Why? 1

(The Story Of The "Package Deal")

�Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar�s,
and unto God those which are God�s�

Jesus Christ to the Chief Priest's Agents 2

I remember, many years ago, when I was serving in the Army in Germany, I was talking to a German civilian who worked on the American base there. In the course of our conversation he mentioned that he had been a soldier in the Second World War. �So�, I said, �You were a Nazi?� �Yes�, he said, and then, after a pause, �but a good Nazi!�

Were there �good Nazis?� Of course there were, primarily, because they weren't really Nazis at all, but patriotic Germans caught in the flux of the times; I can name four, right off the top of my head: Werner Heisenberg 3 , Erwin Rommel 4 , Adolf Galland 5 , and Erich Hartmann 6 . But all these men fought (at least with their sentiments, in Heisenberg�s case) primarily for their country, not for any set of beliefs. And all of them voiced their problems with the regime, openly, often paying a dear price for that �free� sentiment.

And that is the subject of this essay: how the �package deal� (the same that proclaimed itself in National Socialism), which the hustling huckster sells us, is destroying our world, even as I write this.

Organized Religions, Political Parties and Economic �isms� are the �package deals� that are killing our dreams, and our trust in each other; how have they gotten so important in our societies; and why can�t we break through the barriers they use to cause all the problems they are creating? We will try to broach the answers to these questions in this essay.

It�s really funny that the very same places where these �package deals� flourish are the places where they should have no place at all: religion and its beliefs; government and its parties; and the economy and its �isms�.

All these areas proclaim themselves as the places of the most enduring freedoms we can ever know, yet the �package deal� mindset has infiltrated them so thoroughly that we fail to see the contradiction this entails. Where else can freedom be known, if not in our beliefs, our governments and the support of our societies?

We, the members of a democratic society, should value this above all else, yet we have let all these sacred institutions of freedom become the opposite, through the �package deal�!

Religion and its Beliefs 7

Beliefs form our overall viewpoint of the world; our philosophy, and even our ability to understand and learn from that part of us we perceive as not us. So freedom should, and must be all-important in forming those beliefs. Our deepest beliefs are often born, and grow through religion. If religion loses the ability to be free and open, then we become lost in a world where we can no longer learn and consequently grow beyond our limits. That is why religion must always entail the greatest freedom of all, a freedom that, indeed, lets its participants grow and change with, and through the environment they inhabit. This is the basis of the teaching of the Golden Rule, the true basis of all religions. Instead, all organized religions today still put their basis in dogma and rules and regulations, which, in effect, deprive the participant of freedom, and therefore contradict the Golden Rule, the true basis of all religious thought.

Any God has given us the ability to freely choose; if that freedom is denied, and we choose, not freely, but by the rote of a set of inflexible rules, we miss the whole point of religion: the ability to let goodness form our way in life through knowing the consequences that the lack of goodness brings about.

By letting love guide us, we find the ultimate freedom, a freedom from even ourselves. A way to open our minds and hearts to knowing the minds and hearts of others, and in this way grow into a union with all others, and throw off the despair that a narrow viewpoint offers.

An open mind and heart is the foundation of religion, and the foundation of the free will we must embrace to allow us to live together harmoniously on this earth. But then why has religion brought us the opposite for the last three thousand years; because it has instead embraced the inflexibility of dogma, and consequently denied us God�s greatest gift, a free will.

The phrase �organized religion� is a contradiction; a contradiction to what religion is: the ultimate freedom to let love make us truly human through the freedom it gives us. It is also the ultimate knowledge, the knowledge to know ourselves so well that we can protect ourselves from ourselves, through a detachment from the self.

The �package deal� of organized religion is the primary problem of all societies today. It is the enigma that says it heralds unity, but instead can really never produce anything but the opposite, as it has for the last three thousand years of failure it has given us. The so called �harmony� of organized religions is the inflexible and separated groups that are plunging our world into more and more wars and turmoil, as they always have. Organized religion is a �package deal� that has robbed us of all personal freedom, and robbed religion of any religious intent.

