The �Paper Moons� Of Life
(The Obstacles To Change!)*

Paper Moon

"...It's a honky-tonk parade...
it's a melody played in a Penny Arcade...
it's a Barnum & Bailey world,
just as phony as it can be..."

Song: �Paper Moon�

[Today more killings (in Paris, France1) have occurred because of fanatical (religious) beliefs. But underneath, the same old lust for power and wealth (political and the economic motives) manipulate the gullible �true believers�. The total lack of interest in my essay �The Final Solution� has made me despair that any changes to the institutions of society, causing the serious problems in today's societies, will be forth coming soon, except through these very same violent means, these problems have always been dealt with. This is a sad state of affairs. It shows that the people of this world are not able to finally come to solutions for these age old problems, we, ourselves, have made for ourselves! People seem bent on using the same old solutions that have continually been used, and continually failed for thousands of years. The truth is that beliefs are as strong as ever; and continue to keep the human race from truly progressing!

In listening to the old song �Paper Moon�, it occurred to me how very much like Paper Moons these problem areas in the world were. They all occur because we have lost faith in each other, and act as though we were alone in this world. As the song says: �...but it wouldn't be make-believe, if you believed in me...�.

It's time we stop living in a �make-believe� world, where only a few prosper at the expense of everyone else. It's time we throw away fables, and start living in reality � like that old saw says: �God helps those, who help themselves!�... if we believe in each other, we can make this a world where we all prosper! So, follow me now as I outline the �Paper Moons� that have kept us from solving our problems...]

In an essay I wrote back in 2012 (The New Paradigm), I outlined why I felt we were not accomplishing the advances we should be, by creating a new paradigm that enabled us to overcome the same old problems we have always faced in the areas of the economy, religion and government. I said, back then, what we needed was a �new paradigm� in learning, so that we could once again think outside the confining limits our old ideas in these areas have created. For instance, in the area of religion, I said then:

�we have changed 'love your neighbor as yourself' into 'believe what I believe, or else, you can�t join my club.' �

The same goes for government: the politics of parties, which emphasizes the group, yet speaks for all, keeps government from addressing the problems of ALL!

But the major problem is the economy, and the individualist freedom, it has introduced, which has really shaped all the others by its actions.

I will now look at each in turn trying to delineate how the idea of �beliefs� keeps us from realizing how we can change these three areas (our �Paper Moons�) in ways that would once again benefit ALL of us, instead of the FEW, they are now benefiting.

The Paper Moon Of Religion:

Religions today are founded in beliefs. The trouble is beliefs live outside of reason2; even worse, they come about through a type of brainwashing, which happens in the young, before reason can question anything. This indoctrination builds a group, which is untouchable; and, by its very form, as a group, pitted against all outside that group. Thus judgment and hate are generated instead of love. It is ironical that Christian religions today have created the very things that the Christ railed against in the Jewish religion of His time: a group based on separation, hierarchy and judgment, instead of, a belief in love, without judgment of any kind. In fact, in having created a group, they have actually violated the very spirit of His very purpose: to bring the whole world together.

How can you love your neighbor as yourself, if you see yourself as different from that neighbor? Once religion became a group, it became the opposite of love. And, it automatically judged everyone outside that group, because they were not as good as everyone in the group. Belief in God had, in fact, become a form of judgment and condemnation � the very thing, Christ tried to do away with!

Today religions have become almost a form of fanatical sickness; as the troubles in the Middle East (and now, also in the Western countries) plainly show. The very same contradictions in the nature of God showing themselves very plainly, as they did in the Jewish Bible: a vengeful, malignant God in the Old Testament, becoming a loving, merciful God in the New Testament � had God changed, or had His people? If God is perfect, then we know something is wrong! If it is not God who is wrong, then it must be our interpretation of Him! And, suddenly we see that �God� is being interpreted by very fallible human beings, who know nothing about Him!

Thus God, Himself, became a type of �Paper Moon�; a cardboard copy of human perversity and self-righteousness; a distorted doll that confirmed human prejudice and bigotry... as it says in the song: �just as phony as it could be�!

Thus 3000 years of religion have done nothing, but destroy and torment humanity � and irreparably divided human beings from each other, in the name of �God�! The very things they were created not to do!

As the song says:

�But it wouldn't be make believe, if you believed in me! � without your love, it's a honky-tonk parade � without your love, it's a melody played in a penny arcade!� Belief in each other is just what religions deny us; and love is lost in prejudice!

Just another one of life's Paper Moons!

But there is another way of characterizing God that, in fact, seems to more fully harmonize with the teachings of the Christ (the Son of God), than with that ambiguous �Father�, who the old Testament of the Bible characterizes as a �Tyrant� God. This new paradigm of God is not really new, but harmonizes more fully with what the �New Covenant� of the Old Testament, of the Bible was: a God in every heart.

In seeing God in this way we have actually made God a part of every human being. So, we finally see why the Golden Rule is so important. It's importance stems from the fact that, when we mistreat a fellow human, we also mistreat God Himself! Also, it points out the stupidity and futility of seeing God as a club ruler, instead of that very agent in ALL that makes all conform to the special virtues of humanity itself. Suddenly, the religious club ritual becomes not only superfluous and redundant, but outright stupid � and, the God of ALL, once again becomes the God of ALL, not just the members of the club.

