Playing One Side Against The Other,

When Does It End? 1

�The biggest liar in the world
is They say.�

Douglas Mallock (Itallics are mine) 2

[We are stuck in a rut � things aren�t working out � yet we, and by that, I mean the institutions of societies worldwide, which were created to find answers to all the problems we now have in the economy, government and our belief systems, are not finding the answers they should be finding to change things for the better. Why? Because there is a vested interest out there that doesn�t want things to change; but they aren�t stupid, they know if things change they will not only lose their advantage, but will lose that process that created their advantage forever! So they want it to look like it is changing, yet really, underneath nothing is changing. They have, in essence, put a decoy out there to lead us in the wrong direction; that decoy is the media, and their news agencies.

As I mentioned in another essay 3 on the new kind of monopolists' journalism that has emerged in our divided country, there is also a new kind of tactic, used to play off one group against another � today, it might be gays against straights, or men against women � no matter what the groups are, the tactic always remains the same, divide and conquer! If there are groups, then there is always news in making one the downtrodden, and one the oppressor. Right and wrong, or good and bad, are not involved; just the process of playing one side against another for a while; but this tactic has now branched out into politics and even into the law itself. And that is what this essay examines, how we have become the pawns of the MASTERS' 4 game of playing one side against the other. Freedom; equality; none of these words really matter anymore, because the MASTERS have blurred the way we perceive them by taking aim at whatever is the new underdog or oppressor. In the news media�s world, values don�t matter, only sensationalism; and the breaking of the whole into the easily manipulated and manipulable groups!]

Groups, partisanship, dogma and the �true believer� mentality can push people beyond the realm of sanity sometimes. Good healthy policies that work for society�s benefit can suddenly be turned upside down, and insane conclusions suddenly justified. This isn�t anything new; in fact, it has happened throughout history, because of religious dogma, inherited hierarchies, the overly technicality burdened justice of the modern jurisprudence system, and even just pure greed.

For instance, in the past, we saw the quest for equal opportunity become the quotas of Affirmative Action. As if, one type of bigotry could be alleviated by another type of bigotry, in the opposite direction, so to speak; in other words, two wrongs do, in fact, make a right! And, in point of fact, this perfectly illustrates why things like this occur: a showy type of judicial / legislative system, where �See, we are doing something� has become the answer to the charge of incompetency, even if that something is utter nonsense, or an outright evil!

Of course, this is actually just a type of superficiality; a cover up, or quick fix, so to speak; or maybe, a way to fix things, without really fixing them.

This is where all the paradoxes, I spoke of in other essays 5 , come from; workarounds that really aren�t workarounds, but actually deceits. The type of things that divide society into groups by not dividing them into groups; that cause resentment and hatred instead of harmony and love. The very same things that religions have done to create their biased resentment-filled groups, instead of a human race where there are no boundaries, except the true camaraderie that love produces, when it is founded on innocence instead of judgment.

If anything, that �God�, who, by the way, has recently been legislated into existence 6 , represents all humans equally, because He is the First Cause of all of them. Because, if God abides in love, then that is where the perfection He is shows itself; not in those earthly divisions, which are the true causes of all the problems humanity endures. In fact, beliefs do not even figure in all of this, because beliefs are really only another way of dividing us. But then, even the name �God� is a type of deceit, because as soon as He is named, a group of adherents are formed to divide us in the particulars that belief takes (the fine print, so to speak), in regard to that God. And, of course, there now springs up the dichotomy of whether a First Cause exists or not.

Religion, (the organizational kind), and even Atheism 7 , is the ultimate deceit, since, once again, the devil lies in the details (or the fine print, mentioned above.) Does it really matter? Because, in fact, it is that love that resides in everyone of us, that is really where a first cause comes into being, because that is where the harmony of the mind originates to make the mind the true first cause for each of us. In that way, religion or its lack, Atheism, is really irrelevant, since we are each the first cause of the world, and at the same time, the One within the many that produces that many.

