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When �Paradise� Became:
�Pair O' Dice�!

�Craps!� Anyone, who visited the Casinos down on the Jersey shore1, like I use to, in my youth, knows what that means, with the roll of the dice. But, win or lose, what it really means, is that you are at the mercy of chance. That might be all right for a dice game, but today, it has become the fate of all societies! Let me explain.

The capitalist economy is now the economy throughout this world. This means that all the people of the world depend on it to provide them sustenance. If it was working, as the �Paradise�, it was suppose to be, there would be no poverty, desperation, or even migrations in this world � but it isn't; instead, it has become a type of game (Pair O' Dice), rigged to favor those with wealth � and that isn't the majority, but only a very small minority. The rest are just �craps shooters� � but this time rolling those dice with the fate of their families and loved ones in the balance. Is that what America was meant to be?

In 1776, this country wanted freedom, from the very same elitist bunch that has now, once again, threatened the loss of true freedom. That is, because true freedom is not something that comes about, at the expense of others, as the freedom this economy touts is; but, true freedom is that, which allows all in society to prosper, at no other person's expense. Yet this �kill or be killed� competition is the very thing, capitalism thrives on, and, at the present time, it has risen up a Monarchy that lives off the woes of the populace at large! A Monarchy that can print as much money as it wants for itself, in the Stock Exchanges, around the world; but, has created sterile governments, that instead, must tax the peoples of every country to death to serve the Corporatist Dictatorships, all of today's governments have become. This is not freedom, but a type of Monarchical Dictatorship, where money rules through wealthy elites.

With the Electoral College appointment (not election) of Trump, a person, who thinks himself above all laws, and endowed with the privileges of a Kingship, instead of the servitude to a people that a Democratic Presidency was suppose to be, we have lost our true freedoms, and fallen to the same �Robber Barons�, who were so prevalent in the last century.

Freedom, today, for the average citizen, has become subservience to wealth, not the ability for all to thrive, that that true Democracy promised. And, government, which was suppose to solve all the people's problems, has become a sterile, simulacrum of the Monarchies, once again, making the people pay for the very work, they do for themselves, in taxes! A government �of, by and for that people� that must tax itself, for the very work that it does for itself! So, today, government solves only the problems, the Corporations want solved2, and leaves the real problems of its citizens unsolved, because they are too expensive to solve!

A government made to be sterile, by its immersion in the economy, is now, also threatening to become a government of, by and for the corporations � not the people!

Today, this same elite has made the news and government, something controlled by money, and has even twisted the innovations of technologies into ways to spy on people and invade their privacy, destroying all trust between citizens. Our society has become one, where everyone is doubting everyone � killing all trust, the very glue that holds society together! Combined with the illegal migrations and border crossings to our South, we have become a people fighting each other, instead of a people helping each other. And, this is not aided by even Religions that divide people from each other.

It is time we made governments, what they were suppose to be, organizations of people working to solve all their societies' problems, because they are those same people working for themselves. We must remove governments from the economy, and allow them the same privileges that the Stock Markets allow their rich participants: the power to print all the money that they need. It is time to discard the Monarchical governments, we inherited from the Monarchies, we defeated; and rebuild government into the structure that Democracy meant it to be: a government, of, by and for ALL its people; a government, which IS that people working for themselves, that will never again have to be paid for by that same people with taxes!

�We The People� should own those corporations, instead of them owning us!

Yes, It Is That Simple!


1 That same place, where our current �President� once owned a casino.

2 As an examples of this, see: "U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials"
By ANDREW JACOBS - The New York Times - Sunday, July 8, 2018.

This is a clear lack of concern for the people, as opposed to the corporations. Also, the recent push to legalize marijuana in the USA, is threatening to bring back the scourge of smoking, which has killed and maimed millions in this country, in preceding centuries. All of this is a push by the corporations, whose �anything for the buck� philosophy is now strongly upheld by this current President.

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Originally Published:

July 31, 2018


July 31, 2018