God is not �personified� in this new characterization of Him (unlike religions, which make Him a replica of a human); but He actually becomes a special part of the human organism itself that brings it in touch with every other human organism. God is at one and the same time the essence of humanity; yet not really human, in the sense of a personification. Thus belief in God is not any kind of requirement for membership; rather actions, in concert with the essence of God, are this belief itself. Thus St. John's words: �God is Love�, gains even more relevance; for all are now a part and parcel of God through their actions toward others. The rules are not dogmas of a religious club, but the innate actions of all humans towards their own kind. And, being born human makes you a part of God � regardless of your own individual beliefs.

This new paradigm of religion creates no division between humans. There is no dogma; for what was the �dogma� is now the innate tendencies in all humans to cooperate, and treat each other humanely. Thus people need no �interpreters�, to interpret God for them, but merely their minds and hearts imbued with the motivations to be fully human toward all others of their kind. Love is God's interpreter; humanity is God's �religion�; and, God the �human personification� is now merely that part of a human that innately determines a fair and humane tendency in all humans toward treating each other as they would want to be treated! Thus the "make-believe" is gone � because we, once again, all believe in each other!�

The Paper Moon Of Free Enterprise:

The purpose of any �economy� is to support its society; that means the ability to allow every member of society to prosper, not just a few! Today's economy is a worldwide, global economy � so, its mission is to allow the whole population of this world to prosper. Is that what it is doing? NO!

Unfortunately, free enterprise's only mission is to serve its owner(s). And, society has become just a mass of consumers to be "fleeced". So, employment is not total, but partial; and a larger and growing segment of society is unable to live suitably. So government is needed to take up the slack3.

Not only that, but because of the economy's hold on jobs, it is able to make government cater more and more to it: the result is monopolies that actually make government serve them, instead of the people in society. So, what we are seeing is government doing things to benefit these monopolies and the ruling class's 1%, who own them, instead of serving the people who are paying the bills in the form of taxes. The 1% have therefore created the ideal environment to create more and more wealth, by generating more and more projects to help them create jobs, thus allowing government to create more and more debt, which they, in turn buy, and charge interest on. So, a Win-Win situation exists for these Masters to increase their wealth at the expense of the society that foots all the bills for them. On the other end the reverse is happening, as costs of products and services increase, and more and more families are unable to sustain themselves without government help4. So the vicious cycle forms, where government incurs more debt, and must raise taxes or cut services to pay back this debt and the interest on it.

Also, because of the use of money as a commodity itself, the labor in other geographic areas outside of the society is cheaper, so the jobs tend to migrate there; and further cause society to look to government for a remedy in the way of �handouts!�

The overall results are recessions, bubbles caused by wide-scale foreclosures, or outright depressions (like the Great Depression of the 1930's). And, the Middle Class is more and more becoming a segment of the poorer classes, resulting in a Master-Slave society, which will eventually be overthrown, as History shows us, again and again.

The problem is that even economics has become a group of belief systems, with firm ideologies that will not budge from these ideas, even if they failed (as all of them have in the past). But a "new paradigm" can be created, just as I have outlined above, for religion.

I have outlined the solution, as something entirely new, in what I called �The Final Solution�; but, since economics is now a belief system, beyond reason, few, if any, will even read or discuss this. The "Paper Moon" of the economy has dazzled the rich with its prosperity; and enthralled the poor with the same prospect. Thus society is no longer that group of ALL, it was meant to be, but many factions, all competing to find that "paradise" of wealth. So we no longer believe in each other. Again, society loses, and the make-believe, �Paper Moon� takes over!

The Paper Moon Of Politics:

Again, another belief system, just like the other two Paper Moons; the same ideologies and the same schisms, they cause, only about the rule of the Nation this time, instead of the rule of God � but, with the same death and destruction they have always caused!

Endless wars � today's solution to all society's problems! And, profiting from this a hugh Military-Industrial Complex, which forever finds new enemies to conquer through the ploy of National Security. Our recent involvement in the Middle East confirms this. As we sold arms, during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, to what are the same militant fanatic groups, we now fight. The wars perpetrated by our �quest for oil� further created a vacuum there, when all the strongmen that kept order, were overthrown by these wars; and virtually, the whole Middle East became a place, where chaos ruled! Now that vacuum has been filled by the fanatic religious militants; and, we are again working our way into yet another war. When all of this ends (if it will) � yet another vacuum will remain! Be assured the only stimulus to all of this is not religious fanaticism, per se, but money and oil, backed by Parties (and their candidates) that are fueled by this very thing!

The real rulers of all Nations today are exactly that: money and oil!

Yet we cling to the same old solutions; and as we approach this new election year, once again, we see the candidates offer us the same old solutions: more taxes and more austerity toward those, who can least afford it. And the same people choose our candidates; not the �people�, but the money of the 1%, who really rule, by choosing all the candidates from which the people will choose a President. The result: money, not the people, rules!

