten gains are not really taxed at all! See, they can own your private property (for the public good, of course), but you can�t own theirs! This brings to light the fact that capitalism has become nothing more than a huge extortion racket that is holding a whole country for ransom! This is what happens when freedom is bought and sold. Society becomes the fall guy.

5 This phrase "lower classes" sticks in my craw, everytime I say it; how can it even exist in a society where "all men are created equal"?

6 See my essay: �Why? (The Story Of The Package Deal) �.

7 Because of the new technology, this also includes your images and other forms of media that capture your privacy to be used for the gain of others.

8 This freedom to live off other�s private property has primarily come about because the new form of capitalism is now one which includes monopolization, which, in essence, eliminates free enterprise, the true basis of capitalism.

9 The lead character in the movie �The Godfather�, Copyright � 2007 Paramount Pictures.

10 See my essay: �Why? (The Story Of The Package Deal).�

11 �Redefine� means the passage of new laws that make the collection and even trading of private identities and private data of any kind illegal; or, at the very least, making the storage of private data pay royalties to the true owner.



Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

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December 29, 2012


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