The Two Poles

�I can remember way back
when a liberal was one who was generous
with his own money."

Will Rogers

�Liberty is a boisterous sea.
Timid men prefer the calm of despotism."

Thomas Jefferson 1

As Thomas Jefferson mentions in the above quote, it is always easier to have someone else make your decisions for you. But then true freedom does away with this. Today, there seems to be more people than ever before deciding our fates for us; why?

There always seems to be two sides to any issue. Just as black and white become polar opposites that seem to be irresistibly irreconcilable; so all aspects of life seem to have polar extremes that are forever cut off from the other �contradictory� pole. In politics, one side is called the conservative side, the side resistant to change, and the protector of the individual�s freedom through limits to government and expansion of the �free� economy. While the other side, often called liberal, is the protector of society, through the limiting of special �individual� interests through government, and laws that reign in the boundless limits that the individual will can assume in its economic adventures. These two polar extremes that, at first, seem irreconcilable, are in reality not at odds at all. Just as black and white are only extreme values at the two sides of the color spectrum that shows a limitless number of intermediate colors �in between�; so in the social and �political� issues of a society, liberal and conservative are only extreme values that are not �exclusive�, but instead vital elements that are combined to form a broader outlook that encompasses all the members of that society and all their individual wants.

A society is made up of individuals with needs and wants. They have become a society because they realize that only through society can they have the possibility to form a coalition that will be able to fulfill the satisfaction of these same individual needs and wants. The liberalization of the conservative needs and wants of the individual, 2 is the creation of society itself, and its regulation through government. The capitalistic economy ignores society in its fulfillment of the wants of the individual, and that is the very reason that it needs government to regulate its actions; at the same time, the capitalistic economy cannot exist without the society that consumes its products and services, therefore the conservative �individual� freedoms can only exist through a liberalization of these same freedoms so that they do not damage the society that has made them realizable. So we see that for both sides of society to prosper: the social whole; and the individual and its wants; an impartial regulator is needed; this regulator is government.

Our democratic society, in the United States of America, is presently undergoing the effects which the loss of governmental control has incurred due to excessive reliance on individual freedom at the expense of the societal whole. The result is the destruction of society due to the effects of the unlimited wants of the special interests of small groups, which excessive emphasis on individual freedom has brought about. Monopolies and the �wealthy few� have allowed their needs to create a disparity that has changed a democratic society into an oligarchy. The supposed �freedom� that this conservative emphasis on individual rights has created is in actuality the reverse; the loss of all individual rights, and the tyranny of society through the corruptions of government brought about through the might of economic power. On the other hand, the ploy of liberals willing to allow their generosity with other people�s prosperity (as Will Rogers guffaws above) to cripple government shows a ploy to hide the special interests with showy �maneuvers� that, in the end, only decrease the same people they are meant to increase. Further, the greatest threat to society exists through the gradual steady disintegration of trust this is bringing about between the people, and the people and their government in this great land of ours. Our people are starting to realize that political slogans and partisanship are ploys to disguise the greased palm of deceivers on both sides of the political aisle.

The very existence of parties, that have institutionalized ideologies based on non-existent concepts that are neither autonomous nor all encompassing in their outlook, has hoodwinked our society into division and outright collapse, in order to favor the greedy wants of a few gluttons.

The solution of this mess which the privileges of the economy has created at the expense of society, is to allow government to bring about an end to an economy that has gone �out of control�; and build equity and responsibility to society through the use of responsible taxation and income limitation for both individuals and corporations. Measures such as full employment, the breaking and banning of all economic monopolization, the limitation of immigration, the banning of off shoring, and the vigorous pursuit of social welfare programs is the only way to ensure the responsible freedom of a people that believe in justice and equality for all, not just the wealthy few. Economic despotism is not �freedom�, and can, and should never become the kind of freedom the United States of America represents.

Conservatives and liberals should discard these deceptive terms which were coined with the special interests of the few in mind, and realize that all individuals must vigorously defend the rights of society as a whole in order to sustain the individual rights our constitution represents. Either we share our prosperity equally, or the supposed freedom we have is a deception for a tyranny of wealth. Tyranny of any kind is not a part of our democracy; and monopolistic freedom is not freedom at all, and never will be such.