So, another Paper Moon exists: �...just as phony as it could be...�, as the song says, and we are the dupes, paying to keep it that way!

These Paper Moons are our real obstacles to truly solving the problems of this world.

But, again a "new paradigm" is available, if we will �believe� in each other, instead of the Paper Moon the �Package Deal� of the Political Party offers! That paradigm is simply treating the �issues�, government deals with for ALL; instead of the beliefs of parties that represent only a FEW. Government deals with ALL, and leaves no one behind; a far cry from that Paper Moon that all governments are today; that Paper Moon that merely continues to represent only the FEW, and their parties!


In this essay, I have outlined the �Paper Moons� of today's world. Make-believe institutions that keep us apart from each other, and consequently keep us from believing in each other, even though we created them to do the opposite � bring us together! The solution is to create a new way of looking at these institutions, what I call a �new paradigm�. This new paradigm allows us to again believe in each other, by emphasizing the importance of our humanity and humaneness. So, our solutions will address ALL; something that they have never done! It means that we must overlook our differences and emphasize our sameness; and, most importantly, believe in each other, as the song I incorporated into this essay tells us.

Can we be that gentle, harmonious people that has marked the genus Homo as the determiner of the world's future? Or, will we continue acting even worse than the lowest animals of the earth act; as we have seen in recent days? All it takes is believing in each other � something we are still in the process of learning to do. So, will we do it? Can we ever overthrow those �Paper Moons� that keep us in shackles to our lowest parts of ourselves�?


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1 On Friday, 11/13/2015 (Friday The Thirteenth) Islamic terrorists attacked restaurants, sports and entertainment attractions all over Paris killing at least 129 people, and injuring a few hundred more. Many were young students, in the prime of life, enjoying music and sporting events.

2 Here lies the real conundrum that religions always fail to explain: why beliefs so often contradict reason? God gave us reason as the only way to live in this world; yet at the same time He also gave us beliefs that live outside that very same reason! The �supernatural� is outside of reason, yet we are told to believe something, which reason cannot ever explain, and accept it! Is it not strange that God put us outside of the supernatural existence He supposedly chose for Himself? Yet, He has placed Himself in each one of us, as the New Covenant of the Old Testament explains; so is it not strange that, even with this, we find the supernatural, outside of reason? Again, religion cops out on an explanation with the stock explanation: �God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform�.

God has no wonders (supernatural or otherwise), except the very mind He lives in � ours! It is that mind joined (through the cooperation that the love and empathy inside of us, which is Him, engenders) with other minds that allows us to find the solutions to all our problems. That is why we should not look to what is �supernatural� to find answers, but to the minds we have, which are the only method we have of finding those solutions.

In fact, when He entered our minds, as that love in us, He made all religions and the organizations they form, obsolete, as the New Covenant of the Old Testament says: the Bible was now inside each of us, not written in any book! That is exactly what the Christ tried to tell us! Yet, the Apostles, fervent Jews, could not and would not accept this (again, because of beliefs that were engendered in them in childhood, through a tyrannical religious organization)! So, they, in turn, imbued His teachings in the same organizational and mystical (supernatural) baggage, Christ tried to get them to drop. Thus the �religion� of Christianity was born. A supernatural enigmatic structure encasing the teachings of Christ in the same organization He spent His life fighting against!

So, when St. John said, �God is love�, He actually proclaimed the only real doctrine and truth that the Christ did actually further; a truth totally antagonistic to the whole structural bureaucracy of that same �Christian� religion, he endorsed.

3 Here we broach the question of large verses small government. I touched on this in another essay: "The Individual And Society: Are They Necessarily At Odds With Each Other?"

The important paragraph there, that pertains above is:

�The problem, as we are now seeing it, is the �cost� that the failure of free enterprise is reaping on society. Governments are taking up the slack, where this failure (in not providing enough jobs; or, in making the cost of commodities too high for the average individual � just to name two of the many failures free enterprise is responsible for today) is evident, but the cost of �large government�, as it is termed today, is put right back on the individual, through the �ritual� of taxes! Government �costs� society, and therefore, even the economy, money, because of the economy's failure to take care of society. The parties see this, as either a benefit (liberals), or a handicap (conservatives). But, both need to understand that the individual cannot live without the society that buys its products; and, the society cannot be drowned in poverty and misery, because government has to shift the cost of free enterprise's failure back to the society (the taxpayer). This conundrum, that seems impossible to solve, is itself killing Capitalism today. The parties go back and forth with the same old solutions, but they fail to understand the real problem as stated above. The contention is not an ideological breech (between the individual's and society's rights), but a practical problem that means creating a new way of looking at the connection between society and the individual (free enterprise).�

4 Here in America this help is minimal at best. And now, because of debt concerns, they want to cut it back even more! Health care costs for the elderly is a major concern. Because of the inclusion of so many third parties in Medical Care today, seniors must pay more and more money toward health care as they get older. Anyone living into their 80's will probably spend everything they have on health care and medicines, or on insurance premiums. The �rackets� of today's Health Care system in America is one of the foremost injustices that our corrupt �business owned government� has created.



Originally Published:

November 13, 2015


January 25, 2016