What The Word "People" Really Means

A Message For: �Occupy Wall Street�

�We are the 99%!
Actually, you are the 100%!�

�Power to the people!� is an old slogan from the seventies of the last century; from the days of hippies, flower children, and the same old �establishment� that says one thing and does another � the same liars and hypocrites that this world never seems to put behind it; that always seem to reemerge, and even grow when �movements� of the �people� do. The �People� is what society, nation and government are all about, the very same things that America was founded to foster. But we all know that something has happened along the way; the same something that changed all previous �occupy� movements into their opposites � movements like Caesar�s, some 2000 years ago, that ended in a Republic, like our own, becoming an Empire; or the French Revolution, which went from a monarchy straight into Empire through these very same �people� it was representing all along. And that is just what I do not want this movement to end in � a lot of words that shake the people into a coming storm that merely blows itself out in the same �business as usual�. A storm that fixes things by palliation, and a few superficial �political glosses� that are just �make believe!�

The time for �sound and fury signifying nothing�, is over in this society. The corruption, greed, special interests, and outright lies and deception that are eroding away all the freedom of this society, making it precisely what it is not suppose to be; that have instead forced the 1% to replace the 100% just as a cancer destroys the organism it infiltrates, are now working their way into this noble cause you have taken up for ALL the PEOPLE of this Nation.

�Occupy Wall Street� is more than a mere movement, like all these others that preceded it; it is a �coming of age� for America and the world; a right of passage that signals the maturity of a people to acknowledge and fix a disease that has destroyed their dreams, and taken their futures from them. Unlike the hippy movement that preceded it, it is a �metamorphosis� of the people of the human race. A metamorphosis of a people, who have forgotten what the word �human� really means. A metamorphosis that restores the meaning of the word �people� into a meaning that signifies the ALL that the word people is suppose to mean; an ALL that leaves behind the groups, the clubs, the ideologies, the religions and even the GODS that the arrogance and stupidity of human greed has caused to grow in the human heart. It is a metamorphosis, just like the fear of death that causes a soldier on the battlefield to act in a way totally at odds with the situation at hand; the fear that makes him human and caring of those around him, instead of cowering in a foxhole, frozen in terror. It is the �Red Badge of Courage� that has made the soldiers of all ages leave no one behind. It is the movement that has the power to show the human race once again what the word �human� should and must mean for all time; a people free of distinction, or partisanship; a people free of the ME that always gets in the way; a people who will finally not only stand up for themselves � but for the ALL and the EQUALITY that the word people is.

But even as I write these words, the phonies and hypocrites are trying to change them into the same old lies and deception they always have been. They are trying to take the unity of the word �people� and change it into the separation that the word �me� represents. DON�T LET THEM DO IT!

�Occupy Wall Street� is more than a �movement�; it is a new beginning we ALL need and want; even those same hypocrites and liars who are trying to destroy it. In fact, they will profit more from it than anyone else will, for it will transform them into seeing just how low and vicious it has made them.

In being the 99%, you have made yourselves ALL the people; and created a people free of any percentage at all; a people that have become, once again, just people without distinctions of any kind. And that is just what the American people are, a people whose only distinction is the firm determination to keep distinctions from stopping them attain the freedom that allows ALL to live free of hurt, and allows ALL to be able to be different. WE ARE THE PEOPLE, and our diversity has made us great, because it has welded us together into just one people, without any distinction from any other human on this earth. It is your task �Occupy Wall Street� to make this people in the phrase �We the people� again have the meaning it was suppose to have for ALL � the same meaning that �human� has for everyone on this planet.

So �Power to the people!� A people who have finally come to understand what the word �people� really means!



Originally Published:

October 27, 2011


January 2, 2014