Conservatives must realize that our founding fathers were the �liberals� of their day, for they sought out a society that would sanctify the individual freedoms our Declaration of Independence guaranteed. While liberals must see that it is the conservative establishment of these freedoms that allowed this society to become the reality it became. We, as citizens are both, since in making this Nation prosper we must use both to build a government that is both fair and impartial and allows all our citizens to prosper. It is time we stop our in fighting because of special interest, and unite to allow a prosperity that includes all.


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1 Quotes from The Reader's Digest: A Dictionary of Quotations.

As in Jefferson's time this is never easy; today it will mean we will all have to learn to live with less so all can live better, and become truly free.

2 By the phrase, �conservative needs and wants�, I mean those rights that �conservatives� hold most dear: these are the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to free religious belief, and all the �inalienable rights� guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

By the phrase �liberalization of these conservative needs and wants�, I mean that these must be made freely accessible and freely obtainable to all citizens; this is something, which the economy denies, through its insistence on the condition of wealth or capital, as the determiner of the means necessary for the satisfaction of these rights. It is the job of government to allow this liberalization of these rights to take place by ensuring that socioeconomic status does not make them impossible to achieve. It does this by neutralizing special interests, and by making a minimum subsistence level available, whereby all citizens can always be assured of the satisfaction of these inalienable rights.

Conservatives and liberals can therefore see that this scenario creates a truly �responsible� freedom, a freedom which hinders no other freedom. The capitalist economy negates this, by always allowing wealth as the vital condition upon which freedom hinges. In this way, it does not create freedom, but a tyranny of wealth; the exact opposite of the freedom the conservatives value so dearly.

If you understand the preceding explanation, you will see that all social freedom must be a compromise of sorts; it must allow that in the situation where one person�s freedom impinges on another�s, both must give up some, to allow all to have the same freedoms. Further, that the opportunities for the exercise of these freedoms must be funded by the society in cases where there are unavoidable deficits due to age or hardship. This is the very purpose of society, to alleviate the harsh reality of fate, which sooner or later will strike all.

Often conservatives blame the �liberality� of liberals for being overly generous to those that must rely on government to help them through social programs; they fail to see that it is capitalism that is really at fault here, because it does not provide society with full employment. On the other side, liberals see conservatives as overly �frugal�, and scrooge-like in their repudiation of government �waste� in social programs; here again, there are people who live off the fat of the land, and these must be recognized and punished appropriately (today, capitalism has also created a class of rich parasites who are living off the fat of the land; these must also be held responsible to society); but, overall, it is the �responsible� combination of the conservative and liberal attitudes that should shape government and allow it to compensate for the vacuum that capitalism creates in creating jobs, and the growing disparity that is denying the basic rights of this nation to many of its citizens through the bondage of poverty.

But even more than this, capitalism has created a tyranny within the workplace; a tyranny of the employer over the employed where the God given inalienable rights given to all under the Declaration of Independence are excluded, and the employer has complete control over the welfare of the employed worker, his family and even their beliefs, through the economic stranglehold he lauds over them in allowing them to work for him. This economic tyranny is being further increased today through the slander and bigotry that this system has amplified through the social networking systems, and third party human resources departments that spread rumors and gossip about workers. Thus the slavery of the workplace is a very real slavery; and negates all the supposed freedoms this country is supposed to guarantee. But the political parties do not proclaim these facts to the citizens of our country; instead they hide them beneath the �imagined� attacks on the �so-called� governmental abuse of freedom. This hiding of the economic tyranny of capitalism, and the proclamation of its phony freedom is the greatest deception that these political parties perform; and it results in allowing the abuses of this economy to continue and even be sanctioned by the corrupt government they are fashioning to support the economic slavers. Until the freedom of the economy includes the real freedom of the working citizens of this country, we will all be the slaves of this Economic Fascism capitalism has created. It is not government per se that is destroying this country and the world, but the economic fascism capitalism has created and spread throughout the world under the guise of a hypocritical liberty and justice for all; the same that has denied the workers of this country free speech, free belief, and even freedom of worship in the workplace at the risk of their prosperity and the prosperity of their families.



Originally Published:

January 27, 2010


July 3, 2014