But getting back to where all the superficial �quick fixes�, in a technicality overburdened jurisprudence is actually avoiding the issues, instead of solving them, we can again see this looming large in the way every generation seems to confront these same issues, once again, the same way. They are not �fixed�, but glossed over, and lost in a flurry of expediency that leads nowhere. Like never ending wars to accomplish what; or inner city violence that always seems to resurface, without ever being fixed, because the true causes are replaced by causes that are easy to fix and are �showy�, instead of effective. For instance, blaming guns, for mass killings, instead of finding out why someone has become so alienated by society that he feels that a slaughter is the only way to show his desperate cry for help. These actions are not �crimes� per se, but the proof of how desperate we are becoming in a society that creates whole populations of losers that see life as a useless burden, instead of a gift; populations that must lose life in the fog of addictive drugs, instead of living it with creative gusto (but, of course, here again, it is easier to blame the drugs, instead of what made these poor fools turn to the drugs 8 ).

But, if we follow these lines back to the ultimate motives that form them all, we suddenly see them all merging into the same type of cause that is causing Mexico, to our South, to become the warring society, and slaughterhouse it is: an economy based on greed and extortion. And, that perennial motive that has always caused the world to self-destruct: the urge to become rich and powerful. If we create our hierarchies on the scale of wealth, instead of the scale of merit, we have created the same useless results that will always come back to haunt us; that gloss, that merely says, �see we are doing something� instead of making that doing something actually achieve results that will last. What we continually do is equate worth with what is really the most worthless of all. And, in doing this we seal ourselves into a never ending cycle that produces nothing but futility and showy, but empty pronouncements.

This has gone on so long now, that our legislatures are becoming gridlocked by flurries of activity that produce nothing but talk and showy inaction. And that inaction is then highlighted by deadlines that produce either dramatic delays, or meaningless actions. But the results are always the same: sound and fury, signifying nothing!

And yet, all of this continues, because we are addicted to this ritual of showy partisanship maneuvers that condemn one group and raises to the sky another. Those groups may be reversed a few months or years later, just as Dr. Martin Luther King was the Communist villain when I was young 9 , but is now the Hero and Saint in my old age. And that is the point, the media just switches back and forth according to the way the wind blows, so to speak. Does this tell us something about history? Does this tell us anything about how we perceive the realities we live? Does this tell us anything about how facts themselves make up our reality? Can we, indeed, trust anything anymore, when trust just seems to be only an empty illusion in societies that change not only their opinions, but the very facts upon which those opinions are based according to the amount of money someone has invested in making those facts the true ones?

But that is the new freedom; the freedom that makes what is bought and sold more important than even facts, because that is now the place where facts are manufactured! And to top it all off, there is no more truth, but only this same huckster-built reality, a reality conceived in a money fuelled delirium, propagated by a media addiction that becomes the pabulum of our biases and preconceived prejudices. The media junkies selling us our doped up world of Twitter tweets and Facebook 10 rants, all wrapped in the package of righteous bullshit that signifies nothing but our supreme stupidity in fooling ourselves. An insane world of hype and money; where right and wrong is nurtured in the dogma of stupidity, and glorified by the God of division!

An insanity, where equality has no meaning anymore, because nothing can ever be equal in a world where there is no equality, only division and difference � and, one side facing off against another, all for the sake of being able to say �I�m right.�

So the slaughters continue; the alienation grows; the blindness becomes a way of life, instead of an affliction; and a society of true believers continue in what their own prejudices proclaim to them to be the truth; only to find that truth no longer has meaning, and the world no longer has joy. The ultimate ploy has become the ultimate reality none of us can escape!


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1 This essay is a difficult essay to convey. The reader is cautioned to think about what is said very carefully; and truly try to fathom what is said. The gist of it is that most of the distinctions, or �sides� created by the media today don�t really exist. The divisions in race, religion, sexual preference, and on and on, are distinctions that really have been created for the single reason that people want to make these distinctions, not that these distinctions matter in any important way. One immediately sees this if we realize that if you're rich or famous enough, then being gay, or black, or of any particular religion (even devil worshipper, for that matter) doesn�t matter at all. If you're rich or famous enough all doors are open to you, regardless of what group you belong to! In fact, this is the real problem that all the groups above actually hide from view!

In the United States all people are considered just people, with the same rights and liberties that all people were given in our Declaration of Independence. But for some reason (and this is the real problem that never seems to be addressed) this true equality, without distinction, is only really ever conferred if you are rich or famous! Otherwise, you suddenly become a part of some group, that is, or is not discriminated against in some way; i.e.: black, white, gay, heterosexual, male, female, etc.

