The Real Problem:
�Taking Care Of Your Own, First!�

�God is Love!"

�The trouble with the world is
that the stupid are cocksure and
the intelligent full of doubt."

Bertrand Russell

As an �incompetent� President, elected by a frustrated and estranged people, bungles his job, with further orders to keep legal immigrants out � �We The People� should not be deluded by an �owned� Press, whose lies, and truly �Fake News� tries to put the blame on other causes, they can manipulate into the spotlight; or try to make the cause of all our problems, outside of our own �real problem� of constantly, forgetting our own!

The problem is that money and special interests are causing immigration, instead of allowing the people of this country, and every country, to take care of their own first! And, religions that really care nothing about �the people� at all, but only care about their power over the people, are pushing immigration, so that countries can foist the people, they don't want, onto other countries!

No, not everything that Trump says is bullshit or outright lies; he wouldn't have gotten elected, if his message hadn't resonated with that large segment of this country that always seems to get forgotten, in the rhetoric of phony news pushers and outright liars, trying to drum up paranoia and fear, so that they can sell their brand of �news!�

Trump got elected, because �We The People� has become a meaningless term; because the FEW, with their billions, have now taken over our rule, even over ourselves; and are now, even distorting the situation of the world itself, through their bought news empires and social media kingdoms! Trump is not only incompetent, but the perfect patsy, to further distort the real truth that is keeping all Nations today divided and estranged from their own peoples! The trouble is not immigration; but, WHY immigration is happening! Why are people not happy among their own, today � all over this world of ours? And, why are their so many of our peoples left behind in the very countries that brought them forth? Further: why are companies and jobs leaving their countries of origin? And, why have the same religions that created the Third Worlds, been trying to sell immigration, as a cure-all, instead of trying to make every country take care of all their people?

Today, the news agencies and newspapers are the real enemies, because they no longer report the news, but instead, invest it with meanings that only further cause the problems, they are suppose to be solving; and WEyes, WE � are the dupes, they and their religious fanatic friends are preying on!

Just like they destroyed the March On Wall Street, with their Union cohorts, who really cared nothing about the workers; now, they are using the occasion of the election of an incompetent �leader� as the ploy to start more sound and fury over nothing, to further take the focus, from where it should be:


Yes, this is the real problem with the world today! Why are people not able, or willing, to live and interact with their own, in peace and harmony; but, instead, migrate to other countries, to try to force other peoples to accept them? Why? And, why are religions not asking this very question; but instead, trying to call immigration the solution to all the world's problems?

We are at a cross roads today; our privacy and trust in each other are gone; and the enemy does not lie outside � but within � our own countries! The enemy is greed, division and the lust for power! The same problems that have always raised up elites, leaders, interpreters of God and tyrants, who supposedly want to save us! The same forces that brought the NAZIS and Bolsheviks to power! We must not let this happen again! Wars and immigrations are not the solutions; but the problems themselves! People must learn to live with, and care for their own, first � that is the only solution, we must understand, and know, in today's troubled world! That is the only way we can ever bring peace and contentment to this world!



Originally Published:

February 17, 2017


February 17, 2017