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Issue 11:
PETS For The Wrong REASONS!1

I lived in the big city for over fifty years � high costs for everything; overcrowding, and neighbors, who thought that they could do anything they liked, whether it hurt or bothered others, finally made me move to a small city, in the Western part of the State.

Peace and tranquility was what I was after. And, I thought I had found it, finally! But I was wrong, even in this secluded area, I lived in, the same type of people lived � people who were inconsiderate, and thought that they could do anything they liked � and, their accomplices, in this, were their pets!

I have had many pets over the years, cats and dogs, but they were not a nuisance or menace to others. The last pet was a big dog, a German Shepard, Labrador mix, who we called Zephyr. We also had a small motherly cat, who use to sleep between Zephyr's paws. Zephyr, although rather large, was an indoor dog. We took him for walks, and to the parks for his exercise.

Zephyr rarely barked, and when he did, it was in the parks or in our house, where only we could hear him. We called him �the laughing dog�, because of the way he would look at the cat, and then look up and laugh with a panting face! We loved Zephyr and the cat � that is why we kept them!

But people, today, don't get pets for love; many get them, for what they call �protection�! And, the side effect of this is that these pets cause all kinds of Hell for their neighbors! These animals are left outdoors, day and night, even in the worst storms � and they let out a tirade of howls and barks, at everything that moves! They jump at their fences at the mere sight of a human, trying to tear him or her to pieces! These animals are taught to be vicious to anything, but their masters, so they are a threat, if they escape or are let loose.

The other reason that people get pets today, is for their kids. Kids love pets, especially when they are small; and they are good for them, because they teach them responsibility to others. But, kids grow up; and then the pets are just thrown into a yard, where they spend the rest of their lives; so they too, become a burden to the neighbors. Just like the pets above, they are left out, day and night, to bark and growl, and torment the neighbors!

This is what I call getting pets for the WRONG REASONS! There is only one reason to get a pet: love and companionship.

But what people fail to understand today, like in so many other areas of this �free� society, is that pets are a responsibility, not only to you, but to everyone around you ! We live in a society, not alone! That means that we have to be mindful of what we do, not only as to the effect on ourselves, but also as to the effects on the people around us � our neighbors! If we don't do this, then we cause all kinds of trouble, and society becomes chaos!

Also, there is another problem today � the laws � in regard to pets! Pets must be protected from harm and torture; but, what seems to be forgotten today, is that pets also cause harm and bother to others, and this is taken all too lightly by law enforcement.

If I went outside, and started screaming and ranting, at the top of my lungs, for an hour or so, the Police would come and throw me in jail, for disturbing the peace! But, if pets are left outside to bark and howl at night and day; or growl at every person walking past a house, the worst the owners get is a ticket or warning, at most! It seems that pets (and pet owners, the bad ones) actually have more rights than humans today!

There are people, who work at nights; there are old people, like me, who just want peace and quiet; all of us should have that peace, especially home owners, like me, who pay taxes for their properties so they can have the peace of a community, who takes care of itself, by ALL, looking out for ALL! That is why we have cities!

Pets are a great gift, ALL should appreciate; but, today, they are being made into vicious, harmful troublemakers, because of negligent and vicious owners getting those pets for all the wrong reasons!


Too many people are getting pets for the WRONG REASONS; it's time this STOPPED! Rage, in humans, is something to be loathed; but rage in pets, toward humans is even worse! Rage, in pets is something that should never be taught; we have law enforcement and private weapons to protect ourselves:


Let's start taking responsibility for our actions, and the actions of our charges. Pets are a way to show love, not a another way for the vicious to cause mayhem! Having a pet is a responsibility; let's make laws that make sure that this responsibility is assumed by pet owners. The only reason to have a pet is love; not, something that generates hate, because pets are not weapons or threats!


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1 �The pursuit of happiness� is a right, we all have under the Constitution; but it is also a responsibility, we share with others. If we forget those �others�, as many, with pets, are doing today, then no one will be happy, and we will torment each other into losing this right for ALL.

2 Let me recount a little personal story about this topic here. When I was about sixteen years of age my dad brought home a couple of puppies, a friend had given him. We kept one, and gave the other to a friend of mine. Over the years, my father became very attached to this little dog (he was a cockerspaniel, chihauhau mix), who we named �Champagne�, because my mother thought he was the color of champagne.

Later, when I was in professional school, we (I and my parents) went one summer Sunday, to our apartment in Atlantic City. My mother, always the business woman, had purchased a small duplex there, in a somewhat seedy neighborhood that was only a block from the beach. She had rented the lower apartment to a stewardess, so we were able to afford the mortgage, and had a place close to the beach and boardwalk for summer outings. This was all before the casinos came to Atlantic City, and the real estate became unaffordable.

That Sunday afternoon, my father took Champagne for a walk, outside the apartment. About fifteen minutes later, he came back, all disheveled, with Champagne bundled in his arms! I had never seen my father so distraught. He said that he had walked the dog around the corner, where a large parking lot was. The lot had a watchdog, a large junkyard type vicious dog, guarding it. My dad always walked the dog without a leash, since he knew the dog was no danger to anyone. As soon as the large junkyard dog saw our dog, he charged him, and went for his throat. He picked Champagne up like a little doll, and shook him in a death hold, by the throat. He ripped Champagne's throat wide open � so you could actually see the jugular vein. My dad and an attendant finally got the dog off our dog. Unbelievably, our dog was alive, but in a kind of shock. My father was also in shock! So, there we were in Atlantic City, on a Sunday afternoon, with a dying dog, whose throat was ripped open.

We knew, everything was closed, so I said, �why don't we take him to the (human) hospital!� So, we did! The people there looked at us, as though we were crazy! But, one person told us to go around the side, where the interns and residents lived, and see if any of them could help. We went there, and met a lady who was a resident's wife. She told us that her husband was a Psychiatric resident at the hospital, and she would tell him to help us.

That day we watched as this psychiatrist in training sewed up our dog. He put in about forty stitches. We didn't know if Champagne would live, or not. He told us to bring him to the veterinary hospital, first thing, Monday morning, which we did.

Champagne lived, and got better, thanks to this kind man and his wife! The vets redid the stitches, and filled him up with antibiotics, so he lived out his life with us. And, the lot attendant said that they would pay for all the Veterinary bills incurred!

This all happened, because people thought that dogs should be made into weapons! This is to me a very bad thing. No dog should ever threaten a human life, or even another animal's life. Pets are companions, not weapons or guards. Life is a sacred thing, and animals should never threaten it, with a human's approval. Animals follow the laws of nature; in making them pets, we should try to subvert those laws of �survival of the fittest�, and try to make them the hospitable companions, they can be.



Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

Originally Published:

April 25, 2016


April 26, 2016