As I have said before, there are no �chosen people� only people, and religions should always represent ALL of them whether they are members or not!

Government and its parties 8

The primary purpose of government is to order and preserve society (for everyone in that society, which is implied by the definition of society itself).

Yet the �package deal� of political parties would have you think otherwise.

Governments, especially democratic ones, don�t deal with beliefs (or even Gods, for that matter), what they do deal with is society, the society of all their citizens. And, what society deals with is issues. Those issues that affect the actions (behaviors) of citizens towards other citizens, and even other societies. Beliefs, dogma, doctrines and ideologies play no part in any of this! Yet Political Parties would have you think differently. A political candidate may present a platform of the various issues that concern him or her, but his or her take on these issues is what concerns the people, not his beliefs as a system of beliefs, per se. Conservatism and liberalism are �package deals� that say, in no uncertain terms, that you must take all the issues as one, or you take none. That goes for parties too.

Parties make people think that all issues are joined together as merely one particular way of thinking. What the party thinks should be the thinking of all citizens � just like the Nazis roped all the people of Germany into thinking that what the Nazis thought was what they must also think. A �package deal� that relieves you of the very act of thinking itself! When you become a party member you�ve sold out your freedom to think, and act as every human being has the right to do. The �package deal� of parties is another of the contradictions that those who want to own you, sell you, as a type of freedom, but is really a type of slavery that blinds you to the very purpose this country was created to avoid � tyranny!

The Economic �isms� 9

Economic �package deals� are the economic �isms� that we have been fed by the hucksters of the world: capitalism, socialism and communism. They all have one thing in common: they don�t work! Again, as history has shown us, all of them are failing miserably � Why? � because they are �package deals.�

Capitalism is the one we highlight, because its package contains the notion of freedom. A freedom to do just about anything you want; but, of course, there is a proviso (hidden somewhere in the fine print) that is: �if your rich enough!� That proviso makes capitalistic freedom into the exact opposite of freedom: slavery. Not only for the poor saps (called consumers) it cheats everyday, but also for the stupid millionaires and billionaires it has made slaves to the lowest part of their animal ancestry. The same slavery that has wrapped all free societies into the relentless downward spiral it is taking them to. A spiral that will end in chaos, insanity and the same bloodbaths it always has caused in the past.

This �package deal� has deceived the greatest minds of all times for going on three thousand years now, yet it always seems to resurrect itself in an �ism� that is just another �package deal� that became an �ism� that fails, because it defeats the very same purpose that all economies exist to fulfill: the provision of survival for the ALL of society. That ALL is what all these �isms� fail at supporting; so, in the end, they all collapse.

Capitalism might have a chance at surviving, if it could really reinstitute that truly free competitiveness it touts so loudly, without creating that monopolization it always ends in. But then it would no longer be a �package deal� or even an �ism�!

That is the whole point about a �package deal�, you must take all or none of it � in other words you have no choice � no freedom!

But freedom without freedom � �how can that be?�� just another of the paradoxes that �package deals� spawn (what, love without love; what, freedom without choice; what, all without all� etc.)!

But something else this �package deal� excels in is its erasure of the line between itself and crime. As we are all now experiencing the outright extortion we are undergoing at the gas pump everyday, we see that the difference between capitalistic business practices and the crime of extortion is nonexistent! But that is what happens when society becomes subservient to the individual, and the individual subservient to his greed.

If you can buy and sell anything, even the government that makes the laws of the land, then you have exactly what this �package deal� provides: an end to society, and the very same thing that Mexico, as of this writing, is producing: a war within its own society, where �good� and �bad� no longer have any meaning at all (except in body counts)!


