A Plea To Our Government!

What has happened to the ALL, The United States of America was suppose to represent? With the official introduction of �In God We Trust� as our official motto; and the new version of our Pledge of Allegiance, with the words �under God�, America has breached two of its most sacred oaths to its people:

1. The separation of Church and State.
2. The right to believe whatever you like, as long as that belief does "no harm" to others.

As a veteran myself, knowing many veterans, who believe in no God, or cannot confirm a God; the first does dishonor to them, as it does to the many veterans, who died serving this country, who were atheists or agnostics. Also, what "God" does this endorse? An "Allah", who the radical terrorists love, killing all that do not believe � a "God" of hate and horror? He is a "God" too!

So this "motto", and the Pledge of Allegiance is not only offensive, but ambiguous, in not stating who this God is! Not only this, but, having the �In God We Trust� on our money, may even make one think that that "God" is Money � is that what we want people to think? I'm sure, there are many, who already think that!

Freedom of thought is a basic freedom, no one questions! Can we now say that the American government forces people to think what THEY, the government, wants them to think? The most atrocious of Tyrannies does not even attempt this; yet, our FREE government, has not only attempted it, but stated it, as one of our enduring freedoms!

There are two solutions to this �bigotry�, or prejudice disguised as FREEDOM!

Make a change, and identify that God as a God, who ALL Americans recognize!

Perhaps, we should change these statements to this:

�In Love We Trust�

and "... One Nation under the governance of love"
in our Pledge of Allegiance!

Too wimpy? Maybe; but, in a world, where everyone is killing everyone else, in the name of some God; putting trust in that named "God" or "non-God" (anyway they want to see it), Love, who everyone knows, makes WIMPY look pretty damn good!

Bring back our TRUST in our government! Show the world that America is NOT a tyranny, disguised as a Democracy; change this motto and pledge into things that represent the ALL America was suppose to represent, NOT the farce America has become, in discriminating against its own citizens, even those, who defended it, and gave their lives for it!

August 8, 2015