The media has perpetuated this by favoring the propagation of these sides, and even the organizations to represent these sides. And the legal system, we now have, steeped in technical exceptions or �fine print�, solely for the sake of litigation, has also propagated this division into endless groups.

The matter actually comes down to a matter of being treated fairly or not; if you're not, then the reason or distinction why you're not is really not important at all; what is important, is that you're not being treated fairly! But by focusing on the reason, suddenly, groups are formed, and once these groups are formed then the whole problem seems to focus around the group instead of the problem of not being treated fairly. That is what I call �playing the sides against each other�; the original problem (one of discrimination or prejudice) is suddenly lost in the matter of the group, instead of the real problem of fairness. And once groups are marked out, then a division has also been marked out, and people are no longer looked on as just people, without distinctions of any kind, as the original intent of our democracy was fashioned to see them. Suddenly, we cannot see the trees for the forest, and the result is that the real underlying problems, like the one of equal fairness to all is lost, because that ALL has now been replaced by the myriad groups, each seeing themselves as different or special in regard to all the other groups. Thus unity and solidarity are lost; and the real changes, we, as the ALL this country truly is, need, are not made, because of the partisanship of the group!

So in the end nothing changes, and our inability to make the real changes we need to progress, becomes ever more hard to avoid, because of the divisions we have created.

One last thing I would add as a personal note. Many years ago I worked as a programmer for the city I lived in; in that capacity I did epidemiological studies on the AIDS epidemic in the city, and I got to work with many gay people, and came in close contact with the gay community. One day I met several of them, who were all gay, on the subway; they were going to an event or function of some kind. One of them, I was particularly friendly with, invited me to come along, but another of them replied something like: �He is not one of us, why are you inviting him?� I realized then, that as soon as you label people, resentments and alienations spring up. That person, whether he realized it or not, was just as bigoted to �straights� as he felt �straights� to be bigoted to him. When you start labeling people, you see them as different; and you have already created that line that fairness was supposed to erase!

2 This quote is from: �A Dictionary of Quotations� in �The Reader�s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary�; The Reader�s Digest Association Inc., New York, 1966.

3 See the essay, Issue 7: The MEDIA And A FREE Society (The Anachronism Of A For-Profit Media).

4 The MASTERS, mentioned here, are that same FEW, who that now defunct movement, The March On Wall Street, called the 1%.

5 See my essay: �Why? The Story Of The Package Deal�; for example, the following excerpt from that essay:

�Capitalism might have a chance at surviving, if it could really reinstitute that truly free competitiveness it touts so loudly, without creating that monopolization it always ends in. But then it would no longer be a �package deal� or even an �ism�!

That is the whole point about a �package deal�, you must take all or none of it � in other words you have no choice � no freedom!

But freedom without freedom � �how can that be?�� just another of the paradoxes that �package deals� spawn (what, love without love; what, freedom without choice; what, all without all� etc.)!�

6 See my essay: "In God We Trust"; Which God?�

7 By the way, Atheism has itself, today, become a new kind of religion. A religion without a God, but with the same dogma, organization and �true believer� attitude all religions have. Of course, this has come about because the media has created this new �religion�, which was economically beneficial to them; just one more side to play against all the others � and the money keeps pouring on in!

8 Talking about drugs, just look at the tremendous caffeine addiction we all, basically have today � in fact, throughout the entire world! Coffee and Tea have become staples we cannot any longer do without, just because the makers have found a way to addict us to these unnecessary drugs through media hype. The health benefits are at most questionable, even with the large quantities of antioxidants they are supposed to hold, which can be gotten in other foods.

9 I remember how the same media, which today glorifies Dr. King repeatedly castigated him in those days with all kinds of empty charges, like being a Communist and radical extremist.

10 By the way, Facebook and Twitter are now considered �technology� by the monopolists' news agencies. These rumor and gossip agencies are a form of technology? Makes you wonder what technology really means today; when I was young it meant something to do with intellectual innovation, primarily, engineering advancements, not rumor and gossip mongering; and certainly, not people making money from other people�s violation of their own and other people�s privacy!



Originally Published:

March 27, 2013


July 25, 2014