We are a people, free in our beliefs, yet bound in our actions to the society that makes all our freedoms possible, through the harmonious interactions it promotes. �Package deals� take this freedom away from us, by denying us the free choice society guarantees; and they compromise the harmonious interactions it relies on to the point of extinction. In the three areas I have mentioned above, there is no room for �package deals�; but these are, in fact, the very same areas where they have flourished! All the problems we now experience begin and end in these areas, and the compromises that �package deals� have fostered in them. If we are wise, we will end these �package deals�, and recognize them for what they are: the tyranny of a FEW trying to become the Masters of ALL. Greed and the power it breeds is how they have surfaced and flourished in our societies, and even our religions; greed that has grown out of narrow viewpoints, and the inability of our minds to disconnect from the self, and learn the new viewpoints that this freedom to disconnect gives us. Thus we can break the power of the �Package Deal� by realizing that it is not a freedom at all, but a deceit that has robbed us of all choice, and preyed on us through glorifying our own biases, and the stupidity they have bred in us.

AFTER NOTE (added 08/18/2012): The "PUSSY RIOT" incident in Russia

Just after I published this essay three young women (members of a rock - punk band, "Pussy Riot") were arrested for creating a civil disturbance in a Russian Orthodox Cathedral. A minor civil disobedience incident (a protest against Putin's government, and the Orthodox Church's support of it), which should have earned a slap on the wrists, got them two years imprisonment. Thus, we see what happens to freedom, when two of the above �Package Deals� (a governmental party power and a religious dogmatic power) join forces to squash peoples� free expression. And, especially, what happens when cruel, vindictive autocrats rule over peoples' beliefs: a �free� government becomes a dictatorship; and a loving religion becomes vindictive and hateful, in stark contrast to the love Christ died to promote. More �Package Deal� paradoxes, or merely more deceptions perpetrated on people who have been sold a bill of goods?

Wake up RUSSIA: FREE "Pussy Riot"! And, in the process, free yourselves from all the hate and intolerance the politically powerful and the bigoted, hateful, dogmatists have heaped on you!


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1 �Why?� is a question only a belief can answer. What I call �The Package Deal� goes much further, and answers all the whys in context, say, in government, religion or the economy, with a single set of connected answers that support a single viewpoint. Unfortunately, societies, especially �free� ones, don�t share a single viewpoint on all issues; in fact, that is what a �free� society is all about. This essay examines how the �package deal� of party, organized religion or an economic �ism� is not only not the solution to our problems, but actually, the cause of all of them.

2 Here, Christ is telling the religious leaders of His time that religion (the province of God) is not open to the politics of government (the �Empire package deal� of that time). Unfortunately, today�s religions have not taken His advice; instead, they have become �organized�, just like the governmental parties they mimic!

3 Heisenberg was a truly great theoretical physicist and philosopher, who stayed in Germany under the Nazi's (he never really believed any of the Nazi credos) regime during the Second World War. He stayed there, even though he was convinced that his country was on a wrong course in pursuing this hopeless war. But, he also understood that his country would need people like himself, when the insanity of the National Socialists had ended, as he knew it would.

See the book: �Physics And Beyond� by Werner Heisenberg; Harper And Row; New York; 1972.

4 Field Marshal Rommel was a tactical genius, who like Heisenberg, had determined his country was on a mistaken path, yet stayed, and paid the ultimate price for his patriotism to his country.

See the book: �The Rommel Papers� by B.H. Liddell-Hart; Da Capo Press; New York; 1953.

5 General Galland was a great air force pilot; like Rommel, he also was a patriot first, and Nazi second.

See the book: �The First And The Last� by Adolf Galland; Buccaneer Books; New York; 1990.

6 �The Ace of Aces�, Major Hartmann shot down more planes then any fighter pilot of any war. But, again, he fought for his country, not for any ideology. He suffered ten years of Communist captivity for his patriotic zeal; but his greatest victory was the love of his wife �Usch�, who waited over ten long years, unflinchingly, for his return!

See the book: �The Blond Knight Of Germany� by Col. Raymond F. Toliver USAF and Trevor J. Constable; TAB books; Pa.; 1970.

7 See my other essays on this subject: "Religion: Is It Becoming Just Another Name For Bigotry?�, �My Disenchantment with Roman Catholicism� and �The Religious Club And Its Effects�

8 See my essay: �Divorcing Ideology From Democracy�

9 See my essay: �Defining The Problems Of The Economy�



Originally Published:

August 10, 2012


July 3, 2014