Corporate Fascism!



Populist or Corporatist?

A Message to the Tea Party Patriots

(Government is not the Enemy; Wealth is)

"'Don't Andre!' she begged him.
'You are insincere, you know'
'Of course I am. Do you expect sincerity in man
when hypocrisy is the very keynote of human
nature? We are nurtured on it; we are
schooled in it, we live by it; and we
rarely realize it. You have seen it rampant and
out of hand for the last four years -
cant and hypocrisy on the lips of the
revolutionaries, cant and hypocrisy on the
lips of the upholders of the old regime;
a riot of hypocrisy out of which in the end is
begotten chaos.'�

Andre Moreau, the main character in Sabatini�s �Scaramouch� pours out his disgust with the hypocrisy of Revolutionary Politics. From: �Scaramouch�, by Rafael Sabatini 1

Mass movements begin in chaos; just as revolutions do. But, in time, order is introduced; but it must be the proper order, or the results can be disastrous. We all know where the French Revolution led: from liberty, equality and fraternity to� Empire � as did the Roman Republic. Power corrupts! And the beginning of power is the influence of money!

We Americans were lucky; America was founded by patriots dedicated, not to the power of wealth, but the power of ideals that represented ALL. In a way, they overcame the hypocrisy of their time (for instance the practice of slavery), by realizing that the slavers themselves must first become free to finally free everyone else. It did not come all at once, but grew gradually, into a second revolution that did not end until the present time, with Martin Luther King. But it was the spirit of Washington, and people like him, who could see beyond the failings of their own time, to times that would come about through the right ideals. Ideals live beyond the men who forge them; they live in convictions that seek the universal truths that affect all human beings. That is why revolutions must be forged in the right ideals; that is why freedom must be earned not given.

Can a republic, of, by, and for the people, create the proper ideals? Or will it warp these ideals into what is right only for me? The people of Washington�s day had to deal with their society; we must deal with ours. In Revolutionary days, human beings were bought and sold; yet people felt and decried the problems of indentured slavery and poverty� from this, the Declaration of Independence was formed, a masterpiece for its time; yet flawed by a single essential word, the word �created�. �All men are created equal�, not just equal! That seeming slip was the justification of slavery, which sadly, existed at that time. So we see how the times can affect even the ideals of people. We all live within our own times. The ideals of today, must form our ideals, and today all men and women are not just created equal, but are equal. We have created a society of truly ALL the people, of whatever type they may be, and we have conquered the hypocrisy of bigotry implied in that word �created�. Therefore, we must also create the ideal of freedom that includes all, unlike the flawed document of Independence that gave freedom only to those who �remained equal�, thus excluding slaves.

Likewise, Hitler and Mussolini used phrases like �Work will make you free� to beguile the people of their day into believing that they were for all the people; but of course, it was only certain people, not really all (Jews need not apply). So how can we know when all really means ALL?

How can we distinguish a Tea Party to fight oppression, from the British East India Company 2 that was itself the embodiment of oppression? That is not so easy, when grassroots populist parties become the party of wealth and influence. When we see parties and agendas, instead of issues, taking the lead, we can be sure of one thing: privilege and special interests.

Issues affect ALL, while agendas are the stuff of ideology and beliefs that only affect those that believe them. A flat tax may have seemed appropriate in the time of the England of workhouses and slavery, (both monetary and racial), but today it is just one thing: a ploy to make the wealthy keep their wealth. 3 Responsibility is no longer responsibility if it does not include ALL; instead it becomes an excuse to blame all the problems on the group who is not �equal� yet (only born that way).

If losers are accepted by society, then equality never occurs, and that word ALL loses all its meaning. All means ALL, not just the ones we favor. Just as real freedom without that real all is nothing but a hoax. Citizens are that ALL, and being citizens give them that privilege. That is what both Washington and even Eisenhower knew, as did all real soldiers who found out only too often that the battlefield was the place where that all emerged. These two presidents both tried to tell us what that ALL really was, in their farewell speeches to the Nation they loved.

That is what agendas like the Tea Party Movement must be wary of; if it indeed will become the representation of ALL, and not just an all that represents only a few. If it grounds itself in real issues it can escape the trap of ideology and partisanship; but if it relies on making government itself the issue, instead of who controls it; and why they control it; then they will lose themselves in the same stupidity that Rome and revolutionary France lost themselves to, the stupidity of mistaking the few for ALL.

As soon as we see an �I� instead of that ALL, then we have fallen into the trap. Government is the voice of ALL in any democracy; it can never be itself the enemy, merely the tool of the enemy of ALL. In any democracy money is power, and power is the government that the few use to subvert the ALL, the people represent.

The only ideology of a truly free people is that ALL; for that is what democracy, and even society itself is: ALL.

Remember what Bacon, the founder of scientific inquiry said:

�If we begin with certainties,
we shall end in doubts;
but if we begin with doubts,
and are patient in them,
we shall end in certainties."

If you believe in the certainty of the evil of government then you will deceive yourselves into tyranny. Government is not the enemy of the ALL, but it can be the tool of the few to change that ALL into the few. And that is what is happening in America today. Increasing disparity and poverty favors only that few, who will only use the increases they gain to further use government to create more disparity and poverty. If we lose that All to the few, and to the wealth they use to destroy our government's favor of the ALL, then we have become the slaves of that few. 4

The Welfare State is society; the society of a free people, that assumes the responsibility for All, and leaves no one behind. A people who value ALL, because cooperation and trust, the mainsprings of society, depend on ALL, not just SOME.

No, Tea party Patriots, the poor are not the villains. There is but one certainty about government, known since ancient times: power corrupts; and power is the handmaiden of wealth. If you would root out corruption, follow the money! If you would champion democracy, support our PEOPLE, ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST THE WEALTHY FEW!


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1 �Scaramouch�, by Rafael Sabatini, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, New York, 1921.

2 From 1600 to 1873 this corporate monopoly created a military-industrial complex that forged a policy of imperialism in Britain. After numerous wars and battles utilizing its own private army, it became a government agency to manage British colonial policy.

3 This was J. S. Mill�s fix for entitlements in his day of workhouses and slavery. But his day is not ours! We are a democracy not an imperialist monarchy.

4 Look to whose pockets have been growing, in our fiscal meltdown; not the poor, disabled or the aged, but the mega-wealthy, and their corporations. With gasoline at $4.00 a gallon, look at why war has become such a lucrative business, and a motivation to continue in unending warfare. Is democracy the true motive for all the turmoil, or, more likely, an endless way to keep Americans feeding profits with their tax dollars? Do you think Big Business wants the wars to end? Or, for that matter, why it took so long to find Osama Bin Laden! Follow the money that will lead you to the root of all government evil.

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Originally Published:

June 8, 2011


July 3, 2014